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What do you think Sally ________ five years ago? Five years ago, she ____in high school. She ______ football.

She _____ a cat. Today Sally _____ in college. She ______ the guitar. She ______ a dog. In five years, Sally _____ a doctor. She ________ tennis . She _______ a daughter.


Predicting the future can ____ difficult. There are many famous predictions that never_____ true. Before 1929, there ______ no sound in movies . The head of one of the biggest movie companies in the United States predicted that no one ________ want to see actors _______ .Of course, he was wrong. In 1977, someone _____ “No one _____ want to have a computer in his or her house.” He ______ that computers would never be _____ by most people.


In ten years, I think I________(be) a reporter. I’ll live in Shanghai, because I _______(go) to Shanghai last year and _______ in love with it. I think it’s really a beautiful city. As a reporter, I think I will meet lots of interesting people. I think I’ll live in an apartment with my best friends, because I don’t like ________alone. I’ll have pets. I can’t have any pets now because my mother _______ them, and our apartment is too small. So in ten years, I________(have) many different pets. I might even _________ a pet parrot! I’ll probably go skating and ______(swim) every day. During the week I’ll look smart, and probably will wear a suit. On the weekend, I’ll be able _________ more casually. I think I’ll go to Hong Kong on vacation, and one day I might even visit Australia.

Unit 2


I need to get some money to __________ summer camp. What should I do?

Well, you could _____ a part-time job.

I don’t ____ time.

I have an idea. You could ________ some money from your brother.

No, he doesn’t have any money,________.

I think you should _______ your parents

for some money……..

Maybe you could _______ a bake sale.

No, I can’t bake……….


My cousin is the same age _______ me. She’s really nice, and she always________ my things. Last week, she _____ my math book and didn’t______ it. So I couldn’t _______ my homework. I don’t want to have a _______ with my cousin, because she’s my best friend , I don’t know what to

_____ .Could you please give me some advice?

3.Dear Mary,

I have a problem, and I need your help. I always thought I _______ popular at school. But I just _______ out that my friends were ________ a birthday party for my best friend, and they didn’t invite me. Everyone else in my class _________ except me, and I don’t know why. I can’t think what I ________(do) wrong. I’m very upset and don’t know what ______. What do you think? Can you help me?

Yours, Lonely Kid

Unit 3


I ______ a very unusual experience on Sunday. At ______ around ten o’clock in the morning, I _________ down the street when a UFO ________ right in front of me .You can imagine how strange it was! An alien ______ out and ______ down Center Street. I _______ it to see where it was going, and I was very surprised when it _____

Into a souvenir shop .While it ____________ at the souvenirs, the shop assistant _______ the police .Before the police arrived ,the alien _______ the shop and then_______ the Museum of Fight. While the alien was in the museum, I called the TV .Isn’t that amazing!


Linda loves her dog Davy. They _______(go) to New York City last Saturday. While Linda ___________ (buy) a newspaper at the train station, the dog ________ out of his box and ran away. The station was crowded and Linda couldn’t see Davy anywhere. When Linda ________ his name, some people looked at her but Davy didn’t come . Then she called the police. While she _________on the telephone, Davy met another dog outside the station. While the police were coming, Linda walked around the station and called Davy’s name. She ______(not think) about ________ outside the station. Finally, a little boy said to her, “ Did you look outside? I saw a big black bog when I came in.” When Linda finally saw Davy, he was jumping and ______with another dog. There ________(be) a police officer next to them. The police officer said to Linda, “ I think my dog found your dog.”

Unit 4


It was an exciting week for the people in the soap opera “ Yong Lives”. First of all, Marcia ______ (tell) Ben she was _________ a surprise party for Lana, and that Lana ______ she was ______ to her house to study. Then Lana _____ Ben she ________ ( be not ) mad at Marcia, and that she ______( be not) going to her house on Friday .So Ben told Lana that Marcia was going to have a party for her. Lana told Ben that she wasn’t mad at Marcia ______ everyone and told them that she wasn’t going to ______ (have) the party.


Dear grandma,

How’s it _______(go)? I hope that grandpa is well now. I was sorry ________ that he had a cold last week. I hope you are in good health.

Things are fine here. I ________ my end-of-year exams last week and got my report card today. I always _____(get) nervous when I see the envelope from school in the mail, but luckily I ______(do) OK this time. I had a really hard time with science this semester, and I wasn’t

surprised _______ that my worst report was from my science teacher. She said I was lazy, which isn’t true. It’s just that I find science really difficult. Another ________ result was in history. My history teacher said I could do better. The good news is that my math teacher said I was hard-working. And my Spanish teacher said my _______ was good.

Well, That’s about all the news I have for now. Mom and Dad send their love.



Unit 5


I want you___________ (remember)the rules for school party. _________ jeans!If you do, we_________(not let) you in.Don’t bring food to the party. If you do,the teacher_________( it away.Don’t bring friends from other schools. If you do, the teachers will ask them_________( leave

).If you leave the gym during the party, we_______ your parents.And if you______ or_______(shout) at the party, you’ll have_______ . Please bring your ID card. If you__________(not have) your ID card, you can’t go to the party.


If I become an athlete, will I be happy?

For many young people, _______(become) a professional athlete might seem like a dream job. If you _______ a professional athlete, you’ll be able to ________(make) a living ______(do) something you love. If you become famous, people all over the world ________ (know) you. Many athletes give money to schools and charities, and do a lot of work______people. This is a great chance that many people do not have.

However, professional athletes can also have many problems. If you ______(be) famous, people will watch you all the time and follow you everywhere. This can make life difficult.

If you play sports for a _______, your job will some times be very dangerous. Many professional athletes get injured. And if you become rich, you will have a difficult time _____who your real friends are. In fact, many famous people complain that they are not happy. They say they were _________before they became rich and famous.

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