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Unit 3 A day out

1 What are you going to do, Eddie?

I’m going to exercise.

2 Are you going to climb a hill?


3 That’s good. You need to exercise and keep fit.

Well, this ill isn’t as high as a real one!

4 Come on, Hobo. Let’s enjoy ourselves!

Let’s go!

Kitty’s cousin Linda is visiting Sunshine Town. Find out where Linda, Kitty and her classmates went and what happened there.

Task Make a plan for a day trip and write an invitation letter to your classmates.

Welcome to the unit

Where are they?

A Amy and Simon are reading some postcards from their friends. Read the back of the postcards and match them with the correct pictures. Write the correct letters in the boxes.

B Simon searched on the Internet for some information about places of interest around the world. He is answering Amy’s questions. Work in pairs and talk about the places you are interested in. Use the conversation below as a model.

Amy: How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?

Simon: It’s very long, about 1.7 miles.

Amy: How wide is the bridge?

Simon: It’s 90 feet wide.

Amy: The bridge is made of steel, isn’t it?

Simon: Yes, and it weighs over 100,000 tons.


A Around the world in a day!

Linda comes from the USA. She is visiting her cousin Kitty. She went to the World Park with the Class 1, grade 8 students yesterday. Here is Linda’s email to her parents about the trip. Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m doing fine here. Yesterday Kitty’s teacher Mr Wu invited me to join their school trip to the World Park. I enjoyed myself!

It was a fine, warm day. The sun was shining in a clear blue sky. The World Park is quite far

away. It took us about two hours to get there by bus. There was a lot of traffic on the way and the journey was a little boring.

Finally, we arrived at the park. All of couldn’t wait to get off the bus. Soon the whole world was there in front of us! There are models of more than a hundred places of interest from all over the world. They are small but wonderful. We became very excited when we saw the model Eiffel Tower. It is made of steel and is really tall. The model Golden Gate Bridge looked as great as the one back home. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was an amazing day because we saw the main sights of the world in just one day. The song and dance shows were also wonderful. We learnt a lot about different cultures.

You can see some photos of the trip on the Internet. Kitty’s classmate Daniel put them on his home page. Go and see for yourselves!


Linda B A fun day out

B1 Kitty wants to know the meanings of some words in Linda’s email. Help Kitty match the words on the left with the meanings on the right. Write the correct letters in the blanks. 1 join (line 2) a full

2 journey (line 6) b get to a place

3 boring (line 6) c places of interest

4 finally (line 6) d take part in

5 arrive at (line 7) e not interesting

6 whole (line 8) f a long trip

7 main (line 14) g after a long time

8 sights (line 14) h most important B2 Kitty is trying to make some notes of the trip. Help her complete the notes below. Our school trip

Date: (1) 10 October

Place: (2)

Weather: a (3) , warm day

(4) sun and

(5) sky

How to go: by (6)

About the park: models of more than (7) places of interest from all over the world (8) shows.

B3 Here are some descriptions of the school trip. Write a T if a sentence is true or an F if it is false.

1 Linda and Kitty went to the World Park by themselves. 2 Linda did not enjoy the day very much. 3 It took the students half an hour to get to the park. 4 The models in the park are small but wonderful. 5 The model Eiffel Tower is made of wood. 6 The model Golden Gate Bridge looked just like the real one in the USA.

B4 Kitty and Daniel are chatting online. Complete their conversation with the words from

Linda’s letter on page 32.

kitty. Daniel Kitty: It was a great day yesterday. Linda really (1) .

Daniel: But the journey was a little (2) , and there as too much (3) on the way. Kitty: True, but when we saw the models, we became (4) . Linda couldn’t (5) when she saw the model Golden Gate Bridge. It looked (6) the one in her country. Daniel: Yes. It was amazing to see the (7) of the world in a day, and it was also great to learn a lot about different (8) .

Kitty: Did you take any photos, Daniel?

Daniel: Yes, I took some. You can see them on my (9) . Kitty: Great. So Linda’s parents can see them too. Grammar

A Using as … as

We use as … as to say that people or things are the same in some ways. Mr Wu is as happy as the two girls.

We use not as … as to say that people or things are not the same in some ways. The two girls are not as tall as Mr Wu.

= The two girls are shorter than Mr Wu.

Linda is sending some pictures to her parents via email. Complete her sentence under each picture with as … as or not as … as.

1 2

The bus is Mr Wu is (kind) (comfortable) those in the USA. A friend.

3 4

The journey is The Eiffel Tower is (not interesting) the visit. (not tall) the real one in France. 5 6

The model Sydney Opera House The song and dance shows are looks

(wonderful) that in Australia. models in the park.

B Reflexive pronouns (原书中这属于C部分) We use reflexive pronouns when the subject and the object are the same person or thing. Come on, Hobo. Let’s enjoy ourselves! Go and see for yourselves! Singular Plural myself ourselves Reflexive yourself yourselves pronouns himself themselves herself


What happened at South Hill?

