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Unit 8

I. 选择填空 (共15分) 。

( ) 1. Let’ A. make B. makes C. do D. doing

( A. teaspoon of honey B. teaspoons of honeys

C. teaspoons of honey D. teaspoon of honeys

( ) 3. _______ people are there in your town? — One hundred thousand.

A. How many B. How much C. How old D. How often

( A. Mix them up B. Mix up them C. Mix it up D. Mix up it

( A. at B. in C. for D. on

( A. How many B. How much C. How long D. How old

( A. photos, tomatos B. photos, tomatoes

C. photoes, tomatos D. photoes, tomatoes

( A. is B. are C. be D. were

( vegetables in the fridge. Go and buy some.

A. few B. a few C. a little D. little

( ) 10. What _______ Jim do with chocolate yesterday?

A. does B. do C. did D. is

( ) 11. Please ________the TV. I want to watch football match on TV.

A. turn on B. turn off C. open D. close

( ) 12.There ______two slices of turkey on the table and there______ some

relish on the slices.

A. are; are B. are; is C. is; is D. is; are

( ) 13. —How ______yogurt would you like to make a salad?

-–- Only one teaspoon.

A. many B. few C. much D. often

( ) 14.You have to _____the bananas if you would like to eat.

A. pour B. peel C. cut D. cook

( ) 15.He _______some milk _______ the blender?

A. added; to B. put; into C. pour; in D. pour, into



work III.句型转换(10分)。 对划线部分提问)

do we need? 同上)

dollars are these jeans?(同上) 4.There is some coffee in my glass.(变为否定句)

coffee in my glass.

IV. 阅读理解(10分)

The best known vegetable in the world is the potato. It grows in many places and does not need rich soil like many other crops. But until four hundred years ago the potato was not known to the Europeans. But today it’s one of the main foods in Europe. About half of the world’s potatoes are grown in Europe.

In France the potato was not grown for a long time. Here is a story about Louis. In 1778 he saw some potato flowers for the first time. He liked them so much that he picked one and put it in his buttonhole. He was interested in the flowers not the potatoes themselves.


( ) 1.Potatoes are grown and eaten in Europe.

( ) 2.The potatoes are grown only in the rich soil.

( ) 3.Louis was the first man to eat the potato.

( ) 4.At first the Europeans grew potatoes to eat.

( ) 5.Louis liked the potato flowers better than the potatoes.

V. 根据括号内所给单词的适当形式填空(10分)

1. How _______ (many) yogurt do we need?

2. Next you need _______ (cut) up three bananas.

3. _______ (final) enjoy the Super Sandwich .

4. _______ (add) the salt to the noodles, please.

5. He can drink three cups of _______ (juice).

6. How many _______ (watermelon) do you want?

7. I would like a big bowl of ______ (noodle).


8. There _______ (be) two slices of bread.

9. I don’t like _______ (some) sugar in the tea. VI. 汉译英。(10分)

1. 我们需要两茶匙蜂蜜。

We need two _______ of honey..

2. 在顶上放上另外一片面包。

Put another slice of bread _______ _______ _______.

3. — 你想要多少橙汁? 一杯。

— _______ _______ orange do you want? — One cup.

4. 这是一份制作草莓冰激凌的食谱。

Here is a _______ _______ strawberry ice cream.

5. 你需要多少茶匙黄油?

_______ _______ teaspoons of butter do you need?

VII. 补全对话(10分)

A: I’m hungry, mum.

B: Well, I make noodles for you. B: Ok. Can you help me make them? B: Well, help me cut up the tomatoes. B: Two is ok.

A: What else? A: First, I put some oil. Then put in the green onions.

B: I know next pour into water.

A: So clever. But remember boil the water for more than ten minutes. Then put in the noodles. When the water is boiled again you can eat the noodles.


VIII. 书面表达(15分)



How to make …?


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