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I. 形容词比较级练习

1. Bob never does his homework___ Mary. He makes lots of mistakes.

A. so careful as B. as carefully as C. carefully as D. as careful as

2.Now air in our town is _ than it used to be. Something must be done to it.

A. very good B. much better C. rather than D. even worse

3. I feel __ better than yesterday. A. more B. very C. the D. far

4. China has a large population than __ in the world.

A. all the countries B. every country

C. any country D. any other country

5.This book is __ on the subject .

A. the much best B. much the best C. very much best D. very the best

6.The sick boy is getting __ day by day.

A.worse B. bad C. badly C. worst

7.This necklace looks __ and__ sells__.

A. well, well B. good, nice C. nice, good D. nice, well

8. Doctor Wang ___ heart operation

A. is interested on B. like doing C. does well in D. is good at

9.the population of Shangdong is__ than that Sichuan.

A. smaller B. larger C. less D. large

10.I didn’t go shopping yesterday.He didn’t __.

A. so B. either C. too C. neither

11.___ delicious the food is!

A.How B . how a C. What D. What a

12. What animal do like ___? I like all kinds of animals.

A. better B. best C. very D. well

13.Hainan is a very large island. It’t the second__ island in China.

A.large B. larger C. largest D. most large

14.If you want to book a round –trip ticket,you’ll have to pay __ $30.

A.more B. other C. the other D. another

15.A horse is __ than a dog.

A.much heavy B.more heavier C.much heavier D.more heavy

16.Which is __ season in Beijing? I think it’s spring.

A.good B.well C. best D.the best

17.Usually Xiao Li spends __ time doing homework than Xiao Chen does.

A.little B less C. few D. fewer

18.I liked to play football when I was young. _______.

A.So he was B.So was he C.So did he D. So he did


1.Which is _______ (big) ,the sun,the moon or the earth?

2.Which is ______ (beautiful),the black coart or the blue one?

3.this mooncake is ____ (cheap) of all.

4.He is _______ (strong) in the class.

5.English is ____ (widely)spoken in the world.



1.B 2.D 3.D 4.D 5.B 6.A 7.D 8.C 9.B 10.B 11. A 12. B 13.C 14. D 15 C 16.D

17.B 18.C


1. the biggest 2.more beautiful 3. the cheapeat 4. the strongest

5.the most widely

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