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新冀教版八年级下册 Lesson 1 Hows the weather

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(总第 课时) Lesson 1 How’s the weather?

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学习目标: 掌握关于天气的词汇及短语2能力目标:在活动中能正确灵活运用天


1. 掌握的词汇及短语: rather, shower, rise, set.

2. 识别的词汇及短语: thunder, storm, sunrise, sunset.

3. 句式:询问天气的问及答语: What’s the weather like today? It’s cool.(cold, warm…) What’s the temperature? It’s ten degrees. 重点:讨论天气情况

难点:反义疑问句与there be 将来事态在句子中的应用。

巩固已学的关于天气情况的描述词。 课前预习:


What’the Weather like taday?

How does this weather make you feel?

课上讲解: 1. I hope not.


肯定式为:I hope so.我希望如此。 2. I’m scared of thunder. 我害怕打雷。 be scared of……

害怕……,后面常加名词或动名词,相当于be afraid of. 例: I’m scared of tigers. 我怕老虎。

I’m scared of going out alone at night.


1) What’s the weather like today? It’s cold/hot/cool/warm/windy… 2) What’s the temperature? It’s ten degrees. 3) be scared of sb./sth.

4) There will be…

= There is/are going to be… 1.There is an exam every month . There will be an exam next month .

There is going to be an exam next month. 2.There are a lot of trees in the moutain.

3.There was a football game last Sunday.


1.The wind is blowing ________ (strong) . 2.It’s raining ____________(heavy) 3.What a ________(cloud) day it is !

4.On a ________(snow) day ,you can go skating. 5.It’s a __________(fun) story ,we all like it .

6.Don’t be _________(scare) of that dog ,it is _______(friend) to people .


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