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九年词组Unit 1

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Unit 1 How do you study for a test ?

1 not at all =not in the slightest 根本不

2 end up 结束

3 make mistakes in sth 在某方面出错 4 later on 随后

5 be afraid to do sth

be afraid of sth/sb

6 laugh at sb

7 take notes=write down the notes

8 make up

9 deal with=do with

10 be angry with

11 go by

Time goes by.

12 try one’s best to do sth

13 break off

14 make/use flashcards

15 make a vocabulary list

16 read/speak aloud=read loudly

play the CD too loud

sweep the floor clean

17 practice the pronunciation

18 get the pronunciation right =pronounce right

害怕做某事 害怕…… 嘲笑某人 做笔记 组成 处理 对……感到生气 (时间)过去、消逝 时间流逝 尽力做谋事 突然终止 制作使用抽认卡 制作词汇表 大声说 把CD放开大声 把地板扫干净 练习发音 发音准确 1

19 specific advice/suggestions 详细而精确的建议 20 memorize/recite the words/text 背书

21 read the textbook 读课本

22 English grammars 英语语法

23 feel differently 觉的不同

24 frustrate sb = make sb frustrated

find sth frustrating

25 speak quickly/fast

26 get/be excited

look excited

look at sb sadly

an exciting match/game

27 spoken/oral English

28 full comma

29 regard sth as a challenge

30 impress sb

be impressed

be impressed deeply by sb

31 have trouble/difficulty(in)doing sth

32 look up the words in a dictionary

33 feel/touch soft

34 study for a text

36 work with sb

使某人沮丧 发现某事沮丧 说得很快 激动 看起来很激动 伤心地朝某人看 一场刺激的比赛 英语口语 句号 把某事视为挑战 感动某人 被深深感动 被某人深深感动 做某事有困难 用字典查阅单词 感觉/触摸柔软 为一次数学小测学习 与某人一起工作 2

35 listen to tapes 听磁带 listen to the teacher carefully 认真听课 36 ask sb for help 寻求帮助

He is asking for help. 他正在求救

ask sb to do sth 叫某人做某事 tell sb about sth

37 improve my listening/speaking skills

38 enlarge the vocabulary

39 watch English news

40 understand the voices

41 learn a lot/much

42 join an English club

43 keep a diary in English

44 review notes

45 write original sentences

46 practice conversations with sb

47 do well/OK

48 get mad at sb

49 the best way to learn English

50 be fair/unfair

51 on duty

It’s one’s duty to do sth

It’s our duty to distribute to the society

告诉某人某事 提高听力/口语技巧 扩大词汇量 看英语新闻 听懂(说的内容) 学了很多 参加英语俱乐部 用英语写日记 复习笔记 写新颖的句子 与某人练习对话 做得好 生某人的气 学英语的最好方法 公平、不公平 值日 某人的职责做某事 3

52 be lost/missing 丢失

53 young adults 青少年

54 see a psychologist 看一个心理医生 55 get a lot of practices 得到许多练习 56 end up doing sth 最后做某事 57 become unhappy

58 behave with sb

59 stay angry

60 change problems/troubles/difficulty into challenge

61 solve the problem

62 realize sth =sth come true

63 make a complete sentence

64 complete/finish doing sth

65 the secret of sth

The secret of becoming a good language learner is practicing .

66 an important part of sth.

67 developping country

developped country

68 with the help of sb

help sb (to) do sth = help sb with sth

69 compare A to B

70 physical problems

71 find a pen pal

变得不高兴 与某人相处的方式 持续生气 把困难变成挑战 解决问题 实现某事 造一个完整的句子 结束做某事 成为一个优秀语言学家的秘密是练习最重要的一部分 发展中国家 发达国家 在某人帮助下 帮助某人做某事 把A与B进行对比 生理缺陷 找一个笔友 4 …的秘密

72 in a positive way 用积极的方法 75 last for a long time 持续很长时间 73 first of all 首先

74 to begin with 以…开始 75 make sb laugh 使某人笑 76 help a lot/a little

77 have disagreement

78 decide not to do

79 talk to each other

80 too much + n.

much too + adj.

81 be strict with sb

82 regard sth as a challenge

帮助很多、一点 意见不合 决定不做某事 互相谈话 太多… 对某人严厉 把……视为挑战5

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