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unit 13检测题

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1. 使我充满活力___________________ 2. 轻音乐_____________ 3. 让我想离开____________

4. 怎样挣钱___________________ 5. 科学研究_______________ 6. 为了,以便___________

7. 濒危动物_________________8. 例如________________ 9.瞄准,针对________________

1. Her expression _____________ (导致) me to believe there was some problem.

2. The ______________ (想到) of going out in the rain and fog discouraged him.

3. She is an English teacher and she has a good _________________ (知识)of English.

4. The waitress s______________ me coffee after the meal.

5.Huanan Tigers are one of _____________________ (濒临灭绝的) animals.

6.. The a______________ picture makes everyone afraid.

7. When we shop on line, good-sound words sometimes m __________________ us.

8. If the suit doesn't fit you, you can c____________________ buying another one.

9. Did you have ____________ (快乐)at the evening party?

10. At first, they felt a bit t____________, then they became more and more confident.

11. R ____________________ owners have to know how to make food .

12. Small restaurants can s ______________________ many people every day .

13. In the m ______________________ world, advertising is everywhere.

14. Many ads are a ___________________ specifically at teenagers.

1. The police will tell the __________ (true) of the accident in a few days.

2. The boy gave the money back to the ________________ (own)

3. The students are ____________ (confuse) about the ________________ (confuse) problem..

4. I’m considering ___________________ (study) in Beijing or Shanghai.

5. I felt ___________________(embarrass) when everyone looked at me.

6. She’s always wearing a ______________ (shine) coat.

7. I want to be a ____________ when I grow up, because I am very interested in __________ and I like working on __________________ studies. (science)

8. Everyone must admire the ____________ (beautiful) of a mother’s love.

9. This coat is_____________(comfortable), I want another one.

10.Tom did his homework so_______________(care) that he made so few mistakes.


1. I don’t like loud music, she doesn’t like it ,___________. .

A. too B. also C. neither D. either

2. Sometimes the ad can lead you to buy something you don’t need ____ .

A. at tall B. at all C. at first D. after all

3. In the exam, the _________ you are , the ________ mistakes you’ll make .

A. careful ; little B. more careful ; less C. more careful ; few D . more careful; fewer

4. I was annoyed _________ my parents for leaving me at home.

A. for B. to C. with D. after

5. We _________ every day when we were children.

A. used to swim B. used to swimming C. are used to swim D. are used to swimming

6.You haven’t read the notice to the audience, and ____________. .

A. either have I B. neither have I C. neither I have D. so have I

7. You ________ play with fire , Ben .It’s dangerous .

A. needn’t B. may not C. mustn’t D. wouldn’t

8.The wounded _________ to the hospital immediately by the volunteers after the earthquake.

A. took B. was taken C. were taken D. takes

9. ----- Please don’t make a noise. The baby is sleeping.

----- ______________ . I’ll keep quiet.

A. Yes, I won’t B. Yes, I will C. Sorry, I won’t D. No, OK

10. —Would you like to play table tennis with me?

—I don't feel like it. I would rather ________ at home and watch TV.

A.stay B.to stay C.staying D.stayed

11. —What about playing football this afternoon, Sam?

—I would rather ________ at home than ________football. It's too hot outside.

A.stay; playing B.stay; play C.to stay; to play D.to stay; playing

12. Afternoon tea ________ in the dining room from 3 to 5 pm every day.

A.is served B.serves C.is cooked D.cooks

13. All the customers are satisfied with our ________.

A.serve B.serving C.service D.services

14. The talk show on TV is very popular. It often makes people________.

A.laugh B.laughing C.to laugh D.laughed

15. The Internet ________ it easy to get lots of new information in a short time.

A.finds B.feels C.takes D.makes

16. The teacher speaks loudly so that she can make herself

________ by every student in the classroom.

A.hear B.hearing C.to hear D.heard

17. I was made ________ at home because I was ill.

A.stay B.chairman C.to stay D.a chairman


1..我不喜欢阴雨天, 因为它常常使我伤感。

I don’t like _______ _______, because it often _______ ______ _______ ______ .


It’s better to __________ than ______ _____________.


He _________ _____ ______ _____ _____ and went on listening to music.

4.当今世界广告无处不在. In the_________ ___________advertising_____ _______________.


_______ ________, the advertisements can help you_____________ two different products __________ ___________ you can buy better ones.

6. 礼轻情意重。______________________________________________________.

7.接收钱让我不舒服。____________ money __________me ___________________.


Ads can __________ you _______ something you don’t need .

9. 不同的人对这个话题有不同的想法。


10. 为了省事,一些人宁愿只给钱。


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