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2013 中考专题复习 系动词

1. --Look, the traffic lights have green. Let’s go quickly.


A. become B. gone C. got D. turned

2. --It’s much warmer today, spring is coming.

--Right, and the day longer and longer.

A. gets B. turns C. stays D. grows

3. --How can I cut your hair if you won’t ______ still?

--I’m sorry.

A. make B. continue C. hold D. keep

4. --How do you like her voice?

--It A. appears B. sounds C. hears D. listens

5. --Nancy, it's too hot. Put the fish in the fridge, or it will _____ bad. --OK, Mom!

A. go B. change C. feel D. keep

6. --What will the weather be like today?

--The radio says that it will

A. stay B. look C. turn D. change

7. --Would you have some time this week for figuring out these questions with me? --How does tomorrow ?

A. look B. taste C. seem D. sound

8. --The country is very poor.

--Yes. The people there often hungry.

A. keep B. stay C. show D. go

9. --The poor young girl deaf at the age of five because of accident. --I am sorry to hear that.

A. stayed B. grew C. became D. looked

10. --What did your science teacher say?

--He said “Ice can water when it is heated.”

A. turn B. become C. change D. grow

11. --Mum, can I put the peaches in the cupboard?

--No dear. They don't ______well .Put them in the fridge instead.

A. keep B. fit C. get D .last

12 -Must I be in hospital for a week, Doctor? ?

-No, you . You can go back home tomorrow?

A.mustn't B.needn't C. must D can’t

13.The desk is not dirty. You_______clean it.

A.mustn't B.shouldn't C.needn't D.can't

14 -What is your mother going to do this Saturday?

--I'm not sure.She_____ go to see my grandmother.

A.can B.must C.may D need

15-May we leave the classroom now?

--No, you _________. You_________to leave until the bell rings.

A.must; are allowed B.can't, aren't supposed

C. needn't; aren't allowed D. shouldn’t; are supposed

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