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一.构成:________________, 简短的___________?

例如:Lucy is a student, isn’t she?

注意①;问句部分的主语必须用代词,②问句部分的动词要和前面陈述句中的助,be,情一致 如:They work hard, ________? She is hard-working,________? Tom can’t ride a bike, ___________?



1.当陈述部分是I am…时 , 疑问句部分用____________

I am a student, aren’t I

★2.暗含否定的词有:never,seldom, hardly,few,little,no, nothing There are few apples in the basket,___________?

He can hardly swim, ___________?

They seldom come late, ___________?

注意:否定前缀不能视为否定词,其反意疑问句仍用否定形式。否定前缀都有哪些? It is impossible, isn't it

He is not unkind to his classmates, is he



②以Let’s 开头的祈使句,问句用______________?

③Let us 开头的祈使句,问句用________________?

例如:Let’s go out for a walk, ________?

Let us go our for a walk, _________?

Turn on the radio, will you? Don’t go out on school night,_________?


①主语是指人的不定代词(everybody, anyone, somebody, nobody, no one)问句中用_______或________

Everyone knows the answer, don't they 或________?

Nobody knows about it, do_________/(__________ he)?

②主语是指物的不定代词(everything, anything, something, nothing,)用_________ Everything goes well,_________?

Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it,_________?

★6、used to句型,用didn't或 usedn't

He used to take pictures there, __________ / ___________

★7.there be句型的反义疑问句,疑问句的主语用there.

例:There aren’t many books on the desk,_________?

There used to be a house there,________?

8.带有否定前移的反义疑问句,如: I/we think, believe, 应和之后的从句一致,还要考虑否定前移。

I don't think he is right, ___________?

We believe she can do it better, __________?

They thought that was a right answer,________?

9. this,that用______代替,these those用_______代替。

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This is No.323 bus,___________? Those are you parents,_________?


★ 反义疑问句的回答要以事实为准,事实肯定用yes,否定用 no,

如: They don’t work hard, do they? 他们不太努力工作,是吗?

Yes,they do_____________/对, 他们工作不努力。___________


1. Don’t go out at night, _______________ ?

2He never loves cold weather , _______________ ?

3..I have to stay at home, _______________ ?

4Tom has been to Singapore , _______________ ?

5 .Everything starts to grow in spring, _______________ ?

6.He can hardly finish his homework, _______________ ?

7.Let’s go shopping , _______________ ?

8.I don’t think it is cold today, _______________ ?

9.Few students can answer the question, _______________ ?

10.You will join the soccer team, _______________ ?

11.There will be a volleyball match in our school, _______________ ?

12..He must be a worker, _______________ ?

13.Someone looked for me yesterday, _______________ ?


1..She's never been to Hong Kong,______?

A.isn't she B.has she C.is she D.hasn't she

2. - You didn't go to school yesterday, did you?

________ ,though there was a heavy rain.

A. Yes, I did B. No, I didn't C. Yes, I didn't D. No, I did

3.Few well-known singers came to the concert,did they?

_________.Such as Andy Lau,Jay Zhou and Kristy Zhang.

A No,they didn’t B Yes,they did C No,they did D Yes,they didn’t

4.He’s already back to Australia,________?

________.He is on a visit to Shanghai.

A isn’t he, No B hasn’t he, Yes C isn’t he, Yes D hasn’t he, No

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即:What +名词+主语+谓语!


如: What kind women they are!

What nice music it is!

1. --________beautiful day it is!Let's go and have a picnic in the park.

--Good idea!

A.How B.How a C.What D.What a

2.-Kate has won the first prize in the singing competition.

--______pleasant surprise this gave her classmates!

A.What B.How C.What a D.How a

3._______ great man Huang Furong is! He lost his life while saving the students in the Yushu earthquake.

A. How B. How a C. What D. What a

4._______exciting sport it is to climb the mountains!

A.How B.What C.What a D.What an

5.______wide the streets are!

A.What B.How C.What a

6.-- __________ beautiful city!

--Yes. Lots of tourists come to visit it every year.

A.How B.What C.How a D.What a

7____ good job she does! She is really a clever girl.

A. What B. How C. What a D. How a

8.-Zhou Weilun could hardly speak English three years ago,________?

--No,he couldn't .But now he is quite good at it.

A.couldn't he B.could he C.didn't he

9--________interesting talk Mr.Black gave us!

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--Yes.We all like it very much.

A.How B.What a C.What an

10________ meeting it is!

A. What a important B. What important

C. How an imporant D. What an importat

11.--- I've just got a postcard from my pen friend.

--- Let me have a look . Wow. _____ nice card!

A. What B. What a C. How D. Why

12.--Have you seen the film Alice in Wonderful?

---Yes. ____________ wonderful film it is!

A. What B.What a C.How D.How a

13.-_________ wonderful dictionary it is! Thank you for buying me such a useful present.

-I'm glad you like it.

A. What a B. What C. How a D. How

14.-______ hard work you have done!

-It's very kind of you to say so.

A. What B. How C. What a D. How a

15.. _________happily the children are flying kites!

A.What B.What a C.How D.How a

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