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7a unit 2 task

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/ ? / / t∫/




/i?/ /?u/
n. 英雄,偶像

This is David./ ei /
First listen, and then answer some questions:

1.What is David’s favorite sport? His favourite sport is playing basketball. 2.What team is David in?

He is a member of his school basketball team.
3.Do David and his friends often talk about basketball ? Yes, they do. 4.Who is David’s hero? Yao Ming.

Read the article and complete the table. David’s favourite sport
His favourite sport He often plays with


his friends
after school on TV Yao Ming

He often play
He often watches matches His favourite player

Read the article again and try to classify(分类) the information. Put the letters into the brackets(括号).

?Paragraph 1 : ( A ?Paragraph 2 : ( B,C,D,E,F ?Paragraph 3 : ( G,H

) ) )

A. What is David’s favorite sport? B. What team is David in? C. When does David often play basketball? D. Who does David often play basketball with? E. What else do David and his friends often do? F. What do they watch on TV? G. Who is David’s hero? H. Why does David like Yao Ming?

1.love sports 1. 爱运动 2.be a member of … 2. ....的一个成员 3. our school basketball team 3. 我们学校篮球队 4. 和我的朋友们一起打篮球 4. play basketball with my friends 5. talk about/of 5. 谈论 6. 在电视里观看篮球比赛 6.watch basketball matches on TV 7. 我最喜爱的篮球运动员 7. my favourite basketball player 8. my hero 8. 我的偶像

Please fill in the table in Part B with your own information.

My favourite sport
What is your favourite sport? Who do you often play with? When and where do you often play? Do you often watch matches? Who is your favourite player?

I love sports.

(1).What’s your favourite sport? Playing basketball/football/volleyball /tennis/…. Swimming/Running/Walking… is my favourite sport. (2).Who do you often play with? I often play/run/swim/walk …with my classmates/friends/my parents…. (3).Where do you often play…..? I often play …. on the basketball /tennis court/in the football field… on the playground/ in the swimming pool…. (4).When do you often play…? I often play …. after school/at weekends/in my free time…. (5) Do you often watch matches? Yes, I often watch them on TV/ on the Internet/at school/on the playground… (6). Who is your favourite player? ….is my favourite player. (7). Why do you like…? Because …. makes me happy/feel great. it is fun.

With the help of these useful expressions and David’s article, write an article about your favourite sport.

Sample writing: My faourite sport
My name is Li Ming. I am a student at No.1 Middle School. I am not tall but I like basketball very much. I am not strong but I often play basketball with my friends after school. We often talk about basketball and watch matches on TV. I also like reading books about basketball. Jeremy Lin is my hero. H

e plays basketball very well. I want to meet him one day. I hope my dream can come true.

?1.Finish your articles.

?2.Read the article and try to recite it.
?3.Talk about “your friends’ favourite sports” with others.

Jeremy Lin(林书豪): America NBA

Ye Shiwen(叶诗文): China National Women’s Swimming Team

David Beckham(大卫· 贝克汉姆): England Los Angeles Galaxy Club

Lin Dan(林丹): China National Badminton Team

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