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7A unit5复习自学案

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洪泽县实验中学城东校区 7A Unit5 复习自学案 备课人:谢殿友 审核人;曹苗苗 邱永红

7A unit5复习自学案




Main task (购物)



一、导入:It‘s your friend’s birthday soon, what present will you buy?

I want to buy…(例举一些商品名词)

二、学习探究:1.How much does it cost ? It costs … .(5元)

How much do they cost? They cost… .(10元)

2. A: Can I help you ?

Oh, how much does that one cost?

A: It costs ¥5 .


1. don’t have enough money to buy it.

2. There’s last year’s cards.

3.My cousin’ 4.She looks pretty.

5.Hello, can I help you? I’m looking for …

6.Yes, just a minute. Take a look.

7.How much does it cost? It costs/It is…

8.How much do they cost/are they?They cost/They’re…

9. OK. I’ll buy…


1. having a high price = _________ 2.very beautiful = _______

3.very = _______ 4.go well with = _______

5.a cut in price = _______ 6.have a price of = _______


1.稍等片刻 4.不要紧

2.有足够的钱 5. 我能为你做点什么?

3.我将买下它. 6.这些卡片多少钱?


A: Can I help you? / What can I do for you?

B: I’m looking for …

A: There are…

B: How much do/does…cost?

A: It ‘s / They are…yuan.

B: Ok, I’ll take it.

七、现在进行时 我们使用现在进行时谈论现在正在发生的事情.

1. 与现在进行时连用的时间状语:

at present 目前;现在 at the moment 此刻,现在

洪泽县实验中学城东校区 7A Unit5 复习自学案 备课人:谢殿友 审核人;曹苗苗 邱永红

right now 此刻,现在;立刻,马上 now 现在

提示语: Look ! Listen ! Don’t do sth! Sh!

2. 结构 肯定:be (is am are) doing

否定:be(is am are) not doing

He/She/It is (not) eating.

I am (not) eating.

You/We/They are (not) eating.


Is he/she/it eating? Yes, he/she/it is. No, he/she/it isn’t.

Am I eating? Yes, you are. No, you aren’t.

Are you/we/they eating? Yes, we/you/they are. No, we/you/they aren’t.

How to form the ‘-ing’form of a verb.(填表)

4. 写出下列动词的现在分语形式

read play dance write

sit get

have eat carry begin put

take swim leave

shine make leep

cut change

lie study pay

visit wait

5. 用所给词回答下列问题。

What is it doing? ( dance , skate ) What is he doing? ( draw )

What are they doing? ( play football play basketball )


1. There are many kinds of s__________ (贴纸) in the shop.

2. There is a d_______ (折扣) on last year’s cards.

3. The hair clip m________ (相配) her favourite T-shirt.

4. I don’t have e_________ (足够的) money to buy her a CD.

用所给词正确形式完成 (present, kind, want, year, cost ,expensive, )

Simon’s birthday is coming up. Amy is lookingfor some ________ for him at Sunnyside

Shopping Mall. There are many _______ of football cards and stickers of the Huanghe

Football Team. The new cards are quite________. But there is a discount on last year’s cards.

Amy _______ to buy new cards. They _ ______ Amy ¥10. She also wants to buy some

stickers. They are cheap.

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