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? 现在完成时: ? have/ has +过去分词
? 1) 表示到现在为止已经完成或刚刚完 成的动作。 ? Now we have planted all the trees. ? He has just come back.

? 2) 表示过去发生的动作, 但强调结果或对 现在的影响。 ? Have you had your supper? ? I have read the book twice already. ? 在以上两种用法中常跟 already, not…yet, never, just, before, ever, recently等 时间继续下去的状语。

? 3) 表示过去已经开始, 持续到现在, 也 许还会继续下去的动作或状态,常与包 括现在在内的一段时间的状语连用。 ? He has studied English for 6 years. ? Mary has been busy since she came back from Hangzhou..

1.直接加-ed。如:play-played ? 2.以字母e结尾的直接加d 。如:namenamed ? 3.以辅音字母加y结尾的,变y为i加ed。如: carry-carried ? 4.重读闭音节且末尾只有一个辅音字母, 双写这个辅音字母再加-ed。如:stopstopped

现在完成时 Present perfect 句型

现在完成时的肯定句式是“have(has)+过去分词”。 注意:该句式中的have或has是助动词,has用于第三 人称单数,其它人称一律用have。 2.疑问句 现在完成时的一般疑问句式是把助动词have或has提 到主语之前。 (回答用“Yes,...have (has)./“No,...haven’t(hasn’t).” ) 3.否定句:现在完成时的否定句式是“haven't(hasn't) +过去分词”。

I have eaten my lunch.
She has eaten her lunch. He has eaten his lunch.

They have eaten their lunch.

I have not (haven’t) seen the film.

She has not (hasn’t) seen the film.
现在完成时的否定形式: have not (haven’t) +过去分词 has not (hasn’t) +过去分词
I haven’t eaten supper. eat-eaten He hasn’t changed his idea. change-changed My mother hasn’t come back home. come-come

1. I’ve already had dinner. I ________ had dinner ________. haven’t ________ yet 2. He has just finished his homework. He ________ ________ his homework _________. hasn’t finished yet 3. Mum’s cooked the dinner.

Mum _______ hasn’t ________ cooked the dinner.
4. Susan’s learned English at school.

Susan ________ hasn’t ________ learnedEnglish at school.

Have you eaten your breakfast?

Have/has 提前+过去分词
Have you known Sandy for a long time? Yes, I have/ No, I haven’t. know-known Has she eaten anything since 9:00 a.m. Yes, she has/ No, she hasn’t. eat-eaten

1. I’ve already had dinner.

Have you had dinner yet?
2. He has just finished his homework.

Has he just finished his homework?
3. Mum’s cooked the dinner. Has mum cooked the dinner? 4. Susan’s learned English at school. Has Susan learned English at school?


属于现在时态的范围,不能和表示过去 的时间状语连用,如yesterday,last night,three weeks ago,in1990等.而一般过去时只表示过去的动作或状 态,和现在不发生关系。 eg--- I have seen the film. eg--- I saw the film last week.

eg--- He has lived here since 1993.
eg---- He lived here in 1993.

? Notes: ? 1) have been to 与have gone to ? have been to 表示某人曾去过某地,说话 时人已不在某地了。 ? have gone to 表示某人已离开了原地,去 了另外某地,说话时,人已不在原地。 ? He has been to Xi‘an twice. 他曾经去过西安两次。(已经回来了) ? You can’t find him. He has gone to Xian. 你找不到他。他去西安了。(没回来)


Have you ________(clean) 1._____ the room? cleaned
have done that already. Yes, we__________(do)
When _______ it? did you ______(do) do

did We _______(do) it an hour ago.

seen 2.______ this film yet? Yes. Has he ______(see)
When _____ _____(see) it? did he see

saw it last week. He ______
3. How many times _____you______(come) here? have come Once.

4. Ihave _______ read (read) the novel twice. It’s interesting. gone 5. Shehas _______(go) to Pairs, hasn’t she? Yes.

did she _______(go) go How ______ there?
She _______(go) there by air. went

have developed 6. So far, many countries ______________(develop)
their software programs. gave 7.Mr Chen ______(give)up smoking last year. Have you ever _______(ride) ridden 8.______ a horse? Never.

9.He ________( has kept keep) the book since two days ago.

1. I’ve already had dinner.

What have you already done?
2. He has just finished his homework.

What has he just done?
3. Mum’s cooked the dinner. .

Who has cooked the dinner? Where has Susan learned English?

4. Susan’s learned English at school.

(for+表示一段时间的词组,since+表示过去某一时刻的词或词 组)谓语只可用延续性动词.

eg.--- I’ve lived here for 15 years. eg.--- I’ve lived here since 15 years ago(1990) 选用for和since填空: 1.We haven’t seen each other ______ for a long time. 2.His father has been in the factory since ______ 10 years ago.

for 20 minutes. 3.The film has been on ______
4.Mr Green has worked here ______ since he came to China.

for several years. 5.His grandparents have been dead ______ since we met last time 6. It’s five years _______

练习题: 1.It's a long time since we met ____ (meet) last, isn't it? have chosen(choose) a picture 2.--I know you ___________ book among these. --Yes,Have a look at it, please. have reached 3.So far, spaceships without people ___________ (reach) the moon and some other parts of the universe. C home for nearly three weeks. 4.My father____ A.has gone away from B.has left C.has been away from D.went away 5.Mr. and Mrs. Green have_____in China for a A week. A.been B.got C.arrived D.reached


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