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What do you usually do on weekends?

I usually help my parents.

What do you usually do on weekends?

prepare for an exam

meet my friends

Let’s go hiking tomorrow.
play basketball play the piano go to the doctor help my parents go to the concert prepare for a test meet my friend

Sorry. I have the flu. I have to go to the doctor.

A: Can you come to my party? B: Sure, I’d love to.

Sorry, I can’t. I have to …

A: Can you play basketball with us? B: Sorry, I can’t. I have to …

study for a test

A: Can you … ?

B: Sorry, I can’t. I have to …

go to the doctor

A: Can you …? B: Sorry, I can’t. I have to …
visit my friend

go to the concert

1. prepare v. 使做好准备;把……准备好 e.g. Don’t prepare dinner this afternoon. Let’s eat outside. 下午不用准备晚饭了。我们出去吃。 2. prepare for 为……做准备 e.g. We need to prepare for the New Year. 我们需要为新年做一些准备。

3. exam n. (= examination)考试 e.g. Did you do well in the math exam? 你在数学考试中做得怎么样?

4. flu n. 流行性感冒;流感 e.g. Doctor, I think I have the flu. 医生,我觉得我得流感了。

1a Match the phrases with the pictures (a-e).

1. prepare for an exam ______ a e 2. help my parents ______

3. go to the doctor 4. meet my friend 5. have the flu

______ d ______ b ______ c

1b Listen and write the names
(Tim, Kay, Anna and Wilson) next to the correct students

in the picture.





You are the students in the picture. Student A, invite three students to your party. Student B, C and D, give answers.

Can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon?

Sure, I’d love to.

Sorry, I can’t. I have to prepare for an exam.

I’m sorry, too. I must go to the doctor.

Listen and circle 2a can or can’t.

1. Jeff (can / can’t ) go to the party. 2. Mary (can / can’t) go to the party. 3. May (can / can’t) go to the party. 4. Mei Ling (can / can’t) go to the party. 5. Paul (can / can’t) go to the party.

2b Listen again. Who can’t go to the
party? Why? Complete the chart. Names Jeff May Reasons meet his friend on Saturday has the flu

Mei Ling study for a math test

1. available adj. 有空的;可获得的 avail + able → available

e.g. Is there a room available tonight? 今晚有空闲的房间吗?

2. another time 其他时间;别的时间 e.g. Let’s talk more another time. 改天再谈。 We can do it another time. 我们可以找别的时间做。 He’s busy. Why don’t you come another time? 他很忙。你们另外找时间再来怎么样?

3. until conj. & prep. 到……时;直到……为止 not … until 直到……才 e.g. Go straight down the street until you see the bank. 一直走,直到你看见银行。 He didn’t go home until he finished his work. 直到完成工作后他才回家。

4. hang v. (hung) 悬挂;垂下 e.g. Hang your clothes on the line. 把你的衣服挂在绳上。 5. hang o

ut 常去某地; 泡在某处 e.g. I like to hang out at mall with my friends. 我喜欢和朋友们一起 去购物中心闲逛。

6. catch 及时赶上;接住;抓住
e.g. I have to run to catch the bus. 我不得不跑着去赶公交车。

Look at the reason in the chart in 2b. Write some more. Then, Student A, invite your partner to do something. Student B, say you can’t go and why.

1. too much homework 2. ____________________ 3. ____________________ 4. ____________________

Hey, Dave. Can you go to the movies on Saturday?

I’m sorry, I’m not available. I have too much homework this weekend.

That’s too bad. Maybe another time.

Sure, Joe. Thanks for asking.


Read the conversation and answer the questions.

1. What did they do last fall? ___________________________________ They went bike riding. 2. What does Nick have to do on Saturday?

Nick has to prepare for an exam. ___________________________________
3. When will they hang out?

On Monday night. ___________________________________

Role-play the conversation. Hey! Nick, can you come to my house on Saturday? … Oh, Sam! I remember we went bike riding together last fall when …

1. Sam isn’t leaving until next Wednesday. 在英语中,not … until …是一个常见句 型,表示“直到……才……”。在口语 中,还可使用till代替until,构成not … until…结构。 e.g. Don’t leave today’s work till tomorrow. 不要把今天的事留到明天去做。 I didn’t go to bed last night until past midnight. 昨晚我过了午夜12点才睡。

2. Catch you on Monday! 礼拜一见! 这是英语中道别的又一种说法,相当 于See you on Monday! 类似的说法还 有:Catch / See you later! (回头见!)

假设你将于这个周末过生日,并开一 个生日聚会,你邀请朋友们参加你的聚会, 但有几名同学因故不能来,请你将与他们 的对话用英语写出来。

根据箭头指向的汉语说出英 语短语。 play basketball 准备考 试 have the flu 去音乐 去看病 会 play the piano 去见 go to the doctor 弹钢琴 朋友 help my parents go to the concert 打篮球 得了流 prepare for a test 帮父母 感 meet my friend

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