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福建省泉州市泉港三川中学八年级英语上册 Unit2-Topic2总复习(无答案) 仁爱版

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1. ask sb to do sth---ask sb not to do sth__________________________

2. give up doing sth_______________________________

3. watch a soccer game_________________________

4. before meals---after meals___________________________

5. go to school without(with) breakfast_______________________

6. do morning exercises _________________ do exercise______________

7. get up late---go to bed early______________________

8. play sports ______________

keep long fingernails ____________________

brush teeth______________________

9. read in the sun______________________

10. throw litter about ______________________

11. enough+名词(water)___________ (fat) 形容词+enough____________

12. eat too little ---eat too much______________________

13. cause diseases ____________ have an illness____________

14. tidy the room ___________ sweep the floor_______________

15. eat bad food ______________ drink sour milk______________

16. keep the air clean ______________

keep our fingernails clean _____________________


1. Staying up late is bad for your health._________________________

2. Going to school without breakfast is bad for your health. _____________________________________________

3. Walking is good exercise(不可数) and it’s necessary for your health. _________________________________

4. Drinking enough water every day id good for your health. ______________________________


5. You should go to bed early tonight and you’ll feel better tomorrow.


6. You shouldn’t take pets to school with you.

7. Don’t throw litter about.=____________________

8. You must not walk on the lawn.=__________________________

9. Don’t Park near the school building.=___________________

10. I must ask him to give up smoking._________________________

11. He thinks smoking can help him relax.________________________

12. You might get a headache when you work too hard or when you don’t get enough


13. You can also get a headache when you exercise on an empty stomach.


14. Is going to bed early good or bad for our health?


15. Germs can get into the human body through the nose/mouth/skin


16. As we know, good health is more important than wealth.


17. We must have the right kinds of food.______________________

18. We should eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat.


19. Different foods help us in different ways.__________________

20. A cup of milk and an egg a day can help make us strong.


21. We must have enough food to keep healthy._____________________

22. We mustn’t eat too much or too little._____________________

23. It’s necessary for us to have healthy eating habits



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