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Unit 1 Can you play the guitar学案

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Unit 1 Can you play the guitar?



Learning aims :


2、 Master some new words and pareses. Learn some reading and writing skills.

Learning procedures:(Reading and speaking)

Step1、Reading (2a)

1. Read the 3 passages and finish this chart.


Work in groups and try to introduce your abilities.You can use these expressions: I’m ...; I like ...; I can ...;I can also...

Step3、Reading (2b)

1. Read the 3 passages and finish the blanks.(自主学习)

1、和...比赛 2讲英语的学生、

3、学生运动中心 4、周末有空

2. Read the 3 passages and match them with the titles based on the key words. 3. Read again and fill in the blanks.(探究展示)

? 探究点1. help的用法


1)Then we need you to help with sports for English -speaking students. Translation:

2) Please help me carry these books. Translation:

3) We need help at the old people’s home. Translation:

发现 :第一二句中,help 是 (名词/动词),第三句中help是 (名词/动词),常与介词 搭配,表示“帮助某人做某事”,也可以用help sb.(to)do sth.的结构。 ? 探究点2. and与or


1)She can sing and dance.

2) Can she sing or dance?

3) He doesn’like apples or bananas .

发现 :and 与or都是并列连词,and用于 句,or用于 句 和 句。 ? 探究点3.free


1)Now you are free to answer questions.

2) I’m free in July.

3) The apples are free.

? 发现 :free 有的意思,作“忙碌”讲时,be free=

Step5 训练反馈

( )1. We can help kids____math .

A. to B. for C.with D. on

( )2. Thank you ____your help.

A. to B. for C. with D. on

( )3. Are they actors_______teachers?

A. and B. or C. but D. then

( )4. She wants to join the art club ________ English club.

A. and B. or C. But D. then

( )5. The food and drinks are________ .

A. busy B.free C. relax D. boring

( )6. ―Can you play the guitar? ―No, I ____.

A. am not B. mustn't

C. couldn't D. can't

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