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Where is his neck? ear face

eye nose mouth




stomach foot

In fact, Mr Pan didn’t feel well when I met him. Do you know what’s the matter with him?

What’s the matter ?你怎么了? (询问出了什么事或得了什么病) =What ‘s the trouble? =What’s wrong?

如果其后接人称代词(宾格)时,应加上 介词with.如 What’s the matter with her?

What’s the matter?
I have a fever(发烧) I have a cold(感冒) I have a sore back(背痛)

I have a sore throat(喉咙痛)

What’s the matter?
I have a headache(头痛)

I have a stomachache(胃痛)

I have a toothache(牙痛)

总结:have 表示“得?病”; Health’s problems: 结构为“have a +疾病名称”

have a cold have a fever have a cough have a sore back have a sore throat have a sore neck. have a headache have a stomachache have a toothache

名词后缀-ache 表示部位疼痛

1b Listen and look at the picture. Then number the names [ 1-5]. 2 4 Sarah __1__David ________ Nancy _____
3 Ben______ 5 Judy_____

Work in pair


A: What’s the matter with you ?

B:I have a …

A: What’s the matter with him/her? B: He/She has a…

I’ll give you some advice.

I have a toothache. You should see a dentist.看牙医

I have a stomachache.

You should lie down and rest.
I have a fever. You should drink lots of water.

2a Listen and number the pictures [1-5] in the order you hear them.






2b Listen again. Match the problems with the advice.
1. fever a. lie down and rest

3. cough and sore throat 4. toothache

b. drink some hot tea with honey
c. see a dentist and get an X-ray d. take your temperature

S. cut myself

e. put some medicine on it

2c Make conversations using the information in 2a and 2b.

A: What's the matter? B: My head feels very hot. A: Maybe you have a fever… B: …

Listen to the tape and answer the following questions. 2d

? 1. What’s the matter with Lisa? ? 2. What did Lisa do on the weekend? ? 3. what should Lisa do?

2d Role-play the conversation
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Mandy: Lisa, are you OK? Lisa: I have a headache and I can’t move my neck. What should I do? Should I take my temperature? Mandy: It doesn’t sound like you have a fever. What did you do on the weekend? Lisa: I played computer games all weekend. Mandy: That’s probably why. You need to take breaks away from the computer. Lisa: Yeah, I think I sat in the same way for too long without moving. Mandy: I think you should lie down and rest. If your head and neck still hurt tomorrow, then go to a doctor. Lisa: OK. Thanks, Mandy.

(1) -- I have a sore back. C down and rest. -- You should ______ A. to lie B. lying C. lie D. lied B cold? (2) – Did you catch ____ --Yes , I had_____ bad cold. A. the , a B. a , a C. a , the D. the , the C (3)—what’s ____with you? A. matter B. the wron

g. C. the matter D. trouble

句型转换: 1.I have a headache.((划线部分提问) What’s _____ wrong _____ with you? 2.What’s wrong with you ? (改成同义句) _____ _____ What’s the ______ matter with you ? 3.Sarah had a cold last week ? (改成一般疑问句) Did Sarah ______ have a cold last week ? ______ 4.should, you, see, a, dentist(连成一句) You should see a dentist. ____________________________________

翻译短语: 1.躺下并且休息 2.喝热蜂蜜茶 3.嗓子疼、 4.发烧、 5.喝大量水、 6.看牙医
1.lie down and rest 2.drink hot tea with honey 3.have a sore throat 4.have a fever 5.drink lots of water 6.see a dentist

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