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1.I think science is ______ than Japanese.

A. much important B. important

C. much more important D. more much important

2.This pencil is ______ than that one.

A. longest B. long

C. longer D. as long

3.These children are ____ this year than they were last year.

A. more tall B. more taller

C. very taller D. much taller

4.It was very hot yesterday, but it is _______ today.

A. even hotter B. more hotter

C. much more hot D. much hot

5.Our classroom is _____ larger than theirs.

A. more B. quite

C. very D. much

6.Math is more popular than ________.

A. any other subject B. all the subjects

C. any subject D. other subject

7.China is larger than ____ in Africa .

A. any other country B. other countries

C. the other country D. any country

8.When spring comes, it gets ________.

A. warm and warm B. colder and colder

C. warmer and warmer D. shorter and shorter

9.By and by, _______ students in our class came to like English.

A. more and more B. much and much

C. many and many D. less and least

10.At last he began to cry _______.

A. hard and hard B. more hard and more hard

C. harder and harder D. less hard and less harder

11.When spring comes the days get _______ and nights ________.

A. short; long B. long; short

C. longer; shorter D. shorter; longer

12.______ I look at the picture, _______ I like it.

A. The best; the more B. The more; the less

C. The more; less D. More; the more

13.______ he read the book, _______ he got in it.

A. The more; the more interesting B. The less; the more interesting

C. The more; the more interested D. More; more interested

14.Which do you like _______, tea or coffee?

A. well B. better

C. best D. most

15.Which do you think tastes _______, the chicken or the fish?

A. good B. better

C. best D. well

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