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牛津七年级英语预备教材Unit 9配套试卷和答案

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牛津七年级英语预备教材Unit 9配套试卷和答案


A) 根据首字母及句意拼写单词

1. You can park the bike in f________ of the supermarket.

2. In the evening we don’t w_______ TV.

3. Where is she? She is in the o________.

B) 根据句意、汉语意思完成下列单词

4. I like buying things in the ________ (超市).

5. You can’ t listen to ________ (音乐) here.


6. She ________ (have) some stickers.

7. My friends ________ (be) from America.

8. You can ________ (wait) for the bus here.

9. Don’t ________ ( close) the door.

10. Let’s ________ (play) football on the playground.


( ) 11. —Whose walkman is it? —Is it ________?

A. yours B. your C. him D . he

( ) 12. She can ________ to music ________ home.

A. listens, is B. listens, at C. listen, in D. listen, at

( )13. —Can you clean the window? —________.

A. why? B. Yes, I can C. why not? D. Don’t say so

( ) 14. ________ can you see on the blackboard.

A. How B. What C. Do D. Why

( ) 15. —Would you like a cup of tea? — ________.

A. I am leaving B. No, thanks C. I don’t know D. Yes, I don’t like it


16. 他经常在网上找东西。

He often _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______.

17. 我们一定不要上看下看。

We ________ look up and ________.

18. 是红灯,你不能过马路。你必须等绿灯。

The light is ________. You ________ _________ the road . You must wait

________ the green light.

19. 这儿不能吃零食。

_________ ________ ________ here.

四、句型转换(15分) 20. They can ride their bikes near the lake. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ they ride their bikes?

21. Let’s do our homework first. (改为同义句)

_______ _______ , _______ _______ do our homework.

22. I also have some comic books. (改为否定句)


I_______ ________ _______ comic book, _______.

23. There are some CDs on the desk. (改为一般疑问句)

_______ _______ _______ _______ on the desk?

24. Can I watch TV now? (作否定回答)

_________ , you ________.

25. We can park our bikes under the trees. (改为否定句)

We _______ _______ our bikes _______ the trees.

五、每题有一个错误,请找出并改正(20分) 26. Let us to help you with your homework.

A B C D ( ) ________ 27. My uncle can makes a lot of bikes.

A B C D ( ) ________

28. —Do you happy now? —Yes, I am.

A B C D ( ) ________ 29. Millie often plays the tennis after school.

A B C D ( ) ________ 30. Can I play computer game first?

A B C D ( ) ________



This is a girl. Her name is Jean. She is a student of No. 4 Middle school. She is in Class Three, Grade One. Miss King is their Chinese teacher, They like her very much. Becky is her classmate(同学)in the same class. She is twelve years old.

( )31. Becky is Jean’s sister.

( )32. Becky is eleven years old.

( )33. Jean and Becky are in the same grade.

( )34. Miss King is their English teacher.


This is a picture of Mr Wang’s family. The man in the middle is Mr Wang, the father. The woman is the mother. They have two daughters (女儿) . One is Wang Fang, she is twelve, the other (另一个) is Wang Li, she is thirteen. Wang Fang and Wang Li are in the same (相同的) school, but not in the same grade (年级) . Wang Fang is in Grade One. Wang Li is in Grade Two. They are good students.

( )35. Mr and Mrs wang have _______.

A. one boy and a girl B. two boys C. two girls D. a girls

( )36. Wang Li is _______ sister.

A. Mr Wang’s B.Mrs Wang’s C. Wang Fang’s D. Mr and Mrs Wang’s

( )37. Wang Fang is ________ and Wang Li is ______.

A. Twelve, eleven B. twelve, thirteen C. thirteen, twelve D. thirteen, thirteen


( )38. Wang Li is ________.

A. Grade One B. Grade Two C. in Grade Two D. in Grade One

( )39. How many people (人) are there in Wang Fang’s family?

A. one B. three C. four D. five


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