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Module 12

Western music

Unit 2

Vienna is the centre of European classical music.

Music Appreciation



Johann Strauss
The Blue Danube 《蓝色的多瑙河》

Voices of Spring, Op. 《春之声》圆舞曲


Words and expressions

centre n. 中心 European adj. 欧洲的 musician n. 乐手;音乐家 classical adj. 经典的;古典的 composer n. 作曲家 century n. 世纪 elder adj. 年长的

Words and expressions
waltz n. 华尔兹舞(曲) dance music 舞曲 another pron. 又一个;再一个 piece n. (写作、音乐或艺术的) 作品 poor adj. 贫穷的 perfect adj. 完美的

Words: musician, centre, European century, elder, another piece, poor, perfect Phrases: dance music, in the centre of not only … but also… Pattern: There were two composers called Johann Strauss. Before he was six, he played not only the piano but also the violin.

Some instruments (乐器)
violoncello piano organ saxophone drum violin trumpet guitar 大提琴 钢琴 管风琴 萨克斯 鼓 小提琴 喇叭;小号 吉他









Vienna is the centre of European classical music.


Listen to the passage and fill in the blank. Vienna is the centre of ________ European________ classical _____. music

Read and check ( √ ) the true sentences.

1. Many musicians came to study and √ work in Vienna. 2. Strauss the younger played the piano, the violin and thedrums at the age of six. × √ 3. Mozart’s family took him around Europe. 4. The father, Johann Strauss, died in 1791. ×
5. Mozart wrote The Blue Danube . ×

Answer the questions.

1. Where is Vienna? Vienna is on the River Danube in the centre of Europe. 2. What music did Johann Strauss the elder write? Johanna Strauss the elder wrote and played music for traditional dances, called the waltz.

3. How many waltzes did Johann Strauss the younger write? He wrote over 150 waltzes. 4. When was Mozart born? He was born in Austria. 5. How old was Mozart when he died? He died in 1791 when he was only 35.

Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box. another, elder, European perfect, poor, popular

Both Strauss the _______ elder and Strauss the popular music. younger wrote some very ________ _________ Another successful composer from Vienna was Mozart, but he became very

poor and died at the age of 35. _______ many people think Mozart’s music is perfect All three were great _________. European musicians. __________

Language Points
1. His dance music made him famous all over Europe. 他的舞曲使他享誉全欧洲。 make 的常见用法: (1) make sb. do sth. 使某人做某事 make sb. not do sth. 使某人不做某事 Parents always make their children learn many things. 父母总是使他们的孩子学习很多东西。

(2) make sb./sth. +adj. 使某人/物…… The bad

news made him very sad. 这个坏消息使他很伤心。 all over 遍及 all over the world 全世界 all over the country 全国 all over China 全中国 We have friends all over the world. 我们的朋友遍天下。

2. …he played not only the piano, but also the violin. …他不但能弹钢琴,而且还会拉 小提琴。 not only…but also…是一个表并列关系的 连词,用来连接两个并列关系的句子成 分。 I can speak not only English, but also French. 我不但会讲英语,而且还会讲法语。

Use the notes to write a passage about the Chinese composer Xian Xinghai.
Xian Xinghai ◆ famous for the song The Yellow River ◆ wrote it in 1939 in only six days ◆ one of the great composers of classical and traditional music ◆ born in Macao, China, 1905

died young, 1945 ◆ called the “People’s Musician” ◆ used traditional Chinese music ◆ studied in Paris ◆ songs are still popular today

Xian Xinghai is one of the great composers of classical and traditional music. He was born in…

Xian Xinghai
Xian Xinghai is one of the great composers of classical and traditional music. He was born in Macao, China in 1905 and studied in Paris. He was famous for his song The Yellow River. He used traditional music, and the music describes China to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, Xian Xinghai died young, in 1945. But he is called the “People’s Musician” and his music is loved by every one.

I. 根据课文内容填空。 Vienna is a beautiful old city on the capital city river Danube. It’s the _______ of Austria and the centre ______ of European classical music.
composers called There were two __________ father and a son Johann Strauss: a ______ ____. The father wrote and played music waltz His for a classical dance — _____. waltzes made him famous all over Europe _______.

Johann Strauss the younger, was popular successful and ________ even more __________ than his father. He wrote ________ 150 over waltzes and his most famous _______ one was The Blue Danube. He wrote it in 1867. Strauss and Mozart were two of the important composers. most __________

II. 用所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. Tony ___________ doesn’t like (not like) pop music, does he? 2. I like pop. It’s lively and good to dance (dance) to. ________ 3. There were two composers called _____ (call) Johann Strauss. 4. Mozart _______ died (die) in 1791 when he was only 35. 5. He _____ was (be) a teacher in 1992.

III. 按要求转换下列句子。 1. At the age of 20, he joined the army. (改为同义句) _____ ___ ____ 20, he joined the army. When he was 2. Your father was born in 1948, __________? wasn’t he (完成反意疑问句) 3. Strauss was famous for his waltzes. (改为同义句) Strauss’ waltzes made _____ ____ _______. him famous

4. I can play the violin. Tom can play the violin, too. (改写为同义句) ____ ____ I ____ Not only but ____ also Tom can play the violin. 5. Many people

went to Qingdao to enjoy the beautiful sea. (就划线部分提问) go to enjoy ______ did ___ many people____ Where the beautiful sea?

IV. 完成下面的反意疑问句。 ’t you 1. You like rock music, don ________? 2. They sing well, _________? don’t they 3. He has written ten new songs this year, ________? hasn ’t he 4. He wrote traditional music, ________? didn’t he 5. She was a musician, _________? wasn’t she can’t we 6. We can practise after school, ________? do you 7. You don’t like this song, ______? 8. They have never been to any concert, ________? have they 9. This music isn’t very popular, _____? is it 10. He has a lot of CDs, _________? doesn’t he

Write a passage about your favourite singer.

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