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9.A.I don’t think the pig is beautiful. B._______ ________ _______, In my opinion ugly the pig is __________.
10.A.All of the questions are easy. None of B.________ ________ the questions is ____________. difficult

11.A.They didn’t find anything under the desk. found nothing B. They ________ _________ under the desk. 12. A. Helen always goes to school on foot. walks _____school. to B. Helen always _____

13.A.Tom used a brush to clean his shoes. B. Tom cleaned ______ his shoes ____ with a brush. 14.A. Manuel usually goes to work by subway, sometimes he rides his motorcycle. B. Manuel usually ______the subway takes to work, but at times he goes to work by ______ motorbike.

15.A.Mrs Green doesn’t like traveling by plane at all, I think.
B.I ______ don’t think Mrs. Green _____ likes traveling a lot.

16.A.The boy is too young to go to school.

so B. The boy is __________ young that can’t ________ he __________ do to school. old C. The boy isn’t _______ _________ to go to school. enough _______

17.A.Fish can’t live if there’s no water. anywater. B. Fish can’t live without ____ ____ C. Fish can’t live unless _____ there ____ is water. 18.A.He seemed tired last night. It seemed he B._____ ____ that _____ was tired last night.

19.A.The book is so difficult that none of us ca read it.

too B.The book is ________ difficult for _________ us ________ to read.
isn’t C. The book _____ for us to read. easy enough ______ _____

20.A.I can’t finish the work on time if you don’t help me.

B.I can’t finish the work on time ________ without _______ your ________. help
C.I can’t finish the work on time unless give me _____ _____ you _____ a hand _____.

21.A. I think it easy to work out the physic problem.

B. I think I _______ can work out the physic problem __________ easily .
It’s C. ______ easy ______ for me ______ to work out the physic problem.

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