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完形填空练习 简单

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Every country has its own culture.

Even though

doors may have 21 functions and purposes which lead to When I first came to America, I noticed that a public building had two different and they had distinct functions. You have to push the door with the word "PUSH" to go out of the building and to pull the door with the word "PULL" to the building. This was new to me, because we use the door in South Korea. For quite a few times I failed to go out of a shopping centre and was embarrassed.

The way of using school bus doors was also school bus to classes. The school decided that when the driver opened both the front and back doors, who were getting on should get .inSouth Korea, we do not need to wait for people to get off. One morning I hurried to the bus, and when the bus doors opened, I tried to get on the school bus through the front door. All the students around looked at me. I was totally , and my face went red.

21. A. different B. important C. practical D. unusual

22. A. national B. embarrassing C. cultural D. amazing

23. A. exits B. entrances C. signs D. doors

24. A. enter B. leave C. open D. close

25. A. main B. same C. front D. back

26. A. annoying B. hard C. satisfying D. strange

27. A. parents B. students C. teachers D. drivers

28. A. sooner B. later C. faster D. earlier

29. A. politely B. patiently C. unconsciously D. slowly

30. A. embarrassed B. annoyed C. unsatisfied D. excited

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