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1.过去常常 习惯于做…___________被用来做…___________

被某人使用___________ 2. 对体育更加感兴趣

3. 在游泳队4. 怕黑5. 在组员前说话

6.走去学校 7.一直 8. 起床早

9. 整天呆在学校 10. 直接回家

11.不再12. 同某人聊天___________ 13. 带某人去听音乐会

14.在过去的几年时间里15. 我的日常生活

16.使你紧张17. 加入某人_______ 18. 移居到另一个镇

19.留长发 20. 制造许多麻烦 21. 得低分


24.负担不起…_________ 25. 支付,付款

26. 尽他所能的照顾好某人 27. 闯祸进警局

28. 对…有耐心 29. 放弃做某事

30. 最后 31. 做决定 32. 令某人惊奇的是


34.即使35. 以…为自豪36. 迫使某人做…_________

37. 对…更加注意 38. 对自己有信心




his friends 2.他过去有一头红色的卷发。

He red and hair.

3. 我开着卧室的灯睡觉。


I go to sleep 4.在我上高中之前,我常常花很多时间和我的朋友们玩。但是,现在我不再有时间了。

Before I started high school, I a lot of time with my friends, but I just the time 5.我几乎没有时间去音乐会。

I have time for concerts.


I 7.似乎玉梅改变了很多。

that Yumei 8.几年前他父亲去世后,马丁的生活变得更加困难了。

After a few years ago, Martin’s life became 9.这正是我所需要的。

It was exactly 10.自从我父亲去世了,我一直害怕一个人。

my father , I 11.对父母来说,时常陪伴孩子是非常重要的。

for parents there for their children.

12. 他爸爸去世两年了。

His father ______ for two years.

13. 你过去对唱歌感兴趣吗?



1. used to do sth. 否定形式: didn’t use to do sth. / used not to do sth.

2. 反意疑问句 ①肯定陈述句+否定提问 如:Lily is a student, isn’t she?

Lily will go to China, won’t she?

②否定陈述句+肯定提问 如:

She doesn’t come from China, does she?

You haven’t finished homework, have you?

③提问部分用代词而不用名词 Lily is a student, isn’t she?

④陈述句中含有否定意义的词,如:little, few, never, nothing, hardly等。其反意疑问

句用肯定式。 如:

He knows little English, does he? 他一点也不懂英语,不是吗?

They hardly understood it, did they?他们几乎不明白,不是吗?

3. how to swim 怎样游泳

不定式与疑问词连用:动词不定式可以和what, which, how, where, when 等引导的疑问句



1.Our basket wasn't there any more.(同义句)→


Our basket______ ______ ______ there.

2.It hardly ever snows in Hainan Island,

______ ______?


______ isn't easy for______ 8-year-old child ______ ______ ______ a pet dog.

4.Was Litz interested in ______(play) the piano at his very young age?

5.He spends all his spare time ______(paint)。

(同义句)→It ______ all his spare time ______ ______.

6.How much did it cost you to fly to Harbin?(同义句)→How much did you ______ ______to Harbin?

7.她尽可能经常回家去看望父母。She ______ ______ ______her parents as______ as______ ______ .

8.Helping others ______(make)him ______(feel)very happy.

9.Parents always take ______(自豪) in their children.(同义句)

→Parents are always______ (自豪)______ their children.

10.You made a good ______(决定)!

11.I don't mind ______(stand) here.

12.Chinese as well as English ______(be)very important.

13.(改错)How long has Lu Xun died?

14.My dog's ______(死)made me very sad.

15.He didn't use to______ (eat) western food, but now he is used to ______(eat) it.

16.选词填空(注意时态、语态和词形变化):①no longer;②be able to;③give up;④be terrified of;⑤worry about;⑥stressed out;⑦look after;⑧in the end;⑨to one's surprise;⑩even if;⑾pay attention to;

(1)My sister is too young ______ herself.

(2)______smoking! It's bad for your health.

(3)Try your best. I'm sure you will______ make progress in English.

(4)Thanks to the electricity, people were ______afraid of the dark.

(5)He was too ______to say a word.

(6)He tried many times but failed again and again,______ he had to give up.

(7)Human beings should______ protecting our environment.

(8)______,Mr Gao worked it out only in two minutes.

(9)It was getting dark, I began to______ my parents, they hadn't come back yet.

(10)I'm sure to go to see you tomorrow, ______it rains.

Most people ______tigers and lions.


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