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1)give____ 2)move____ 3)skate____ 4)draw____ 5)tell____

6)ring____ 7)wear____ 8)get____ 9)put____

10)hit____ 11)stop____ 12)lie____ 13)begin____ 23)carry____


1)Mike is climbing the hill.(变一般疑问句)

2)We are having an English lesson now.(变为否定句)

3)Li Ping is jumping .(划线部分提问)

4)The baby is listening to the music.(划线部分提问)

5) Nancy is going to go camping.(改否定)

Nancy ________ going to go camping.

6)I’m going to get up at 6:30 tomorrow.(改一般疑问句)

________ _______ ________ to get up at 6:30 tomorrow?

7) She is going to listen to music after school.(对划线部分提问) ________ _______ she ________ ________ _________ after school?

8)My father and mother are going to see a play the day after tomorrow.( 改一般疑问句)

_________ _________ going to see a play the day after tomorrow?


1)Look,the boy__________(run)fast. 2)The girl_______(not eat)bananas now.

3)----Where____they____(stand)?----They are standing over there.

4)----What is Meimei doing now?----She______(watch)TV with her parents

5)Today is a sunny day. We ___________________ (have) a picnic this afternoon.

6)My brother _______________ (go) to Shanghai next week.

7)Mary ____________ (visit) her grandparents tomorrow.


1)I _________ (have) an exciting party last weekend.

2)_________ she _________(practice) her guitar yesterday? No, she _________.

3)What ________ Tom ________ (do) on Saturday evening?

He ________(watch) TV and __________(read) an interesting book.

4)They all _________(go) to the mountains yesterday morning.

5)She _________(not visit) her aunt last weekend.

She ________ (stay) at home and _________(do) some cleaning.

6)_______ you _______(pack) your suitcase yet?

7)He _______ already _______.(leave)

8)I can’t see you these days. Where _______ you _______(be)?

9)Twenty years __________(pass) since I came here.

10)How long ______ you _______(work) in this factory?

Since twenty years ago.

11)My brother ________(go) to the city library.

He is going to be back at 6 o’clock.


1. I have already had my lamb. (变为否定句)

I _______ not _______ my lamb ________.

2. I have already seen the film. (变为一般疑问句)

_______ you _______ the film _______? 3. Ken has just been to the cinema. (就划线部分提问)

_______ ______ Ken just _______? 4. Ian has lived here since 1976. (就划线部分提问)

________ _______ has Ian live here?

1. The lady bought this pair of shoes the year before last. (变为同义句) The lady has _______ this pair of shoes for _______ years.

2. She left school five years ago. (同义句)

She has _______ _______ from school for five years.

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