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Unit1can you play the guitar知识点

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参考答案 笔试部分 Ⅰ. 1-5 ACCAB 6-10 ACBDD Ⅱ. 11-15 DBGAE Ⅲ. 16-20 DADBC 21-25 BADCD Ⅳ. 26-30 CDADB Ⅴ. 31. sings 32. join 33. our 34. speak 35. pianos Ⅵ. A) 36. good musician 37. or dance 38. doesn’t have 39. to join 40. can’t play B) 41. Can you help me with my English 42. She wants to join the basketball club

43. This English boy can not do Chinese kung fu 44. Is he good with his friends 45. Does her sister play the guitar very well Ⅶ. One possible version: Victor and Cindy are in Green Music Club. Victor is twelve years old. He is English. He is good at playing the piano. He likes Beijing Opera. He often goes to see Beijing Opera on Sundays. Cindy is thirteen years old. She is an American girl. She is good at playing the guitar. She likes Chinese dumplings very much.


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