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Unit 5 Topic 1 How much do you know about China? Section A

Pair work
A: What place is this? B: It’s Fuzhou. A: Where is it? B: It’s in Fujian Province. A: We can also say this is Fuzhou which/that lies in Fujian Province.

Mount Tai/Shandong Province
It’s Mount Tai that/which lies in Shandong Province.

Mount Heng/ Shanxi Province
It’s Mount Heng that/which lies in Shanxi Province.

Mount Hua/ Shaanxi Province
It’s Mount Hua that/which lies in Shaanxi Province.

Mount Heng/Hunan Province
It’s Mount Heng that/which lies in Hunan Province.

Mount Song/Henan Province
It’s Mount Song that/which lies in Henan Province.

Mount Huang/Anhui Province
It’s Mount Huang that/which lies in Anhui Province.

Pair work
Talk about the following pictures with your partner after the example. Example: A: What a beautiful place! B: Yeah! It’s Mount Tai that/which lies in Shandong Province. A: Have you ever been there before? B: Yes, I have./No, I haven’t.

the Changjiang River/the longest
It’s the Changjiang River that/which is the longest river in China.

the Huanghe River/the second longest
It’s the Huanghe River that/which is the second longest river in China.

Poyang Lake/the largest
It’s Poyang Lake that/which is the largest freshwater lake in China.

Dongting Lake/Hunan Province
It’s Dongting Lake that/which lies in Hunan Province.

Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks. (录音)
The Changjiang River and the Huanghe birthplaces of Chinese River are the __________ culture ___________. runs The Changjiang River _________ through _________ eleven /11 provinces. joins The Huanghe River _________ the Bohai Sea. largest Poyang Lake is the ________freshwater lake. Dongting Lake _____ Hunan lies _____ in Province.



Listen and answer the questions. (影片)
(1) How long have Mr. and Mrs. Green been in China?

Two years.
(2) How many years of history does China have?

About 5 000 years.
(3) What book can introduce China in detail?

Guide to China.
(4) Can you say some beautiful mountains or rivers in China?

Yes, I can.

Find out attributive clauses within one minute.
1. China is a great country that has about 5 000 years of history. 2. There are many places of interest which attract millions of tourists from all over the world every year. 3. It’s a book which introduces China in detail.

Retell 1a according to the key words.

Two years. About 5 000 years. Mount Tai, Mount Huang, Mount Song, Mount Emei, the Changjiang River and the Huanghe River. Guide to China.

Complete the table according to 1a and your own experiences.
Item In the conversation Others you know

Mount Tai, Mount Mountain Huang, Mount Song Mount Hua … and Mount Emei the Changjiang The Zhujiang River … River River and the Huanghe River

1. Master some new words and phrases. 2. Learn attributive clauses which use “that” and “which”. 3. Learn about the geography of China.

Make a dialog about traveling.
Requirements: ① Tal

k about places of interest: the famous mountains, rivers, cultural relics ... ② Use attributive clauses as many as possible.



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