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1. --Where did you go on holiday this summer? England?

--You are A. funny B. right C. cool D. close

2. --May I have another cake?

--You'd better not. You shouldn't go swimming on a A. hot B. hungry C. fat D. full

3. --Tom, there’s a football game on the playground. Let’s go and watch it. --It’s

A. interesting B. surprising C. exciting D. boring

4. --My stomach feels ______. I think I ate something bad at lunch time. --You'd better go to the doctor.

A. badly B. terrible C. hungry D. sick

5. --Jim, I heard that you moved to a new place.

--Right, I now live next to a supermarket, It's very A. safe B. lonely C. convenient D. helpless

6. –Waiter, $20 for dinner, right?

--I’m afraid $25, sir, for drinks are .

A. extra B. free C. high D. spare

7. –I wore the sports shoes to the ball yesterday evening by mistake.

--Oh, dear. You must be at the ball.

A. embarrassed B. satisfied C. tired D. surprised

8. The stage.

A. sweet B. tasty C. final D, great

9. --What do you think of the movie My Regimental Commander?

--Oh, except for some mistakes.

A. terrible B. excited C. wonderful D. boring

10. --No matter how angry you are, you shouldn’t be to others. --Sorry, Mom. I won’t do that again.

A. sad B. disappointing C. rude D. mad

11. --Why is the lady so --Her son went abroad alone and hasn’t return yet.

A. angry B. worrying C. anxious D. excited

12. --Who is the most _____ student in your class?

--Ted, I think. He never cheats in the exams.

A. helpful B. hard-working C. clever D. honest

13. --Kate, do you know that you’ve won the first prize in the English speech contest? --Really? Wonderful! This is the most

A. surprising B. boring C. exciting D. interesting

14. --Should I take my ID card to the meeting?

--Yes. Maybe it’s not a big problem, but it’s .

A. necessary B. interesting C. important D. possible

15. --What are you going to do after this big exam?

--I will have a ______ sleep .You know, I’ve been always staying up late for it recently .

A. fast B. heavy C. loud D. sound

16. --Does your uncle smoke, Jack?

--Yes. He is such a ______ smoker that he often burns cigarettes one by one .

A. deep B. strong C. light D. heavy

17. --How about two pounds a hat, sir?

--The price sounds _______. I’ll take five then.

A. little B. convenient C. fair D. cheap

18. --How nice the music sounds!

--It does! The peaceful music will make you feel _____.

A. excited B. bored C. moved D. relaxed

19. --What are you doing, Mom?

--I'm cooking something ______ for Mary's birthday.

A. special B. strange C. normal D. lively

20. --In some foreign countries, such as Canada, children usually leave their parents when they grow up.

--It makes the old feel

A. alone B. lonely C. frightened D. enjoyable

21. --Peter is ill in hospital.

--I’m not to hear that. I’ve been telling him not to work so late every day.

A. surprised B. sorry C. glad D. excited

22. --Do you have a --Yes, here you are.

A. new B. useful C. used D. spare

23. --Would you like to go and see a film?

--Sure, the TV programs are too .

A. surprising B. interesting C. exciting D. boring

24. --What do you think of Ms Green?

--She is a good teacher and she is very ______ with the slower students.

A. serious B. angry C. patient D. careless

25. --The bag is too -box in.

--Why not take out of some books?

A. heavy B. full C. filled D. empty

26. --It’s blowing --We have to stay at home instead of playing badminton.

A. badly B. hardly C. heavily D. strongly

27. --I can’t afford the white dress. Can you show me something cheaper?

--What about the orange one? The price is a little _______.

A. cheaper B. higher C. more expensive D. lower

28. --Uh-uh, it looks like I’m going to be late for class again. I hope that Mr. Brown

doesn’t start now.

--You’re sure to be

A. disappointed B. embarrassed C. upset D. relaxed

29. --How was your trip to Hainan?

--All was great except that I was ______ to the language there. I sometimes

needed others to say a

word again and again.

A. careful B. unusual C. strange D. special

30. --How does Jerry go to school?

--He has the

A. nearest B. shortest C. farthest D. longest

31. --What do you do when you’re of money?

--I’ll ask my parents.

A. little B. short C. afraid D. full

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