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初二下人教版Unit 2 讲义

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戴氏教育 初二英语 邓老师

Unit 2 I ’ll help to clean up the city parks.


1. Clean-Up Day 清洁日 2. an old people’s home 养老院

3. help out with sth. 帮助解决困难 4. used to 曾经… 过去_

5. care for 关心;照顾 6. the look of joy 快乐的表情

7. at the age of 在......岁时 8.clean up 打扫(或清除)干净

9. cheer up (使)变得更高兴;振雀 10. give out 分发;散发

11. come up with 想出;提出 12. make a plan 制订计划

13. make some notices 做些公告牌 14. try out 试用;试行

15. work for 为…工作;为…. 效力 16. put up 建造;举起;张贴

17. hand out 分发;散发;发给 18. call up 打电话;召集

19. put off 推迟;延迟 20. for example 比如;例如

21. raise money 筹钱;募捐 22. take after 与......相像;像

23. give away 赠送;捐赠 24. fix up 修理;修补;解决

25. be similar to 与……相似 26. set up 建立;设立

27. disabled people 残疾人 28. make a difference 影响;有作用

29. be able to 能够 30. after-school reading program课外阅读项目


clean up call up set up run out of give out take after cheer up fix up come up with put off give?away hang out put up



I can’t work out this math problem. Please help me out.


I help him with his English every day.

Help yourselves to apples, boys.


With the help of the teachers, I get good grades in all subjects.

2 、They told me stories about the past and how things used to be.



She used to live in that city before.

used to be /do 过去常做某事,现在不那样了

Did you use to sing when you do housework?

戴氏教育 初二英语 邓老师

“用完”、“卖光” We are running out of the gas. = Our car is running out of the gas.

4、take after ≈look like ,be similar to

I take after my mother.

5、fix up = repair(修理);fasten(安装)I fixed it up.

6. hand out(散发); hand in(上缴);hand around/round(传递)hand on (依次传递) 7 .work out (结果、结果是)

The idea works out well.那个注意的实施结果很好。


Can you work out the answer to this question?

See if you can work out this bill.

8、 make it possible for sb. to do sth.“使得某人有可能??”

Your help makes it possible for him to succeed.

(1)make+宾语+名词, “使??”。

We made him monitor.

(2)make+宾语+形容词, “使??”

His words made me happy.


He made me work ten hours a day.

9、 make a difference to 起重要作用

What you did make a difference to my life.

10、ask for

(1)要求She asked for some water.她要了些水。


If you are in trouble,you can ask the policeman for help.

11. call up 意为“打电话,打电话给??”。如:

He called up his friends and told the story.他给朋友打电话,并告之整个事情。


有关“打电话”的说法:ring up;give sb. a ring\call.;phone sb.

make a telephone call打电话

He’s making a telephone call.他正在打电话。

When you get there,please give me a call.你到那时,请给我打个电话。

I rang you ,but you were out.我给你打电话,但你出去了。

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