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I. 从方框中选择适当的连词(词组)完成句子。(每项限用一次)

1. ________ we had tried our best, we still lost the game.

2. She’s been playing tennis ____ she was eight.

3. I left the key_____ on the table ___ in the drawer.

4. Don’t arrive late again, _____ you will be fired (开除).

5. ___ it rains, they will stay at home.

6. The old man didn’t buy the coat ______ he couldn’t afford it.

7. Please turn on the light ______ we can see what it is.

8. These glasses are very expensive, ____ please be careful with them.

9. Don’t come here _____ I give you a call.

10. _____ I was waiting at the bus stop, three buses went by in the opposite direction.

II. Multiple choice

1. — Oh, I failed again.

— Don’t lose heart. Try again, ___ I’m sure you will succeed

sooner or later.

A. for B. therefore

C. however D. and

2. English is understood all over the world ____Turkish is spoken by only a few people outside Turkey.

A. while B. when C. if D. as

3. Tom made up his mind to get a ticket for the football match ____ it meant that he had to stand in a queue all night.

A. so that B. or

C. though D. if

4. The roof fell in ____ he had time to run into the house to save his baby.

A. as B. after C. until D. before

5. ____ the man grew older, he lost interest in everything except gardening.

A. So B. Since C. While D. As

6. Ten years has passed ____ my father set up this company.

A. when B. while

C. before D. since

7. You can’t buy both of them. You can choose _____ the basketball ____ the toy car.

A. either; or B. both; and

C. neither; or D. not only; but also

8. ____ he tells me the truth, I will never say a word to him.

A. If B. Unless

C. Until D. Since

9. She worked hard ____ everything would be ready by the time her manager came back.

A. since B. so that

C. if D. unless

10. — May I go and play football with Dick this afternoon, Dad? — No, you can’t go out ___ your homework is done.

A. since B. as

C. until D. after

11. My aunt asks whether I like a woolen sweater ___ a cotton one.

A. but B. or C. and D. not

12. Either Mary ___ Lucy told him to come to see us.

A. or B. and C. with D. nor

13. Hurry up, ___ we'll be late for the film.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

14. Be quick, ____ we'll be late.

A. and B. or C. but D. so

15. We ran to the trees, ___ we couldn't see any more monkeys.

A. but B. so C. and D. for

16. ___ Li Ping ___ Wu Fang ___ League members.

A. Neither; nor; are B. Either; nor; is

C. Both; and; are D. Neither; or; is

17. ___ Jack ____ Tom watched TV yesterday evening because they were busy with their lessons.

A. Both; and B. Not only; but also

C. Not; but D. Neither; nor

18. You may sit___ this end___ that end of the boat.

A. neither; nor B. both; and

C. either; or D. between; and

19. None of the shoes are the right size. They are ___ too big ____ too small.

A. or; or B. either; or

C. neither; or D. both; and

20. When Lily was three, she could____ read____ write.

A. not; but B. not; and

C. neither; nor D. either; or

III. 同义句转换,每空一词。

1. The accident will influence this school, and it will influence other schools in this city.

The accident will influence ____ ____ this school ___ ____ other schools in this city.

2. I like playing the piano and my sister likes playing it too. _____ my sister ____ I like playing the piano.

3. The little boy can’t read or write now.

The little boy can ______ read _____ write now.

4. Don’t drive so fast, or you will have an accident.

____ you drive so fast, you _____ have an accident.

5. It was so hot that we went swimming yesterday.

It was _____ a hot day ____ we went swimming yesterday. IV. 语篇填空:阅读下列短文,在空格处填上适当的连词。

My mother insisted 1____ everyone in her life treat her with respect. 2______________________ she wasn't wealthy 3____ well educated, my mother not only understood and appreciated her value, 4____ believed in it strongly. 5______ she learned my father was cheating on her, she insisted that he move out of our home. Not the next day or the next week. … To me, as a child, 6____ she refused to take my father back seemed harsh, even cruel. As a woman, 7_________, I have come to understand it. For my mother, putting Daddy out of the house 8____ her life wasn't about pride; it was about principle. The one had always lived by. The one 9 __________ she believed in with all her heart: No one was going to love and respect you 10________ you loved and respected yourself.

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