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Unit 4

Where’s my schoolbag?


(C ) 1.A.pool B. food C. good D.zoo (D ) 2.A.night B. write C. white D. sing (C )3.A.cake B. take C.nap D. wave (D )4.A.very B.leg C. red D. he (D )5.A.bike B. five C. my D. his (C )6.A.go B.no C. to D. nose (C )7.A.food B. too C. book D. room (C )8.A.hot B. not C.to D. orange (A )9.A.her B.mother C.teacher D.after (C )10.A.cake B.face C.hat D.game


1. My father and mother are my parents _______. 2. My father’s brother is my uncle ________ . 3. My mother’s sister is my aunt ________ . 4. My mother’s mother is my grandmother __________. 5. My father’s father is my grandfather _________. . 6. This is my ___ sister. (I) 7. These ___ are Gina and Jenny. (be) 8. These are his ______ pencils (pencil) . 9. Are these ____baseball? .(she) her He is a student(学生). (his) 10. This is Paul Green.__
B) 用所给单词的正确形式填空。

按要求写出相应的词 1.this(复数形式) ________ these 2.these(反义词)those ________ 3.it(复数形式)________ they 4.that(复数形式)________ those 5.photo(复数形式)________ photos 6.picture(复数形式)pictures ________ 7.cousin(复数形式)cousins ________ 8.friend(复数形式)friends ________ 9.son(对应词)________ daughter 10.sister(对应词)brother ________

Furniture in houses
Furniture in houses

Living room

table /teIbl/
sofa /`sE?fE/ sofas


bookcase /`b?kkeIs bookcases

Dining room

table /`teIbl/

chair /tSeE/ chairs


bed /bed/

Lead in & New word:
I’m Tom.

Where’s Tom?

It’s in the case.
where’s = where is in /In/ 在...里面

Where’s Tom? It’s on the case.
on /Xn/ 在...上面

Where’s Tom?
It’s under the case.
under /`VndE/ 在...下面

Where is Tom?




On ,on 在上面; In, in 在里面; Under,under在下面; next to紧挨着; In front of 在前面; Behind,behind 在后面;

Between A and B;

Grammar Focus

Where is …? ……在哪? It’s under/ on/ in… 它在……下面/上面/里面。 Where are…? ……在哪?

They’re under/ on/ in…

where’s =where is 这是一个由特殊疑问词where引导的特殊 疑问句, 询问”某物在何处”.

在英语中,提问某人或某物在哪儿的句型为 “where + is / are +主语”,如果句子的主语 是可数名词的单数形式或不可数名词,用is, 如果主语是可数名词的复数形式,用are。 答语是: “It is / They are + 方位介词+名词或代词”。 如:
--- Where is the computer? 计算机在哪儿? --- It’s on the desk. 它在桌子上。 --- Where are his keys? 他的钥匙在哪儿? --- They are on the sofa. 它们在沙发上。

are the books? Wher

e ____
______ in the bookcase. They’re

Where _____the schoolbags? are

They’re ______ on the bed.

Where’s the pen?

in the pen case It’s ___________.

Where are the pencil, the eraser and the pen? in the pencil box. They’re____

用be 动词填空:

1. The book __ is on the desk. 2. Where ___ are the boys? 3. They____ are at school. 4. Where___ is Mary? are 5. Bob and Tom ___on the sofa. 6. She __next to Alice. is 7. __Peter behind the desk? Is 8. Are ___the girls at school? 9. Her English book __ is on the chair. are 10.His parents ___at home. are Mary and Peter? 11. Where ___


1.The books are in the bookcase.(否定句) The books aren’t in the bookcase. _______________________________ 2.The baseball is under the bed.(一般疑问句) _________________________________ Is the baseball under the bed? 3.The keys are on the sofa.(划线提问) _________________________________ Where are the keys? 4.Is the CD under the table?(否定回答) _________________________________ No, it isn’t. 5.Are the pens on the tables?(肯定回答) __________________________________ Yes, they are.

6.The computer is on the case.(划线提问) ____________________________ Where is the computer? 7.This is an eraser.(变成复数句) These are erasers. _____________________________ 8.dictionary, backpack , in , is, your , my (.)(连词组句) _______________________________ Your dictionary is in my backpack. 9.is ,game, computer , where ,your (?)(连词组句) __________________________________ Where is your computer game? 10.My books are in the backpack.(划线提问) _________________________________ Where are your books? 11.Her English book is next to the pencil case.(划线提问) Where is her English book? _______________________________


1.table_____ b 2.bed_____ e 3.bookcase___ h g 4.sofa _____ 5.chair _____ d a 6.schoolbag __ 7.books _____ f 8.keys _____ c

1b Listen and number the things in the picture [1-4].

2 3

1c Pairwork
Make your own conversations. Use the words in the box.

Where’s the schoolbag? It’s under the table.


Look and say
Is the dog on the chair? Yes, it is.

Is the schoolbag on the sofa? Yes, it is. Is the clock on the table? No, it isn’t. It's under the table.

