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2013年秋新目标英语人教版八年级英语上册Unit4 Section A 2课件

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In our class, who is the funniest student? In our class, who is the most serious student? In our class, who is the tallest student? In all the subjects, which is the most interesting subject? In all the subjects, which is the most difficult subject?

1. Who’s the tallest in your class? 2. Which is the worst clothes store? 3. Which is the best clothes store? 4. Which radio station plays the most boring songs? 5. Which radio station plays the best songs? 6. Which cinema has the most comfortable seats?

根据课本内容,完成下列句子。 1. What is the best movie theater (最好的 ____ _____ ______
电影院) to go to? 2. Town Cinema. It’s the ______ __ _____ closest to home (离家最近).

3. And you can buy tickets ____ ______ the most ________ (最快地) there. quickly 4. Which is ____ ______ (最差的) clothes the worst store in town? 5. Dream Clothes. It’s ______ _____ (差一 worse than 些) Blue Moon.

6. It has _____ _______ _______ (最差的服 the worst service 务). 7. What do you _______ _____ (认为) 970 think of AM? 8. I think 970 AM is ______ _____ (十分差). pretty bad It has ____ worst ______ (最差的音乐). the _____ music




new —— newest fresh —— freshest close —— closest big —— biggest early —— earliest comfortable —— the most comfortable

原形 最高级

new —— newest (一般在词尾 + est ) fresh —— freshest close —— closest (以不发音的字母 e 结尾的 + st )
big —— biggest (重读闭音节词词尾只 有一个辅音字母时,先 双写辅音字母再 + est)

early —— earliest (以辅音字母+y 结尾的 单词,变y为 i + est ) comfortable —— the most comfortable

(多音节词和部分双音节词前加 the most) good —— the best
bad/badly —— the worst

many/much —— the most (这几个都是特殊变化的形式,需单独记忆)

cheaply —— (the) most cheaply carefully —— (the) most carefully 以 ly 结尾的副词的最高级都是在其前 面加 (the) most; the可以不加。


1. A + be + the 形容词最较级 + 表示范

e.g. Dream Clothes is the worst in town. 梦想服装店是镇里最差的。

2. A + 动词 + (the) 副词最高级 + (表 示范围的介词词组) e.g. The DJs choose songs the most carefully. 音乐主持人选择音乐最细致。

1. worse adj. 或 adv. 更差;更坏;更糟 bad / badly 的比较较,是不规则的 比较形式,最高级形式是worst。 e.g. The red shoes are worse than the white one. 红色鞋子的质量比白色更差一些。

Grace danced worse than Linda. 格蕾丝跳舞跳得比琳达差。 2. service n. 接待;服务 e.g. Miller’s store has the best service. 米勒商店有最好的服务。

3. pretty adv. 相当;十分;很

副词或动词; 同义词 very。

e.g. My aunt drives pretty well. 我姑姑开车开得很好。

4. meal n. 早(或午、晚)餐;一餐所吃 的食物

e.g. Breakfast is the first meal in a day. 早饭是一天的第一餐饭。

5. act v. 扮演(角色)
e.g. In that movie, she acted as a doctor. 在那部电影里她扮演一名医生。 6. menu 菜单 e.g. He called the waiter to bring the menu. 他叫服务员拿菜单来。

3a Fill in the blanks with the correct
forms of the words in brackets.

1. We went to the _________ (bad) worst restaurant in town last night. The menu had only 10 dishes and the service was not good at all! 2. Blue Moon is _______ (good), but better Miller’s is _________ (good) in town. the best

more expensive 3. The Big Screen is _______________ (expensive) than most cinemas, but the most expensive Cinema City is _________________ (expensive). 4. Movie City has the _________ (bad) worst service, but we can sit the most comfortably ________________ (comfortably) there.

5. Johnny Depp acted the ______ (good) best

in that movie. He’s much ______ (good) better
than other actors at finding the __________________ (interesting) roles. the most interesting


Think of three stores that sell similar things in your town and fill in the chart. Then write six sentences using the information in the chart.

best: Service New World best:

worst: Pink Rose worst: Good Friends


Funky House

cheapest: most expensive: Prices Bargain House New Fashion

1. New World has the best service in town. 2. ____________________________________ Pink House has the worst service in town. Funky House has the best quality in town. 3. ____________________________________ 4. ____________________________________ Good friends has the worst quality in town. 5. ____________________________________ Bargain House is the cheapest in town. 6. ____________________________________ New Fashion is the most expensive in town.


Think of three restaurants for lunch near your home. Fill in the chart. Then talk in your group and choose the best one.


Danny’s Super Blue House Moon

How much is a meal? How far is it from 10 minutes your home? by bus Is the service good?

Is the food good?

300m Danny’s 500m My house 400m

? the most delicious food ? good service ? cheapest ? worst food

Super House ? the most expensive ? the best service

Blue Moon

Danny’s is the best one because it’s the closest to my house. It has the most delicious food. It has good service, too.

用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. Lily is _______ (early) than Lucy. earlier 2. Who goes ____________ (slowly), Tom or more slowly

3. This book is _______________ more interesting

(interesting) than that one.

4. She is _______________ (careful) in her the most careful school.

the latest 5. Who is _________ (late) Jim, Tom or Jack? 6. I think beef noodles is ________________ the most delicious
(delicious) of all.

A: Who is the … student in our class? B: …

(the smartest, the tallest, the heaviest, the friendliest, the thinnest, the most beautiful, the busiest, the funniest, the most popular …)

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