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2014年春八年级英语下册《Unit3 Could you please clean your room》学案

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Unit3 Could you please clean your room?

Part one. New phrases in unit3


rubbish n.垃圾;废弃物['r?b??] sweep v. 扫;打扫[swi?p] throw v.扔;掷[θr??] neither adv.也不['nie?] pass v.给;递;走过;通过[pɑ?s] borrow v.借;借用 ['b?r??] lend v.借给;借出[lend] while conj.在……期间;当……时候


waste n.浪费;滥用[we?st] provide v.提供;供应[pr?'va?d] depend v.依靠;信赖[d?'pend] develop v.发展;壮大[d?'vel?p]


take out the rubbish倒垃圾 all the time频繁;反复 in order to目的是;为了 depend on依靠;信赖

take care of照料;爱护 come over过来;顺便来访

in surprise惊讶地 hang out闲逛;溜达


---Could you please sweep the floor? 请你扫一下地好吗?

---Yes, sure.好的,当然可以。

---Could I use your computer? 我能用一下你的电脑吗?

---Sorry. I’m going to work it now. 对不起。我现在要用它工作。

Part two. Grammar focus.



在本单元中,情态动词could用于有礼貌地提出要求或请求准许,用于疑问句,代替can,在时间上与can没有区别,但语气要比can委婉、有礼貌。回答时要用can,不能用could。除此以外,肯定回答还可以用Sure./Certainly./Yes, sure./No problem./With pleasure.等;否定回答还可以用I’m afraid not.等。

---Could you please lend me your dictionary?你把你的词典借给我,好吗?

---Yes, sure. 好的,当然可以。

---Could I have your driving license?

---Yes, here you are.

---Could you please water the flowers?

---No problem.

---Could I use your phone?

---No, you can’t. I’m waiting for an important call.



1. could为can的过去式,表示能力

Could the girl read before she went to school? 这个女孩上学前能识字吗? He said that he couldn’t come. 他说他不能来了。

She could swim at the age of seven. 她七岁时就会游泳。

2. 表示惊异、怀疑、不相信等态度,主要用于否定句和疑问句,此时could与can无时间


He couldn’t/can’t be over fifty. 他不可能超过五十岁。

Who could/can have taken it? 谁会把它拿走了呢?

3. 表示可能性,指对将来、现在或过去某种可能的推测。

My wife is in hospital—our baby could arrive at any time.我妻子住院了—我们的宝宝随时都可能出生。

This book could be Mike’s. He likes reading science books.这本书可能是迈克的,他喜欢看科学书籍。

The windows are open. He could have come back.窗户是开着的。他可能回来过。

4. 用于虚拟语气句。

How I wish I could go with you! 我多么希望能和你一起去呀!


1. ---Could you please sweep the floor?

---________. I am busy babysitting my sister.

A. Sorry, you can’t B. Yes, sure C. Yes, I can D. Sorry, I can’t

2. ---My recorder is broken. Could I use yours?

---_________, but you have to return it tomorrow.

A. I’m not sure B. No problem C. I’m sorry D. I hope so

3. --- Could you please pass me the book?

--- ______.

A. Yes, I could B. No, I couldn’t C. Sure. Here you are D. No, that’s no problem

4. The talented boy _______ write lyrics(歌词) when he was at the age of ten.

A. may B. could C. must

5. ---Could I borrow your camera?

--- _______ , but please give it back by Saturday.

A. I am sorry B. Of course C. Certainly not D. No, thanks

6. ---________ I try on those shoes in the window?

--- ________. They are just on show.

A. Could; Yes, you can B. Can; Sorry, you couldn’t

C. Could; Sorry, you can’t D. Can; Yes, you could

Part three. Practice


1. --- Sandy, could you please take out the r______ ?




5. --- No problem. I like to sweep the floor but I h_______ to do the dishes. Don’t trouble me w______ I’m working. I get up at six o’clock in o_____ to get to school on time. May I b_______ your pen? Mine is broken.


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