The students are at South Hill. Read about Linda and Simon’s secret. Complete the sentences with the correct reflexive pronouns.

1 Boys and girls,now.

2 Oh no, Simon is trying to pull (2) up the rocks. Help!

3 Luckily, some climbers helped Simon.

4 Please don’t tell anybody about this, Linda.

OK, I won’t. You’re lucky you didn’t hurt (3) !

5 Later …

Did you all have a good time?

Yes, we did. We really enjoyed (4) !

6 Simon and Linda looked at each other. They kept the secret to (5) .(原书有九幅图) Integrated skills A The basketball final

A1 The Sunshine Middle School basketball team is in the final of this year’s basketball competition. Listen to the chairperson of the Students’ Union and help Kitty complete the poster.

Sunshine Middle School gets to the final! Our school basketball team needs your support! It is in the final of the basketball competition! The match takes place on (1) , 7 October, at (2) in Moonlight Town. Come and cheer for our team!

Don’t forget to bring your friends!

With your support, we will win!

A2 Listen to the chairperson giving more information about the day of the final. Help Kitty complete the notes below.

The day of the final

9:30 a.m. Meet at (1)

Bus leaves.

Reach the Sports Centre.

10:30 a.m. (4)

(5) Half-time

11:30 a.m. (6)

Bus leaves form the centre.

Have lunch at Moonlight Restaurant.

1:00 p.m. Get on the bus (8) the restaurant. 1:30 p.m. Back to our school.

Cost of the trip ¥ per student.

A3 Kitty is writing about the final. Read her notes and check if there are any mistakes. Write a T if a sentence is true or an F if it is false. 1 Our school baseball team is in the final. 2 The match will take place at Moonlight Middle School in Moon light Town.

3 We will go three by underground. 4 It will take us about half an hour to reach the Sports Centre.

5 Half-time is a 20-minute period for the players to rest.

6 We can buy food and drinks during half-time.

7 The match will finish before noon. 8 We will go back to our school after lunch. B Speak up: Where are we going tomorrow?

Daniel and Kitty are planning a trip for Linda. Work in pairs and plan a day out for a visiting friend. Use the conversation below as a mode!

Daniel: Where are we going tomorrow? Shall we take Linda to the Summer Palace? Kitty: I don’t think that’s a good idea. She went there yesterday. Daniel: Well, what about the Great Wall?

Kitty: That sounds good, but it’s too far away.

Daniel: Why don’t we go to the China Science and Technology Museum? It’s free for groups of 30 or more students.

Kitty: great! Let’s go to the museum. See you tomorrow.

Study skills

The suffixes –ful and –less

We can add –ful or –less to some nouns to form adjectives. The suffix –ful means “full of”. The suffix –less means “without”.


Adjective(with-ful) Adjective(with –less)

use useful useless

A Work in pairs and complete the table below. If you cannot add –ful or –less to a word, put a cross (×)in the box. You may use a dictionary. Adjective(with –ful) Adjective (with –less)






taste B Complete what Kitty said about her trip to the World Park with the words in the box below.

beautiful cheerful colourful useless wonderful

We went to the World Park the day before yesterday. The models in the park were (1) . The song and dance shows were also amazing. Their (2) clothes

were from different countries and looked very (3) . All of us felt excited and

(4) . it was really a great day. My ticket is (5) now, but I’ll deep it!


A big day out

A Kitty and Daniel want all their classmates to go for a day out with Linda before she goes back to the USA. They are planning their trip now. Take a look at their plan.

Time Place Activity

7:30 a.m. Sunshine Underground Station Meet everyone

↓by underground

8:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m. Tian’anmen Square See the biggest city square in

the world

↓on foot

The Palace Museum Visit the museum 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

↓on foot

1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Beihai Park Visit the garden and row

boats ↓by bus 4:45 p.m.-6:30 p.m. Wangfujing Street Go shopping ↓by underground

Sunshine Town Uselful expressions

We are planning a day out on … This is the plan for the day.

We will meet at …

We will take the underground/bus to …

It will take about … minutes/ hour(s).

We will walk to …

We will see/visit …

We will go back to … by underground/bus.

The cost is about … per student.

We hope you can join us.

B Help Kitty and Daniel complete their letter to their classmates. Use the information from their plan in Part A on page 40.

C Write a letter to invite your classmates to go on a day trip with you and your friend. Use the plan in Part A and the letter in Part B as a model.

Self-assessment I have learnt Details Result 1 about a class’s day out.

2 to use the new words to

talk about a day trip.

3 to use as … as

to use reflexive pronouns.

4 the suffix –ful and – less. Result: Excellent! Good! Not bad!

I need to spend more time on .

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