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look cool

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Module 4

Unit 2

What helps you choose the
clothes you like. 世纪中学 贾筱黎

Clothes show

What clothes do you often buy?


overcoat glove skirt scarf

trousers jacket hat shorts socks




comfortable beautiful

cheap suitable

well-known the same as atractive

expensiv e look different

What kind of clothes do you like ?

fashionable comfortable

Read the passage and find out what the words and expressions mean. big name look cool designer clothes logo


look cool:

big name:
designer clothes:

having a widespread public reputation as a leader in a specified field; famous clothes designed by wellknow or famous designer or company company symbol look fashionable, attractive, or relaxed

Read the passage and decide what the writer’s main point is.
a) We should wear designer clothes.

b) We shouldn’t wear designer clothes.
c) We should wear comfortable and

not fashionable clothes
d) We all spend too much on clothes.

Listen to the tape

4. Match the summary sentences with the paragraphs. 4 a) People think designer clothes are better. 1 b) What do you look for when you buy clothes? 6 2 c) Some people are happy to pay more to look cool. d) Clothes sold by small number of well-known

companies are more expensive but more popular. 7 e) Ask yourself if you can buy good clothes for less money. 3 f) Young people think designer clothes look cool. 5 g) Designer companies spend more on advertising.

Useful expressions
1. look different 看上去与众不同 2. go for 努力获取 4. spend … on 3. catch one’s attention 花费
Do you like to look different? 你喜欢与众不同吗? 每个人都想在奥运会上夺金牌。 Everyone goes for a gold medal in the Olympics.
引起某人的注意 Her dress catches our attention 她的衣服吸引了大家的注意。

汤姆每天花五小时看电视。 Tom spends 5 hours on TV everyday.

全世界人民热爱和平。 5. all over the world 全世界 The people all over the world love peace.

6. the number of ……的数量
7. in fact 事实上

The number 书的数量是 50本。of the books is 100.

事实上,他是一个好学生。 In fact, he is a good student. 我喜欢米饭而不是面条。 I prefer rice to noodles.

8. prefer …to 喜欢……而不喜欢…… 9. care about 10.show off 11.above all

越来越多得人关注环境。 关心 More and more people caree about the enviroment.


请不要炫耀你的衣服了。 Please stop showing off your new dress.

尤其是,最重要的 最重要的是不要忘了给我们写信。 Above all ,don’t forget to write to us .

Answer the questions. 1. “Do you choose something fashionable … or comfortable?” What is another word or expression for something?


2. “ But the number of these big name companies …” what big name companies? Well-know companies.

3. “But they don’t sell as well…” What don’t sell as w

ell as what?
The clothes, made by the less well-know companies, though look the same as the designer clothes, don’t sell as well as the designer clothes without logo.

4. “But that’s not the point.” What isn’t the point? And what is the point the writer is making? Not the point: Many people think the right running shoes will make you run faster or play better. The point: It’s the training---not the trainers---that improves your speed or your score.

5. “And they succeed!” What do they succeed in doing? They succeed in making people buy their clothes by clever advertisements.

1. Have a debate
Students should wear fashionable clothes
look cool look different show off their persanality

Students shouldn’t wear fashionable clothes.
waste money 2 . w waste time compare with others

2.Write your opinions
What clothes should students wear for school?
Point example conclusion


I think we should not care about the way we look.We needn’t buy designer clothes because we are students .We must put our hearts into learning knowledge. We can wear comfortable clothes .If we spend too much on clothes ,we can’t improve ourselves in study.Many students today care about the way they look.I think it’s bad for them.

? Read the passage and memorise the language points

? Reading :wb.10-fashion and enviroment(P110)

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