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1. It’s very warm-hearted ______ you to get the tickets ______ the World Cup.

A. for, of B. of, for C. of, to D. to, for

2. How many teachers are there in your school?______, I think. But I don’t know the exact number.

A. hundred Hundreds C. Hundreds of Hundreds or thousands

3. Will you stay for lunch? Sorry, ______. My brother is coming to see me.

A.I mustn’t B.I can’t C.I needn’t D.I won’t

4. When he was there, he ______ go to that coffee shop at the corner after work every day.

A. would B. should C. had better D. might

5. There ______ no hurry, need there? A. need be B. need to be C. doesn’t D. needs

6.______ the sports meeting might be put off. Yes, it all depends on the weather.

A. I’ve been told B. I’ve told C. I’m told D.I told

7. Shirley ______ a book about China last year but I don’t know whether she has finished it.

A. has written B. wrote C. had written D. was writing

8. We don’t allow ______ in this room. A. smoking B. to smoke C. people smoking 9. I haven’t got a chair ______. Will you make room for me?

A. to sit B. to sit in C. for sitting 10. It was so cold that the travelers had the fire ______ all the night.

A. burning B. to burn C. burn D. burnt

A. looked for B. looked up C. looked after 12. Every morning, WE are asked ______ taken our temperatures.

A .if we have B. if have we D. if had we

A. the other; other five B. the other; another five D. other; more five

14. I called you just now, but you weren’t in A. was in B. have gone to D. had been to

A. were sitting; Mr Brown Brown’s C. was sitting; Mr Brown D. was sitting; Mr Brown’s

16. Have you ______ your father recently? doesn’t often write to me.

A. heard about C. heard from D. got from

I was reading too late to fall asleep.

A. How long C. How soon D. How

I’ve no idea, But he ______ it the whole afternoon.

A. would do C. did D. had done

19. He’s ______. It’s his third time to be taken to police station.

A. hasn’t; Yes B. is; Yes C. has; Yes D. has; No

20. I will spend as much time as I ______ the lesson.

A. can go over B. can to go over C. can going over D. go over

21. ______ you the truth, she knows nothing about it.

A. To tell B. Telling C. To tell D. Told

22. The old man walked in the street, ______.

A. followed by his son B. followed his son C. and following his son D. and followed by his son

23. Jim’s family went to visit ______ family last night.

A. Miss Sun’s B. the Suns’ C. the White D. Miss Suns’

24. They stopped ______ and ______ out to play when they ______the bell ring or rest.

A. working; went; heard B. work; to go; hear C. working; go; hearing D. working; going; heard

25. I am going to Qingdao and stay there for a week.______ you are there, would you please buy some books for me?

A. If B. While C. Since D. As soon as

26. That woman has a bag in her right hand. What’s in her ______ hand?

A. another B. other C. one D. The other

27. Could you give me ______ second chance please?A. an B./ C. the D. a

28. Black, ______ father of ______ Tom, lost his new watch.A./,/ B. the, the C. the,/ D. /,the

29. Do you know Susan’s address? Dongchang Road, Dalian City.

A. in B. at C. along D. on

30. What do you think of the report on the UFO?

Great! Many students were interested in it and they kept on standing ______ the end of the meeting

A. until B. in C. on D. about

31. The book ______ you want is on the desk. Which of the following isn’t right?

A. that B. which C./ D. it

32.I’ll never forget the days ______ we spent together in the country.

A. which B. on which C. when D, on that

33. Is that book ______ he borrowed on Friday?A. that B. which C. the one 34. The number of people who ______ cars of their own is increasing.

A. has B. have C. there is D. there are

35. The first school ______ we visited yesterday is not far from here.

A. that B. which C. to which 36. I have the same pen ______.A. which you have B. as yours D. as you

37. The train ______ she was traveling was five minutes late.A. that B. on that C. by which D. on which

A. those who B. that C. who 39. ______ has questions is welcome to ask.A. Who B. Anyone D. Anyone who

40. Tom is one of the people who ______ they are now.A. from C. with D. as

B. his C. some D. us

42. ______ either you or I good at drawing?A. Am C. Is D. Do

43. The room ______ as a meeting room.

A. used to being used D. was used to be used

A. to play B. play C. playing D. played

45. Last month Miss Han ______ a doctor.

A. married with C. was married with D. got married to

46. It’sA.I going C. me going D. me to go

Twice a year.

A .How often C. How long D. How many times

doesn’t know ______ to buy.

