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Module 2

What can you do?
Unit 1

I can play the piano.

1、 学生能根据音标正确拼读并记住单词: play, tennis, piano, ride, club, term, board, would like, well, all, that’s all, worry about, teach ,then 2、Everyday English:Look!What about you ? Don’t worry about… 3、学会情态动词can的用法并灵活运用所学句型: Can you …? Yes, I can./No,I can’t. I can’t… Which club can he/she join?

Words and expressions
play tennis piano ride club term board all v. 演奏; 弹奏 would like n. 网球 well int. n. 钢琴 that’s all v. 骑; 乘 worry v. n. 俱乐部 worry about n. 学期 teach v. n. 布告板 then adv. adj.所有的 想要; 希望 噢; 喔 仅此而已 焦虑; 担心 担心…… 教; 讲授 那么; 就

Let’s check play tennis piano ride club term board v. 演奏; 弹奏 n. 网球 n. 钢琴 v. 骑; 乘 n. 俱乐部 n. 学期 n. 布告板

Let’s check
would like well all that’s all worry worry about teach then 想要; 希望 int. 噢; 喔 adj. 所有的; 没有例外的 仅此而已 v. 焦虑; 担心 担心…… v. 教; 讲授 adv. 那么; 就

I can sing English songs.

I can speak Chinese. 哈哈,真开心!


舞蹈 ②

speak English play the piano

sing a song


--- Can you…? --- Yes, I can. --- No , I can’t .
A: What can you do? B: I can _______.

ride a bike
⑧ 打乒乓球

speak Chinese

play table tennis

---What can he/she/they do? ---He/She/They can ________.

---Can he/she/they _______?
---Yes,he/she/they can. -What can she do? -She can ride a bike. -Can she dance? -No, she can't

No, he/she/they can't.

⑤ √

⑧ 打乒乓球

This term, there are many new clubs in Daming’s school.

1.What can Betty do?
She can cook. 2.What can Tony do?

He can play table tennis.

1、Look! The new clubs for this term are on the b _______. I’d like to join the Music C________ oard lub What about because I can play the piano._______ ______you,Betty? 2、Well,I can cook eggs,but ______ ______. that’s all to ______the join 3、I think she’d like ____ Dance Club because she can dance really well. 4、I ________speak Chinese well. can’t worry _______ about Chinese. 5、Don’t______ 6、We can _______ teach you Chinese. avourite 7、So choose your f__________ club.

Club Music Club Name Daming

Dance Club

Table Food and Tennis Club Drink Club

Betty Lingling Tony

√ √

A: What can...do and which club can she/he

join? B: She/He can... So she/he can join...

1、“can”是情态动词,表达某人能做某事时, 用can+动词原形。 can没有人称和数的变 化,否定式都用can not缩写为____can’t 。变 疑问句时,需将can提至句首。 如:
I can join the Food and Drink Club. I can’t speak Chinese very well. --Can you cook,Daming? --No,I can’t.

2、I’d like to join the Music Club because I can play the piano. ⑴ would like t

o do Sth.想要干某事 如:她想要加入舞蹈俱乐部。

She would like to join the Dance music.

3、What about Lingling? 玲玲呢? How about you? 你呢? What/How about 用来询问或打听消息, 后面跟动词时,要用V-ing。 如:弹钢琴怎么样? What about playing the piano?

4、Don’t worry about Chinese.别担心汉语。 worry about意为“担心”,是一个动词短语; be worried about意为“担心”,是一个形容 词短语。两个短语可互换。 如:我很担心我的汉语。 I worry about my Chinese.(同义句) I’m worried about my Chinese.

1. I can play the p____. iano 2. I w_____ orry about my classmates . 3. Which c___ lub would you like to join? 4. The new clubs for this term are on the b____. oard

on the board 在布告板上 join the Music Club 加入音乐俱乐部 play the piano 弹钢琴 What/How about....? ...怎么样? worry about 担心... teach me Chinese 教我汉语 选择你最喜欢的俱乐部 choose your favourite club would like to do 想要做某事

1. 你会打乒乓球吗? play table tennis Can you ____ ____ _____? 2. 说英语怎么样? What about speaking _______ English? 3. 我选择我喜爱的汉语社团。 Chinese _____. Club I choose my favourite _______ _______ 4.我想要加入舞蹈俱乐部。 like ____ to _____the join I’d _____ Dance Club. 5.我很担心我的英语。 worry about I _______ _______ my English. I ___ am _______ worried_______ about my English.

1. —Can you cook, Daming? —No, I can’t. 2. I’d like to join the Chinese Club. 3. Don’t worry about Chinese. 4. I play table tennis, so I choose the Table Tennis Club.

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