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长春市第四十八中学八年级上新目标英语unit 1 基础检测(无答案)

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设计人:Lee 审核人:Zhao 日期:2013.9.2

I. 根据句子意思和首字母提示,填写单词,使句子完整正确:(15分)

1.Where did you go on v__________?

2.Tina went to summer c__________. She had a good time.

3.Where did she go? She w__________ to New York City.

4.I didn’t know a__________ at the party.

5.I went to Guizhou w__________ my family.

6.My mother works in Shanghai m__________ of the time.

7.Bunny got a s__________ gift for her friend’s birthday.

8.How did you l__________ it? It was great.

9.I v__________ my uncle on vacation.

10.She s__________ very happy and went out.

11.The little kid can keep a d__________ in English.

12.Do you like the book? Of c__________ I like it very much.

13.I didn’t buy anything for m__________ because there was nothing I liked.

14.I tried paragliding and I f__________ like I was a bird.

15.There is a new b__________ in front of my school.

II. 用所给动词的正确形式填空。(30分)

1. Where __________(be) you last week? I was in Beijing.

2. She ________ (stay) at home last night.

3. Every year Mr Whit __________(have) a vacation.

4. I think the story is __________(real) interesting.

5. Jim and his friends visited __________(museum) last Sunday.

6. It’s __________(sun) today. We want to go to the park.

7. This is our new __________(build)

8. We __________(study) math in Jim’s house yesterday evening.

9. Mary __________(not) do her homework on Sunday.

10. I __________(buy) some gifts for my father last Friday.

11. No one seemed __________(be) bored.

12. He decided __________(visit) his aunt on vacation.

13. We think the activity is very __________(enjoy).

14. His father is a good __________(trade). He makes a lot of money.

15. It was my first time __________(see) the movie.

III. 选择填空:(15分)

( )1.Eric went to the club _____ the guitar.

A learn B to learn C learning D learns

( )2 –Where ___she _____ on vacation? ---She ____ her uncle.

A. did, go , visited B. does , go visited C. did , went , visited

( )3. There are _____ oranges in the box. Take them with you.

A few B little C a few D a little

( )4. We _____ a good time because it rained heavily.

A didn’t have B haven’t C hadn’t D don’t have

( )5. What did you do? I stayed at home most of the time _____ read.

A to B of C with D for

( )6. They didn’t buy _____ in the shop.

A special anything B something special

C special something D anything special

( )7. _____ did you do last Sunday? I went to the mountains.

A What B Where C How D Which

( )8. _____ did you go to the beach with? My cousin.

A What B Where C Who D How

( )9. I want to know what the life was like _____ the past.

A to B for C in D of

( )10. _____ you busy yesterday morning?

A Are B Were C Did D Do

( )11. What did you do on vacation? _____. I only stayed at home.

A Not. B Nothing much. C. Not really.

( )12. Everyone _____ here now, and we can begin our class.

A am B is C are D was

( )13. It was my first time _____ go to this park. It was really fun.

A went B go C to go D to went

( )14. He seemed _____ the bad new. He looked sad.

A know B knew C knows D to know

( )15. I decided _____ to Australia on vacation.

A go B to go C going D went

IV. 情景交际:根据对话内容,填写词,词组或者句子,使对话完整。(10分) A: Hi, Eric. Long time no see.

B: Hi, Alice. Yes, I was ________________ last month.

A: Oh, ________________________________?

B: I went to Malysia.

A: Who did you go with?

B: I went __________ my mother and my sister. We had a good time.

A: _________________________________?

B: We tried paragliding, and we climbed Penang Hill. How about you?

A: Oh, I just stayed at home _____________ the time to read.

V. 完型填空:(10分)

It was Children’s Day yesterday, we park. Our teacher was us. many people there. Some Young Pioneers (少先队员) near the river. sang and danced. There were some on the river. There was a hill . Some boys in the river. We sat under tree with our on Children’s Day yesterday.

( )1. A. went B. went to C. went for D. went in

( )2. A. to B. from C. with D. of

( )3. A. Those were B. How C. Had D. There were

( )4. A. are B. was C. were D. did

( )5. A. They B. Them C. Their D. Theirs

( )6. A. hills B. boats C. flowers D. trees

( )7. A. here B. over C. over there D. near

( )8. A. swim B. swimming C. swimmed D. swam

( )9. A. a B. an C. / D. the

( )10. A. liked B. enjoyed C. had great fun D. Did VI. 阅读理解:


Three friends, Tom, David and John, came to New York for their holiday. They stayed in a very large hotel. Their room was on the 45th floor.

In the evening, the three men went to the cinema and came back to the hotel very late.

“I’m very sorry,” said the man of the hotel, “but our lifts(电梯) do not work tonight. If you don’t want to walk up to your room, I’ll make beds for you in the hall(大厅).”

“No, thanks,” said Tom, “we don’t want to sleep in the hall. We will walk up to the 45th floor. But I know how to make it easier. On the way to our room, I’ll tell you some jokes. Then you, David, will sing us some songs. Then you, John, will tell us some stories, all right?”

So they began to walk upstairs. Tom told them many jokes. David sang them some songs. At last they came to the 34th floor. They were tired and had a rest.

“Well,” said Tom. “Now it’s your turn, John. After all these jokes and songs, tell us a long and interesting story with a sad ending.”

“OK, I’ll tell a sad story,” said John, “It’s not long but very sad. I forgot to bring the key to our room with me. It’s still in the hall.”


( ) 1. The three friends came to New York to .

A. sing songs B. tell jokes C. spend their holiday D. find work

( ) 2. They had to walk up to their room because A. there was something wrong with the lifts

B. the man of the hotel wanted them to do that

C. they wanted to take exercise

D. they came back very late

( said he knew how to make it easier for them to walk up to their room.

A. The man of the hotel B. Tom C. David D. John

( ) 4.They felt very sad because A. they were tired

B. they lost their key in the cinema

C. the man didn’t make beds for them

D. they didn’t have the key to the room with them

( ) 5. Where is the key to their room?

A. In the room B. In David’s bag. C. In the hall of the hotel. D. In the lift.


Some years ago there was an old woman. She had no children because she did not like children at all. But she loved cats. She had mother cats and baby cats. She had black cats and white cats. The children in the neighborhood came to her house to play with the cats. More and more cats came to the old woman’s house. There were too many cats. The old woman couldn’t feed them all. Then she had an idea. “The children love my cats,” she thought. So she gave each child a cat. Then she was very happy. And the children were very happy, too. And the cats were pleased, too, because they each had a room.


( )6. The old woman didn’t like A. old cats B. baby cats C. old people D. children

( )7. Why did the children come to the woman’s house?

A. To look at her house B. To help the old woman

C. To play with the cats D. To buy young cats

( )8. The word “feed” in the passage means A. give food to B. look after C. live with D. play games

( .

A. the children liked the cats B. she couldn’t feed so many cats

C. more cats came to her house D. children came to her house very day

( )10. Finally (最后 A. began to love children

B. sold (卖掉) all her cats to children

C. bought enough food for the children’s cats

D. could get enough (足够的) food for the cats in her house

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