A. choose from; which B. choose from; what C. choose; which D. choose ;what

49. It is in 1960 ______ Chinese first put out flag on Mount Qomolangma.

A. when B. that C. which D. in which

50. The old men who gave away lots of money ______ highly of at yesterday’s meeting.

A. spoke B. spoken C. was spoken D. were spoken

51. I’m afraid I won’t come ______ 7 and 9. I will be at work then.

A. until B. between C. during D. for

52. Butter and cheese ______ in price.

A. has gone up B. is gone up C. have gone up D. are gone up

53. ______ neither you nor he enjoy fast food? A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Are

54. In our country every boy and every girl ______ the right to education.

A. has B. have C. is D. are

55. A man of words and not of deeds ______ a garden full of weed.A. like B. likes C. is like D. are like

56. Would you like some coffee? Yes, please. By the way, do you have any milk? I prefer coffee ______ milk.

A. from B. with C. to D. for

57.These Germans want to have some ______ for supper, so they decide to catch ______ now.

A. fish; many B. fishes; much C. fish; much D. fishes; many

58. What do you think of his surfing? Oh, no one does ______.

A. good B. well C. better D. best

59. Aren’t you tired, Kate? ______. I like going shopping.

A. Not at all B. I’m so sorry C. You’re welcome D. Yes, of course

60. Don’t forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow. ______

A.I don’t B.I won’t C.I can’t D.I haven’t

61. John plays football ______, if not better than David.A. as well B. as well as C. so well D. so well as

62. Naturally, after I told her what to do, my daughter ______go and do the opposite!

A. may B. can C. must D. should

63._____ Yancheng today is more beautiful now. A. The;/ B. The;the C./;a D. The;a

64. To tell you the truth, I became a college student at 15.______.

A. You must be B. Thank goodness C. You don’t say so D.It doesn’t65. Excuse me, can you show me ______ to run the machine?A. what B. if 66. Today some newly-produced mobile phones can take pictures______ a camera.

A. as B. for C. like D. of

67. I felt it is right ______ you should know.A. whether B. and D. how

A. passing; has paid B. passed; has been paid D. passed; has paid

69. This kind of T-shirt is ______.

A. easily worn out B. easy worn out D. easily to be worn out

70. Jim’s father said to him, “IA. didn’t forget, told C. D. haven’t forgotten, will tell

71. English people ______ use Mr before a man’sB. usually C. often D. sometimes

B. though C. because D. for

B. whether C. that if D .that whether

B. many C. good D. more

B. have C. had D. is

A. any other student students’ C. any other students D. any student’s

A. thought hard B. thought out C. thought more of D. thought about

B. health C. comfortable D. well

B. bring C. carry D. sent

80. The conductor kept _______ hot water to us. A. give B. bring C. taking D. giving

81. It’s your turn to be on duty. _______A. So am I B. So it is C. So I am D. So it is A. to repair B. repaired C. being repaired D. to be repaired

83. They are _______ there. A. near B. to near C. near to D. nearly

84. The boy said he wouldn’t eat _______.A. any longer B. no longer C. any more D. no more

85. Nobody noticed the thief slip into the shop, because the lights happened to _______.

A. put out B. turn out a C .give out D. go out

86. The days are short, _______ it is now December. A. because B. for C. goes D. want

87. The education in China has developed _______ these days.A. quick B. high C. highly D. wildly

88. Will you tell me a story? OK. Shall I _______ it in English or in Chinese?

A. tell, tell B. speak, tell C. tell, speak D. tell, say

89. The lady is always _______ in white at the party.

A. wearing B. dressing C. worn D. dressed

90. They _______ 3000 English words by the end of next month.

A. learned B. had learned C. will learn D. have learned

91. Mr.Black, some boys are going to flight. You’d better _______ the police.

A. send for B. send to C. look for D. look over A. thousand B. thousand of C. thousands of D. thousand

93. The post office is not far from here. It’sA. minute B. minutes C. minute’s D. minutes’

94. She doesn’t know the school, but it’s to be quite a good one.

A. told B. spoken C. talked D. said A. became B. though C. so that D. so A. puts away B. put away C. takes away D. take away

97. (At the doctor’s) It’s nothing serious, doctor? A. you’ll be all right soon B. You won’t be all right soon

B. There’s some trouble with you D. It’s very serious

98. We can’tA. so, much B. such, so C. so, so A. a; an B. an; / C. an; the A. can B. must C. need needn’t

1~10 C C B A A A D A B A

21~30 A A A A B B D A B A

41~50 D B C C D D D A B D

61~70 B C D C D C B D A C

81~90 B D D C D B C A D C 91~100 C C B D C D A C D B

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