Are the books on the sofa? No, they aren’t. Are they in the bookcase? Yes, they are.

Grammar Focus Be + 主语 +介词短语? 询问某物或某人在某处吗? Be动词的变化随主语的单复数而变化。 当某人或某物是单数时, be动词用is; 回答为Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. 当某人或某物是复数时, be动词用are; 回答为Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.

2a Listen and number the things [1-6].






2bListen again. Find the things from 2a and number
them in the picture [1-6].

6 5




2c Pairwork

Ask and answer questions about the things in the picture above.
A: Is the baseball on the sofa? B: No, it isn’t. It’s under

the chair.

2d Role-play the conversation.

Mom: Come on, Jack! Jack: Oh, no! Where’s my bag? Mom: Hmm…is it on your desk? Jack: No. And it’s not under the chair. Mom: Oh! It’s on the sofa. Jack: Thank you, Mom. Err…where’s the map? Mom: I think it’s in your grandparents’ room. Jack: Yes, it’s on their bed! And my hat? Mom: It’s on your head! Jack: Oh, yeah! Haha!

Grammar Focus 1. Come on! 快点!

2. table和desk table 指“圆桌,饭桌”,是用餐、会谈或消
遣时所用的桌子。 desk 指“书桌、课桌”,是读书、办公时所用 的桌子,一般带有抽屉。 3. and conj. 那么,和,又,而且

Grammar Focus 5. I think it’s in your grandparents’ room.
我认为它在你外祖父母的房子里。 否定句为:I don’t think it’s in your … 翻译为:我认为它不在爷爷奶奶的房间。

Exercise: Exercise:

1. —Where’s the bag? —I _____ know. A. aren’t B. don’t C. isn’t 2. I _______ see(看见) your English book. It’s on the bed. A. is B. am C. can 3. —Where are your pens? —______ are in my pencil case. A. I B. You C. They 4. This is a picture __my room. A. on B. in C. of 5. Can you take these CDs ____ your sister? A. to B. at C. on

Exercise: Exercise:

6. —Where is my backpack? —It’s _____ the table, _____ the floor. A. on; under B. on; on C. under; on 7. The oranges are ______ the tree and the bird(鸟) is ______ the tree. A. on; in B. in; on C. in; in 8. —Are your pencils on the desk? —No, ___. A. they are B. they aren’t C. it isn’t 9. —______ my baseball? —Under the chair. A. Who’s B. How’s C. Where’s 10. —_____—They are in the dresser. A.Where are these? B. Where are the books? C. Where’s the book?

Exercise: Exercise:
Ⅳ. 根据上下语境填入恰当的单词补全对话,每空一词。 (T=Tommy, M=Mother)
T: Where are my books, Mom? M: _________ on the sofa. They’re T: Where are my pencil case ____ and baseball? M: ____ In your backpack. T: OK. And _________ Where’s my computer game? M: It’s under your bed. T: Great! Where are my keys? M: Look! They are ____the dresser. on

3a Look at the picture and complete theconversations. 3a A:Where ______the keys? are B:They're ______the _______. on table A:Where's the _______? book _____ it on your desk? Is B:No, it's _______the chair. under A:Where _______the pencils? are B:I don't know.______they in the _______? Are schoolbag A:Yes,they are.

? ? ? ?

A:Where are the books? Are they on the sofa? B:No,they aren't,they're on the bed. A:Where are the keys? Are they on the table? B:No,they aren't,they're under the sofa. A:Where is the pencil box? Is it in the schoolbag? B:No,it isn't,it's on the table.

? ? ? ?

Wall, wall, on the wall; Sofa, sofa, on the sofa; Dresser, dresser, on the dresser; Table, table, under the table; Chair, chair, under the chair. Draw

er, drawer, in the drawer; Bookcase, bookcase, in the bookcase; schoolbag, schoolbag, in the schoolbag;

New words


clock tape

player tape player

model plane

tidy 整洁的;井井有条的 but 但是 our 我们的 everywhere

always 总是

Where are they? on



Where are …? They are … Are ….? Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.

between [bi'twi:n]

between The tables are ________the sofas.

next [nekst]
其次的; 下一个

next to 在……旁边

next to the table. The chairs are _______

dresser ['dres?] 梳妆台


[bed] 床

next to the bed. The dresser is _______

plant [pl?nt] n. 植物 behind[bI' haInd] 在

Where is the house? behind The house is_____ the plant.

1a Match the words with the things in the picture.
1. radio ____ a
3. Tape player ____ d

2. clock ____ f

e 4. model plane _____ c 6. hat _____

5. tape ____ b

1b Look at the picture in 1a for three minutes.
Then close your books and write down all the things you remember.

hat, CD, alarm clock, video tape, computer game, math book, schoolbag, pencils, bookcase, books,

telephone, door, ruler, pencil case, notebook, bed …

1c Listen and circle the things Tom wants from
his room.

book CDs video tape

pen ruler

pencil notebook

computer game

math book

1d Listen again. Where are Tommy’s things?
Write them down.

