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一般疑问句(General Questions) 一般指用Yes或No回答的疑问句。 eg: 1. Are you Michael? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. 2. Can she play the computer? Yes, she can. /No, she can’t.

如何把一般现在时态的陈述句变 为一般疑问句呢?
按词种类的不同将其分为两类: 一、含系动词be(am / is / are)或情 态动词(can 等)的一般现在时的句 子。

[秘诀]一调二改三问号 一调:即把be(am / is / are)或can等 词调到主语前;
二改:句中的主语若含有I(my / we) 等第一人称代词时,需将它们分别 改为you(your / you); 三问号:句末的句号改为问号。

eg: She can play the computer games. Can she play the computer games? I am a student. Are you a student?

二:含行为动词(即实义动词)的一般 疑问句。

二改:句首加助动词Does之后,谓语动词 必须改为原形,句中的主语为第一人称代 词时变化为第二人称;



She likes apples.
Does she like apples? He has a sister.

Does he have a sister?

? They are my friends.
Are they your friends? ? She can sing . Can she sing? ? Her father likes Beijing Opera. Does her father like Beijing Opera?

1. My dog runs fast. 否定句:______________ 一般疑问句:________________肯否定回答 2.Tom does his homework at home. 否定句: ______________ 一般疑问句: ____________肯否定回答 3. She likes milk.肯否定回答 否定句:______________ 一般疑问句:________________

改错(划出错误的地方,将正确的写在横线上) 1. Is your brother speak English? 2. Does he likes going fishing? 3. He like playing games after class. 4. Mr. Wu teachs us English. 5. She don’t do her homework on Sundays.

特殊疑问句(Special Questions) ? 特殊疑问句是以疑问词开头的问句, 其基本结构是“疑问词 + 一般疑 问句”,其答语不用yes或no, 而要 作具体回答。 eg: When do you have P.E.?
What’s your favorite subject?

What….? ? 姓名、号码、物品名称、运算结果、 喜好等。 ? What’s your name? ? What’s her telephone number? ? What’s this in English? ? What’s one and three? ? What’s your favorite actor?

What color….? ? 询问颜色 ? What color is this bag?
I like red. What color do you like?


? 询问地点。 ? Where are you from? I am from Nanyang. Where are they? They are in the classroom.

How…? 询问身体状况、方式方法等。 How is your mother? How old…? 询问年龄。 How old is she?

? 询问时间。什么时候。 When is your birthday?

The basketball game is May 11th.
When is the basketball game?

Who…? ? 询问姓名、身份、职位等。 ?

Who is your friend?
My Chinese teacher is Mr Yu.

Who is your Chinese teacher?


? 询问原因。 ? Why does she like action movies?
He likes math because he thinks it’s fun.
Why does he like math?

Homework:将下列句子变为一般 疑问句。并作肯定和否定回答
? ? ? ? ? ? 1.My parents can swim. 2.Her students can speak English. 3.They have some new tennis rackets. 4. Jim likes strawberries. 5. She is my best friend. 6. He is my father.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Mr Zhang is our music teacher. Lily is ten. She likes art because it’s funny. I usually go to bed at ten o’clock. It’s Wednesday. My English book is in my backpack.

Thanks for listening!

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