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Find out and learn the key points of 1a ? -你好吗? - 很好,谢谢。 How are you (doing)? Very well, thanks. ? 你看上去很兴奋。 You look excited. ? 我爸妈想邀请你们的父母去看电影。 My father and mother want to invite your parents to go to the movies.

Find out and learn the key points of 1a ? 为我们准备一些美食 prepare some delicious food for us ? 在我来这儿的路上 on my way here ? 向你妈妈道谢 say thanks to your mom ? 一张《音乐之声》的电影票 a ticket to The Sound of Music

Complete the following sentences
? 1. 这个主意听起来很不错。 The idea sounds great. ? 2. 学生们看来非常兴奋。 (sound)


The students look/looked very excited.

? 3. Mr. Brown觉得很失望。 ? 4. 这鱼很好吃。
The fish tastes delicious. ? 5. 那些食物闻起来很香。 The food smells good.


Mr. Brown feels/ felt disappointed.



Find out and learn the key points.
? 你知道布朗先生怎么了吗?
Do you know what’s the matter with Mr. Brown?

? 他似乎有点不高兴。 He seems to be unhappy. ? 我希望他下次能看这部电影。 I hope he can see the movie next time. ? 他们也为Michael 感到遗憾。 They also felt sorry for Michael.

? 1. care for: take care of / look after ? 2. lonely:孤独的,寂寞的 ? 3. …because of the noisy children =…because the children were noisy. ? 4. almost:几乎,差不多 ? 5. cheer sb. up: 使某人振作起来 cheer sb. on: 为某人加油

Linking Verb + Adjective
You look excited. It tastes delicious. He felt disappointed because he was not able to buy a ticket.

He seems a little unhappy. It is so funny and interesting / boring / exciting.
We feel excited to hear it. It sounds wonderful. The father was lonely and often became angry.

? 连系动词本身大多都有一定的意义,但意义不完整, 须与它后面的表语一起构成系表结构来充当复合谓 语。 ? 连系动词的分类: ? 表示“感官”的连系动词:look, sound, feel, smell, taste等。 ? 表示“变化”的连系动词:get, turn, go, become等。 ? 表示“保持某种状态”的词:keep, stay, seem 等。

What a______! pity
He seems a little _______. unhappy The parents felt happy ______ to see the movie together. I don’t like it ________. at all ________ does the music sound? How

Complete the sentences.
1. James给他女儿讲了海伦· 凯勒(Helen Keller)的故事使她振作

起来。(cheer up)

James told her daughter the story about Helen Keller to cheer her up.
2. 她的歌曲听起来优美活泼。(lively)

Her songs sound beautiful and lively.
3. 她对那些吵吵闹闹的孩子们非常生气,几乎都快发疯了。 (almost)

She was very angry with the noisy children and almost went mad.

Complete the sentences.
4. 她为那位孤独的老人感到难过。她想她应


(lonely, care for) She felt sorry for the lonely old man. She thought she should go to care for him often. 5. 因为他滑稽的小品,我又变得快乐起来。(because of)
I become happy again because of his funny short play. 6. 春天到了,天气转暧,树叶变绿了。(get, turn) Spring comes. The weather gets warm and the leaves turn green.

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