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v. 存在,生存 adj. 无害的


be harmless to

harmful adj. 有害的
be harmful to harm v.& n. 伤害 do harm to


adj. 凶残的

fiercely adv.

gentle adj . 温和的 gently adv. die out skeleton footprint leave sth./ sb. behind 骨架

Some dinosaurs were as small as chickens. Others were as big as ten elephants. Some were as gentle as sheep.

Some were as fierce as tigers. Some dinosaurs were fiercer than tigers.
Tigers ______ were _____ not as fierce as some dinosaurs.

as + adj. + as not as + adj. + as He is as busy as before. Jane is not as tall as I. Jack is not as careful as Mary. not so + adj. + as

Tony is 15 years old. Sue is 15 years old , too.
as Sue. as ______ old ____ Tony is _____ same ______ age as Sue. Tony is the _______ Our school is more beautiful than yours.

as ours. not _______ as Your school is _____ beautiful ____

The way to be happy is _________ . a. to eat a lot of delicious food b. to sleep a lot every day

c. to play computer games all the time
d. to read novels in my spare time

e. to help others f. to own a lot of money

He thought that the way to be happy was to own as few things as possible.
thinker 思想家 Greece n. 希腊 Greek adj. / n. 希腊的, 希腊人,希腊语

All he owned was a big jar. He lived in the big jar.
. a big jar that he lived in. All he owned was

He threw away his cup and became even happier. even, still, much, a lot, far, a little, a bit 修饰比较级 His face turned still redder. Japan is a little larger than Germany.

China is much larger than Japan.

He thought that the way to be happy was to own as few things as possible.
as…as possible as …as one can

I will work as hard as possible. I _______ can . I will work as hard as ____ He left there as quickly as possible.

could . he ________ He left there as quickly as ____

is an amusement park.

amusement amuse

n. (U) 娱乐,快乐 & (C) 娱乐场所,消遣的事物 v. 使快乐

amusing adj. 好笑的 amused adj. 感到好笑的

His foolish words amused all of us.
The amusing story made us amused.

Who created Disneyland? Walt Disney created Disneyland.

create v.创造

Disneyland was created by Walt Disney. He is also famous for his cartoon characters.

cartoon 漫画,卡通影片 character 角色,人物

He is famous for his cartoon characters. be famous for 以…而著名

Qiongyao is famous for her love stories. Shanghai is famous for its night views.

What did he do after leaving school?

sell newspapers study art
Finally, he got a job. He really liked the job.

deliver mail

Finally, he got a job that he really liked. After leaving school, he delivered newspapers.

he _____ left _______ school , he delivered newspapers. After ___

After I had breakfast, I cleaned my flat. breakfast , I cleaned my flat. After having ______ ________ Before I went out, I turned off the lights in the room. going ____ out ,

I turned off the lights Before ______ in the room.

How did he create Mickey Mouse? real adj. 真实的,实际存在的

really adv. a real mouse become a star become rich and famous real gold

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