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1. My father likes _____________ books in the morning.

2. I don’t like _________________school clothes.

3. Get up and get________________. It is time to go to school.

4. He is ill so he has to go____________ the doctor.

5. Teacher always tell us _______________ English in the morning.

6. ___________________? He is still in Changchun.

7. They went to the __________________.

8. Do you enjoy______________ at the party, Tom?

9. Could you please _______________ me a postcard?


We _______________him Tom.

11.I _______________my family very much.

12.Mr Smith enjoys ______________ in the village.

13.Mr King is a _____________.He ____________very carefully.

14.I send my ______________ to you all.

15.—Where is Daming? ---He ___________ lunch.

16.I hope you will have a great time, and see you ______________.

17.Thank you for _____________me the nice presents.

18.Li Ming ______________up early every day .Now it’s six o’cock.He_________________ up.


19.There ___________ lots of people in the park.

20.He always ______________ me with the homework.

21.I happened ______________my friend.

22.What ____________ do you have in Mid-Autumn Day.

23.It’s difficult for me ___________ this work in 2 days.

24.____________,I passed the maths test.

25.What does he ______________?

26.Mun wants me to help her _____________ the house.

27.Do you knew the girl ______________ Liu Hong.

28.Students are interested in _________ computer games.

31.Many ___________ come to China to visit the Great Wall every day.

29.Red _________ good luck.

30.Daming is practicing ___________ a dragon dance now.

32.We’re looking forward to ___________ the Summer Palace.

33.The tourist went __________the road when the traffic light was green. 34 The __________hope to draw the picture soon.

35.—What is the weather like in Qingdao?

--It’s ______________.

36.I like _________ on the beach.

37.—Let’s go ____________ this afternoon.

38.Hi,Lingling! What are your __________ for the weekend.


1. We are all_________.

1.He is a______________ friend.

2. The ________looks dangerous.

3. Max is a _____________man.

4. I enjoy_____________ a film.

5. They ___________last week.

6. Some of the ________ are excellent.

7. Thank you for _____________ me.

8. He is one of the ______________ .He sing very well.

9. We write to you about _____________ the tigers.


____________,they won the match.

1. We ___________ skiing next week.

2. My uncle says he ____________ back in two week.

3. Old people enjoy _______________ Beijing Opera.

4. What’s the _____________ of your words?

5. Jim’s ____________ in maths.

6. What do you want____________ when you grow up?

7. Ann speaks English ____________.

8. Will your daily ___________ be busy or free in the future?

9. I think each of us _____________ a robot in the future.

10. The farmers use sheep____________ milk for people. 3

11. Tom was so busy ___________ a read a story book .

12. It’s too loud. Who makes so much_____________?

13. Are you feeling ________________?

14. Who runs_______________, Tom or Tim?

15. This is bad. But that is even______________.

16. Mr Green’s car is newer than ______________.

17. In Changsha ,it’s hot in July, but it’s even ____________ in August.

18. Hong Kong is a _____________ city than Shanghai.

19. We are looking forward to ____________a holiday next week.

20. My dictionary is cheaper than _______________.

21. –would you like ____________to a party at your _________home?

22. Look at the dark clouds. It _____________.

23. There are lots of old buildings and _______________ in Cambridge.

24. My car is newer than ____________.

25. Mary is _____________of the two girls.


Daming must be good at __________ dishes.

27. I’m ____________ about passing the _____________exam.

28. Music videos are very _________________ with kids.

29. Lots of rare animals are in ___________.We should protect them. 30. It’s ____________ to read the map before you travel to a new place. 4

31. _____________ is my favourie sport.

32. –What do you need_____________ after English class?

33. Football is ___________ than swimming.

34. The little girl is listening to the teacher ______________.

35. There are a lot of ____________ in Beijing in 2008.

36. He can’t do his homework __________.

37. It’s difficult for us __________ English well.

38. Let’s go _____________.

39. The wind is blowing (刮)___________.

40. He walks ___________ than I .

41. –Would you like to go to see the new film Hero?

--That sounds ____________

42. Our classroom is cleaner than ___________.

43. My teacher speaks English ______ so I can understand him ______.

44. The box is much __________ than the black one.

45. Table tennis is ____________ than gymnastics.

46. Will you please speak a little ___________? I can’t follow you.

47. James practises ___________ the guitar every day.



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