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用来表示正在进行或发生的动作。如,I am reading English. She is watching TV now. He isn’t listening to music now. Look, He is doing his homework.

第二, 构成:

主语 + be ( am, is, are) +现在分词 即,v+ ing形式 如, We are running. They are swimming. She is dancing. The bird is singing in the tree. The plane is flying in the sky. 注意:动词加-ing的变化规则

1、 一般情况下动词后面直接加ing。 如,cook-cooking

watch-watching read-reading study-studying 2、 以不发音的e结尾的动词,去掉e加ing。如, take-taking

make-making write-writing taste-tasting

3、 如果单词末尾是一个元音字母和一个辅音字母,要双写最

有一个辅音字母再加ing。如, put-putting run-running hit-hitting stop-stopping swim-swimming


1、 肯定句:主语+ be ( am, is, are) + 现在分词 如,

The teacher is talking with a boy.

She is studying English now


My mum is cooking dinner.

My dad is reading newspaper.

2、 否定句:主语+ be ( am, is, are) +not + 现在分词 如,

I am not doing my homework.

They are not (aren’t) learning English.

He is not (isn’t) playing football now.

2、 一般疑问句: Be ( am, is, are) +主语+ 现在分词 如,

Are you listening music now? Yes, I am. No, I am not. Is Peter having English class? Yes, he is. No, he isn’t.

3、 特殊疑问:特殊疑问词+ be ( am, is, are) +主语+ 现在分词 What are they doing? They are dancing and singing.

What is the dog eating? It is eating bones.

Where are they going? They are going to shanghai.

Who is swimming in the pool? Mary is swimming in the pool. 疑问词有: what where which who why when how

how many how much how often how long

how tall how old what time

4、look 看,listen 听 now 现在, 这三个词经常用在一般现在时当中。如,

Look ! Jack is swimming.

Listen! Linda is playing the piano.

I am cleaning my room now.




(1)、The boy___________________ (draw)a picture now.

(2)、Listen! Some girls__________________(sing) in the


(3)、My mum______________________(cook) some nice food


(4)、What are you______________(do) now.

(5)、Look! They___________________(have)an English lesson.

(6)、They___________________________(not, water) the flowers


(7)、What is Lily doing? She___________________(listen)to


(8)、It’s five o’clock now, we______________________(have)

supper now.

(9)、______Helen____________(wash) clothes now? Yes, she is.

(10)、Grandpa and grandma___________________(watch)TV

now in the living room.


run____________ walk_____________ sleep___________ kick___________ swim____________ write___________ read___________ cry_____________ smile____________ 3

jump___________ throw______ hop____________ catch___________ pick_____________ put____________ smell___________ stand_____________ hold____________ draw____________ hit _____________ help___________ taste_____________ carry____________ water__________ clean_____________ feed____________ ride___________ fly _____________ make____________ sweep_________


(1)、The is with elephant drinking trunk its

(2)、swimming with father his Tom is

(3)、panda baby The bamboo eating is

(4)、playground students on the are football

playing the

(5)、breakfast my mum make I helping am


(1)、What are you _______now? A. doing B. do C. does

(2)、I am _______an E-mail now. A. writing B. writeing C. 4


(3)、Tom is reading ________. A. book B. a book C. a books

(4)、Kate is ________. A. running B.runing C. run

(5)、Ducks are swimming ______the river. A. on B. in C.


(6)、We are listening _____music now. A. to B. at C. of

(7)、What _______they doing now? A. are B. is C. am

(8)、_______is your brother doing now? A. what’s B. what

C. who

(9)、Who is _______next to Peter? A. stands B. stand C.


(10)、Where is Sam? He is _______. A. sleeping B. sleeps

C. sleep


(write do cook clean answer wash listen draw read work )

I’ve got a big family, everybody is very busy. Grandpa is______ a letter. Grandma is _________a book. Dad is ________ a book in the study. Mum is ________ dinner in the kitchen. Brother is ________to music. Sister is ________ the room. I am ________ pictures. Uncle is________ the phone. Aunt is _________ clothes. Cousin is __________ homework.


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