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What’s wrong with them?
What should they do? What should we do for them?

What’s the matter?

My brother plays his CDs too loud. What should I do? Why don’t you talk to him about it? Maybe you should talk to him about your problems.

What’s the matter?

My clothes are out of style. What should I do?

What’s the matter?

My parents want me to stay at home every night. What should I do?

What’s wrong?
His father doesn’t want him to play computer

What should he do?

What’s wrong with them?
The man argued with his wife. The man had an argument with his wife.

What should they do?

2a. Listen. Peter’s friend is giving him advice. Circle the word ‘could’ or ‘should’ you hear.
1. You could/ should write him a letter. 2. You could/ should call him up. 3. You could/ should say you’re sorry.

4. You could/ should go to his house.
5. You could/ should give him a ticket to a ball game.

2b. Listen again. Why doesn’t Peter like his friend’s advice? Draw lines to match the advice with the reasons. Advice
1. You could write him a letter. 2. Maybe you should call him up. 3. You should say you’re sorry.

a. It’s not easy. b. I don’t have enough money. c. I don’t want to surprise him.

4. Maybe you could go to his house.
5. You could give him a ticket to a ball game.

d. I don’t like writing letters.
e. I don’t want to talk about it on the phone.

1 look through 浏览 He is looking through the books in the library.

2 Although she’s wrong , it’s not a big deal. 尽管她做得不对,但也没什么大不了的。 big deal 重要的事情或状况 It is not a big deal.= It is no big deal. There ‘s a soccer game on TV this evening but I don’t have to watch it. it is no big deal.

3 Hope things work out. 希望事情会好起来。 work out解决(问题)改善(状况) Do you want to stay with us to see how things work out?

4 get on with 和睦相处 Do you get on well with your classmates? 5 communication n .交流 communicate v.交流 If you want to have better communication with your friend, you should communicate with them often..

6 argue with sb =have an argument with sb 与。。。争吵 It isn’t a good way to argue with others to solve a problem. 7 instead adv. 代替 反而 He didn’t study in class instead he slept .

8 whatever pron. 任何 I ‘ll believe you whatever you say. 9 nervous adj.焦虑的 Tom is often nervous before having an exam.

10 offer sb sth /offer sth to sb offer to do 主动提出 自愿给予 The hotel offers us food and drinks.= The charity offers to give away money to the poor. 11 proper adj. 恰当的 Fill in the blanks with the proper words. 12 explain v. 解释 Please explain why you were late.

say …to --- You should say something to them. refuse--- He refuse to help me.

nervous--- Are you nervous to speak in front of people get on with --- They got on badly with each other.

so that

Although until


1 Why don’t

you try to make more friends? 2 You should talk with her about your problem. 3 What about writing a letter to him ? 4 5 You shouldn’t lend your things to him next ti me. Why don’t you explain why you keep a pet?

What problems do you have? at home at school
too much homework. too many examinations can’t get good grades can’t choose subjects we like

have to get up too early have no enough money

have no time to watch TV
argument between parents have an argument with friends. There is something wrong with my computer.

have to go to school early
have too much pressure have to wear the school uniform often fail in the exams

A: What’s wrong? too many rules to obey at school B:…. A: Maybe you should…

Pair work: Give advice to your partner’s problems and make dialogues.
discuss with teachers to have fewer exams

try to spend less money
work harder at school try to do things quickly and go to bed early get a part-time job try to love all the subjects communicate with other students and your parents ask teachers to balance the homework

try to understand others

Problem I see some boys playing soccer ball in the street. Advice Ask a policeman for help ……

I left my books at home.
There’s something wrong with my bike. I am weak. The boys are too noisy. ……

Borrow them from your classmates ……
Mend it by yourself …… Do more exercise , eat more food …… Ask them to be quiet ……

a.Could you please…?

b. Will you please…?
c. Would you please/like to do…? d.How/What about doing…?

e.Why not/don’t you do …?
f. You should/could do…?

If your car is dirty, You should…

If you are ill, you should

If you are thirsty, you should

If the room is dirty, you should

If you don’t know the way, you should

If you are too fat, you should

A: What’s the matter with him/her?/ What’s wrong with him/her? B: …. A: What should he/she do? B: He/she should…. A: That’s a good idea.

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