The English books are on the dresser. The ruler is under the bed. The notebook is on the bed. The CDs are on the bookcase. The video tape is on the table.

Grammar Focus
? ?

1. Where is….? Where are ….?


Where is the man? 那个男人在哪里?


Where are the pens? 钢笔在哪里?
Where are the boys? 男孩们在哪里?

Grammar Focus
? ? ? ?

2. between prep. 介于(两者)之间。表示 在两个不同事物或两点之间, 所连接的 两个名词或代词可以表示两个人、物 或点, 如:


The boy is sitting between his parents.

Grammar Focus
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

3. next to prep. 仅次于; 与……邻接 如: The shop is next to the post office. 4. too 1) adv. 也,口语中用的较多, 其位置一般在 句末, 在句末时, 前边常有逗号, 如: Tom is a student. Jack is a student, too. 2) too adv. 过于, 太。如: The room is too small.


Ⅰ. 将下列词组译成英语

under the desk 1. 在课桌下面 ______________
on the sofa 2. 在沙发上面 ____________

in the schoolbag 3. 在背包里 ______________
the drawer 4. 在抽屉里 in _____________ behind the chair 5. 在椅子背后 _______________ the bedroom 6. 在卧室里in ______________ the picture 7. 在图片里 in _____________

Ⅱ . Fill in the blanks. Exercise:
? ? ? ?

? ? ?

keys (钥匙) are on the table. 1. My ______ Where 在哪里) is the baseball? 2. —________( —I don't know. under 在……下面) the 3. My schoolbag

is _______( dresser. bring 带来) your dictionary to 4. Please ________( school tomorrow. between (在两者之间) Betty 5. The boy is _________ and Kate.

Ⅳ. 句型转换 Exercise:


1. The books are in the bookcase.(改否定句) The books aren't in the bookcase. 2. The baseball is under the bed.(改一般疑问句) Is the baseball under the bed? Where are the pictures?


3. The pictures are on the wall.(对划线部分提问)



假设图片中是你的 房间, 请根据图片, 描述一下你房间中 物品的位置。要求 语句通顺, 不少于 40词。

Write the words you know for the things 2a in the picture.

bed quilt sofa desk chair key books notebook clock schoolbag pen CD radio


Read the passage and answer the questions

Yes, she is. No, she isn’t.

Is Kate tidy? Is Gina tidy?

Grammar Focus
? ?

1. Where is….? Where are ….?


Where is the man? 那个男人在哪里?


Where are the pens? 钢笔在哪里?
Where are the boys? 男孩们在哪里?

Complete the chart about the things Kate and Gina 2c have and where they are. 根据凯特和吉娜拥有的物品及其位置完成表格。

keys clock

in her schoolbag model plane on the desk


everywher e under the desk

Do you have these things? Where are they?

3b 3b Write about where the things are in your room. Use the word and if you can.
1. My dictionary and my radio are on the desk. 2. My pencil box is in my schoolbag and my schoolbag is under the desk. 3. My books are … and my notebook is… 4. My quilt and my pillow are … 5. My cup is … and my clock is …

Are you tidy?

This is my ideal room. It’s very nice. The clock is on the wall. The books are in the bookcase. The plant is on the table. The football is under the chair. Oh, where is my cat? It is on the sofa.

1. Write the things in your room. Furniture(家具): desk bed table chair

dresser bookcase book notebook CD video tape


Stationery(文具): pencil schoolbag pen

eraser ruler

Other(其他): key baseball hat

computer game

2. Write about the things in your classroom with in , on and under. The chalk(粉笔)is in the chalk box, and the The tape player is on the teacher’s desk. chalk box is on the teacher’s desk, too. The teacher’s chair is under the teacher’s desk.

The map is next to the blackboard(黑板).

1. There are some pictures on ____ the wall.
2. There are eight windowsin ___ the wall.

3. There are some pears ____ on the tree.

in English? 4. What’s that ____
5. What can you see on ____ the wall?

of We can see a map ____ Beijing.
behind 6. What’s ________ the door?
There are some brooms(扫帚).


1. - ____ A my ruler? - ____ in your desk.
A. Where’s; It’s C. What’s; It’s B. Where’re; They’re

2. The ball is ___ B the floor . A. in B. on C. of 3. -Where ___ C my keys? -___

on the table. A. is; It’s B. are; It’s C. are; They’re

1. The baseball is in the bag.


The baseballs are in the bag.
2. Where’s the key? It’s under the book.

Where’re the keys? They’re under the books.



This is Mr. Wang’s room. His bed is ___ on the floor. The bookcase is _____ ____ next to the bed. The clock is ____ on the wall. Next to it there is a ________ bookcase and some books are on the chair _____ in it. Mr. Wang is ___ desk. A next ____the to computer, a ruler, a notebook, a pen _____ a phone are and onit. Look! A fish is ____ in the drawer. What’s ______ under __ the chair? It’s his soccer ball. Where ___ is his TV? I don’t know ______.

Homework Homework:

1. Do the exercises on the students’ book and the textbook. 2. Review the unit 4.

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