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2014春人教版八年级英语下 unit2 Section A 3

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Complete the sentences. give ___ up several hours Mario and Mary ____ help others. Mario wants each week to __ ____

__ ___ to be an animal doctor. He _________ volunteers
at an animal hospital. He wants __ to _____ learn

more about ____ how __ to care for animals. Can you tell something about Mario to us?

Mary is a book lover. She could read by herself __ at ___ the ____ age of four. Last year, she decided __ ___ for a volunteer afterto ___ try out school _______ reading program. Mary still works there once a week __ ____ kids to help _____ learn __ to read. Volunteering here is a dream come true for her. She can what she _____ helps others at the loves ___ to ___and do same time. Can you tell something about Mary to us?

Fill in the blanks according to the text. 1. 我想去帮助无家可归的人。 I’d ____ like __ to ____ help homeless people. 2. 你可以请求医院允许你探访儿童并让他 们变得更高兴。 You could ___ ask hospitals ___ to ___ let you visit the kids and cheer them up.

3. 她自愿一周去那里一次帮助孩子们 学习读书。 She _________ to volunteers there once a week ___ ____ help kids learn to read. 4. 她决定参加一个志愿者课后阅读节目 的选拔。

She _______ decided ___ to try out for a volunteer
after-school reading program.

5. 马里奥相信这会帮助他获得他的梦
想工作。 Mario believes it can help him ___ to ___ get his future dream job. 6. 我正在制作一些告示,并将它们张 贴于学校里。 I’m making some signs __ to ___ put __ up

around the school.

动词不定式 用法小结
1. 做动词宾语。常见动词有would

like, want, help, learn, hope,
decide, volunteer. e.g. We don’t want to spent too much money.


2. 作宾语补足语。常见动词有 ask, want, tell, invite, like, hate.

e.g. Mr. Li asked the students to copy
the text.


3. 作目的状语。
e.g. Jack turned his head around to look at people. 杰克转过头看向人群。

4. 作后置定语。

e.g. Claire missed a great chance to
make a lot of money.


5. 动词help及一些役使动词后面常省 略to。 e.g. My mother wouldn’t let me go to the movie.



Fill in the blanks with the
phrasal verbs in the box.

put up, hand out, call up, cheer up,

come up with,

give out,

put off

1. I want to _______ put off my plan to work in an animal hospital until next summer. I’m too busy with my studies this year. 点拨:由句意“本学期我学业太忙”, 可知上文应意为“我想将去动 物医院工作的计划推迟到明年 夏季”,故空格处意为“推 迟”。

call up at least five 2. She hopes to ______ primary schools to ask if they need

volunteers for their after-school

点拨:由下文目的状语“to ask…”意

助做课外活动。”,可知空格 处意为“打电话给”。

3. Our class is trying to come ____________ up with some ideas to ________ cheer up sick children because they are often sad. 点拨:由关键词idea及sick children,可

二空格处意为“使? ?振奋”。

4. We decided to ______ put up signs around the school and ________ hand out notices to tell students about the book sale. We will _______ give out the money from the sale to homeless people. 点拨:由关键词signs (告示),notices (通知),及money (钱)可知第一 空意为“张贴”,第二空格意 为“发放”,第三空意为“捐 赠”。

4 b help move do make visit spend Most people today are only worried about getting good jobs 1. _______ to make lots of money. In their free time, they think about what 2. to ____ do for fun. However, few people think about what they can do 3. ______ others. to help

There are many people who are less lucky than us. Volunteering our time to help these people is a good way 4. to _______ spend our free time. For example, we can make plans 5. ______ to visit sick children in the hospital or raise money for homeless people. Some people even stop doing their jobs for a few months to a year 6. _______ to move to another place, like one of the countries in Africa, and help people there.

4c Complete the sentences with
your own ideas. Use infinitives. 1. I’d like to volunteer to ______________ help kids with _______________________________ their homework. 2. At 12: a.m., I called my friend to _____ play _______________________________ soccer together in the afternoon.

3. I’m very busy but I could help take ____ the ______________________________ trash out after dinner. 4. Summer vacation is coming, and I want to __________________________ go camping with my friends. 5. I want to travel alone. My parents told me (not) ___________________ not to do that.

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