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七年级英语上册 Uni4 Topic2《Would you like to go for a picnic》同步练习3 仁爱版

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仁爱版七年级上英语 Unit 4 Topic 2

第二部分:笔试部分 (85分)


( ) 1. — Hello! May I speak to Jane, please?

— Yes. _________ is Jane.

A. That B. This C. She D. Who

( ) 2. — Don’t forget _________ your school bag home.

— All right, see you then.

A. take B. to take C. bring D. to bring

( ) 3. — Would you like to go ________ a picnic.

— Yes, I’d love to.

A. for B. to C. at D. out

( ) 4. Lucy _________ cook food for the picnic.

A. have B. have to C. has D. has to

( ) 5. — Do you have any time this afternoon?

— Yes. _________

A. What are you? B. What’s going?

C. What’s up? D. What’s the matter?

( ) 6. — What about _________ an English song?

— Good idea.

A. sing B. to sing C. singing D. sings

( ) 7. — How about going swimming?

— I’d like that, _________ I’m afraid I have no time.

A. and B. or C. but D. so

( ) 8. — May I _________ Lily?

— I’m afraid you have the wrong(错误的) number.

A. tell to B. speak to C. say to D. ask

( ) 9. — Would you like to sing some songs with us?

— _________ I have to cook.

A. Of course. B. I’d love to.

C. I’m sorry I can’t. D. It’s fun.

( ) 10. — Would you please tell Maria about it?

— _________

A. Good idea. B. Sure. C. No, thanks. D.Yes,please.



Lucy: Hello!

Tim: Good evening. May I speak to Lily?

Who is that?

Tim: This is Tim, Lily’s classmate.

Lucy: This is Lucy, Lily’s sister. Tim: Thanks. 用心 爱心 专心 - 1 -

Lucy: Sure. Does she know your phone number?


Lucy: What’s your phone number?


Lucy: 5667-8907. OK, I’ll tell her about it.

Tim: Thank you.

11. _________ 12. _________ 13. _________ 14. _________ 15. _________ Ⅲ.完形填空。(10分)

On Sunday morning, it’s fine. My friends Li Dong, Wang Lei, Robert and I would like to to the West Hill. We plan to have a vegetables. Wang Lei wants to buy four milk and some hamburgers. I have no many cups. I want to buy some in the shop. What about Robert? He’s new here. He from Canada. He has a big nose and two big blue eyes. His hair is light brown. He likes on Saturday(星期六) with his mother. Now he isn’t at home. So I call Robert with my cell phone, “forget to take the guitar.” Of course, he doesn’t forget his white dog. He likes the pet. We like kites on the hill. I think it’s fun.

( ) 16.A. go B. going C. to go

( ) 17.A. party B. picnic C. meeting

( ) 18.A. any B. some C. a little

( ) 19.A. bottle B. bottles C. bottles of

( ) 20.A. knives B. cakes C. cups

( ) 21.A. come B. comes C. are

( ) 22.A. shop B. shopping C. swim

( ) 23.A. Doesn’t B. Don’t C. Isn’t

( ) 24.A. takes B. take C. to take

( ) 25.A. flies B. flying C. playing


用心 爱心 专心 - 2 -

( ) 26. Who is the letter from? It’s from _________.

A. Jane B. Jack C. Michael

( ) 27. Who is NOT in Class 2, Grade 1? __________.

A. Kangkang B. Jack C. Jane

( ) 28. What does the letter talk about? It talks about __________.

A. food B. vegetables C. hamburgers

( ) 29. The students in Class 2, Grade 1 want to go to _________ this Saturday.

A. cook dishes B. have a picnic C. buy some food

( ) 30. Maria wants to take __________ to West Hill Farm.

A. camera, kite and apples B. bowls and guitar

C. kite, chicken and knife


In the U.S.A. or Canada, on Sundays many people go out for a picnic. They often ask their good friends to go with them. They bring many things with them, like glasses, kites, knives, some nice food and some nice drink. Sometimes(有时), they take their pets with them. If(如果) it is very fine, they may have their food in a park(公园), in a countryside(乡村), or at the foot of(在……脚下) a hill. That’s great fun.


( ) 31. People in the U.S.A. don’t like to go out for a picnic on Sundays.

( ) 32. They often go for a picnic with their good friends.

( ) 33. They don’t like to bring pets with them.

( ) 34. In Canada, only kids have picnics.

( ) 35. People can’t eat in a park in Canada.


One day, Susan goes shopping with her mother. When they get to(到达) the supermarket(超市), Susan is very happy. There are many things and many people in it.

Susan’s mother tells her to follow(跟随) her. They walk(步行) here and there, and they buy some things.

When they come to a shelf(货架), Susan sees some boxes of chocolates. Her mother wants to buy her a box of brown chocolates. Susan shakes(摇)her head and says,“I want a box of white chocolates.”

“Why?”asks her mother.

“I can’t bite my fingers(咬着手指) when I eat them at night(在晚上),”answers Susan quickly(快地,迅速地).


用心 爱心 专心 - 3 -

36. Where does Susan go one day?


37. Do they buy any things?


38. What does Susan want?


39. Why does Susan want white chocolates?


40. Does Susan eat chocolates at night?




41. I’m afraid I have no time. I’m.

42. Don’t f 44. — it?

— Of course.


46. — What about (fly) kites this afternoon, Kangkang?

— Good idea.

47. He often goes 48. I’m (恐怕) I can’t come with you.

49. — Don’t forget to bring your 吉他).

— All right.

50. Let’s have a (野餐) on the farm. It’s very fun.



On Sunday morning, Bruce goes out a picnic his classmates. They take some food there. Diana wants Bruce sing a song with her, he has no time. He to cook. Frank and Clark like to fly a kite, but they to bring it. Wendy is a nice girl. She water for them. about Helen? She calls their teacher, Miss Li. She asks to come here.

51. _________ 52. _________ 53. _________ 54. _________ 55. _________

56. _________ 57. _________ 58. _________ 59. _________ 60. _________ Ⅶ.书面表达。(15分)

假如你认识一位叫Cynthia 的笔友,根据她的信息资料,向同学们做一简要介绍,

用心 爱心 专心 - 4 -

You may begin like this:

Hello, everyone, today I’ll introduce Cynthia to you. She is my pen pal. She _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

用心 爱心 专心 - 5 -


Unit 4 Topic 2

第一部分:听力 Ⅰ. 1-5


12. Sunday

13. food

14. fun

15. Chinese

Ⅱ. 6-10

Ⅲ. 11. the U.S.A. 第二部分:笔试 Ⅰ. 1-5


6-10 Ⅱ. 11-15 Ⅲ. 16-20

21-25 Ⅳ. 26-30 31-35

36. She goes to the supermarket. 37. Yes, they do.

38. She wants some white chocolates.

39. Because she can’t bite her fingers when she eats them at night. 40. Yes, she does. Ⅴ. (A) 41. free (B) 46. flying Ⅵ. 51. for

42. forget 52. with

43. Sunday 53. to

44. carry 54. but

45. song

50. picnic 60.her 55. has

47. swimming 57. forget

48. afraid 58. carries

49. guitar

56. would/both Ⅶ. 参考范文:

59. How/What

Hello, everyone, today I’ll introduce Cynthia to you. She is my pen pal. She is 13 years old. She studies in Xiangyang Middle School in China now. I have a photo of her. She looks cute. She has two big blue eyes, long blond hair and a small nose. Her face is round. On Sunday morning, she often goes shopping with her mother. In the afternoon, she wants to go swimming. In the evening, she often cooks a big dinner for her parents. Do you like her?

用心 爱心 专心 - 6 -

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