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Step1 Warming-up

----Is it beautiful?

----Yes, I think that the flowers are very beautiful.

----Can you tell the name of the flowers whose color is red?


Step2 中考语法专题之宾语从句




I know he joined the League in 1985.

I wondered

Could you tell me I want to know you have had this bike.

Tell me where he lives.




【例题精讲1】.1.Then I noticed _____ one bedroom window was open. 【2010?广州


A. how B. that C. what D. why


【例题精讲2】8. As they walked,Mark learned the boy’s name was Bill.【广州白云区中考一模】

A.that B.what C.why D.who


【例题精讲3】15. They all help us to know is going on in the world. 【广州南沙区中考一模】

A. what B. which


Keys:A C. that D.

【例题精讲4】. 他问我是否会去北京参观。

He asked me ________ ________ ________ ________ to Beijing for a visit or not.


Keys: whether I would go

【考点二】语序 :

I don’t knowsummary:_______________________________________________________

【考点三】时态: She says (that) she works from Monday to Friday.

She says (that) she will leave a message on his desk.

She says (that) she has never been to Mount E-mei.

He said there were no classes yesterday afternoon.

He said (that) he was going to take care of the baby.

The teacher told us(that) nothing is difficult if we put our hearts into it.

She said(that) her father is twenty-eight years older than her.






Philip told me that he _________________ at six o’clock yesterday.


【例题精讲1】.The police asked the old man _____________ the accident last night.


A. where he saw B. where did he see

C. he saw where D. did he see where


【例题精讲2】— Could you tell me ?

— It was quite cheap,about 1000 yuan.【广州白云区中考一模】

A.how much did you pay for your new computer

B.how much will you pay for your new computer

C,how much you paid for your new computer

D.how much you will pay for your new computer


【例题精讲3】-- What did your mother say to you?

-- She asked me ____ tonight. 【2011?广州中考一模】

A. when I would come back B. when would I come back

C. when I will come back D. when will I come back


【例题精讲4】. There are so many kinds of MP3 in the shop. We can’t decide___________ .


A. what to buy B. to buy what C. which to buy D. to buy



【例题精讲5】—Tom, your father went to Hong Kong last week. Do you know _________?

— Next month. 【广州南沙区中考一模】

A. when he will come back B. where will he come back C. when will he come back D. where he will come back


【考点四】 如果从句说的是客观现象或真理:

He said that light travels much faster than sound.

The teacher told us(that) nothing is difficult if we put our hearts into it.



the space!

A. How

D. What a


(较难,可选讲)【考点五】 .当主句谓语动词为think,suppose, expect,believe



他相信Mary 不是一个好女孩: Keys: I don’t think he will help you learn English.

He doesn’t believe Mary is a good girl.

【例题精讲1】 It is raining heavily. I ________ that he _________ today. 【广州黄埔


A. think;won’t come

Keys:C B. think;don’t come C. don’t think;will come D. won’t think;comes B. What an C. What Keys:The teacher told us that the earth turns around the sun. 【例题精讲1】. __________important information the astronauts have collected about 我认为他不会帮你学英语的:

(较难,可选讲)【考点六】 .表示主语主观意愿的词: think, believe, suppose, imagine, expect等动词后接宾语从句 构成的主从复合句在构成反意疑问句时,视情况不同有两种不同的构成方式。

(1) 当主句的主语为第一人称时,其后的简短问句应与从句相一致。例如: I expect our English teacher will be back this weekend, won't she/he?

We suppose you have finished the project, ______ _______?

I don't believe that he can translate this book, ______ _______ ?

We don't imagine the twins have arrived, _____ _______?

此类句子的回答同"前否后肯"型反意疑问句一样,如上述后一个句子,若双胞胎已经到了,则回答为"Yes, they have.";若尚未到达,使用"No, they haven't."。

Keys: haven’t you can he have they

(2) 当主句的主语为第二、三人称时,其后的简短问句则应与主句相一致(此时,否定只看主句,与从句无关...)。例如:

Your sister supposes she needs no help, doesn't she?

You thought they could have completed the project,______ ______?

They don't believe she's an engineer, _____ _____?

She doesn't expect that we are coming so soon, ______ ______? Keys:didn’t you do they does she

Step 3 专项练习题



1. I don't know _________ he will come tomorrow. _________ he comes, I'll tell you.

A. if; Whether B. whether; Whether C. if; That D. if; If

2. I don't know _________ the day after tomorrow.

A. when does he come B. how will he come

C. if he comes D. whether he'll come

3. Could you tell me _________ the nearest hospital is?

A. what B. how C. whether D. where

4. Could you tell me _________ the radio without any help?

A. how did he mend B. what did he mend C. how he mended D. what he mended

5. I want to know _________.

A. whom is she looking after B. whom she is looking

C. whom is she looking D. whom she is looking after

6. Do you know where _________ now?

A. he lives B. does he live C. he lived D. did he live

7. Do you know what time _________?

A. the train leave B. does the train leave C. will the train leave D. the train leaves

8. I don't know _________. Can you tell me, please?

A. how the two players are old B. how old are the two players

C. the two players are how old D. how old the two players are

9. The small children don't know _________.

A. what is their stockings in B. what is in their stockings

C. where is their stockings in D. what in their stockings

10. I can't understand _________.

A. what does Christmas mean B. what Christmas does mean

C. what mean Christmas does D. what Christmas means

二. 按要求转换句型。

1. Does Mr. Brown enjoy living in China? Could you tell us?(改写句子)

→Could you tell us _________ Mr. Brown _________ living in China?

2. "Does the girl need any help?” he asked me.(变为复合句)

→He asked me _________ the girl _________ some help.

3. Jim is not a student. Tom is not a student, either.(合并为一个句子)

_________ Jim _________Tom is a student.

4. When does the train leave? I want to know.(改为含宾语从句的复合句)

I want to know _________ the train _________.

5. They went home after they had finished their homework. (用not...until改写) They _________ go home _________ they had finished their homework.

6. Did Peter come here yesterday? Li Lei wants to know. (改为含宾语从句的复合句) Li Lei wants to know _________ Peter _________ here yesterday.



1 The girls asked if they ____ some food and drink with them.

A. took B. take C. takes D. will take

2 Catherine said that she ___ to Guangzhou.

A. has never gone B. had never gone C. has never been D. had never been 3 The students want to know whether they___ dictionary today.

A. had B. has C. will have D. are

4 She asked Linda if___ go and get some.

A. could she B. she could C. she can D. she may

5 Linda said the moon___ round the earth.

A. travelled B. has travelled C. travells D. had travelled


1 Can you tell me___ you were born, Betty?

A. who B. what C. when D. that

2 I don't know ___ they have passed the exam.

A. what B. if C. when D. where

3 I hardly understand. ___ he has told me.

A. that B. what C. which D. who

4 She didn't know___ back soon.

A. whether he would be B. if would he be C. he will be

5. I don't know _____ he still lives here after so many years.

A. whether B where C. what D. when

6. Do you know _____ they listened to yesterday evening?

A. what B when C why D how

7. He asked me _____told me the accident.

A whom B which C who D whose


1. They don't know ______their parents are.

A that B what C why D which

2. Please tell me ______what last year.

A. where does your sister work B where did your sister work

C where your sister works D where your sister worked

3. She asked me if I knew ______.

A. whose pen is it B. whose pen it was C. whose pen it is D. whose pen was it

4. You must remember ________.

A. what your mother said B. what did your mother say

C. your mother said what D. what has your mother said

5 Did you know ____?

A. who he was looking after B. who was he looking for

C. who he is looking for D. who he is looking after

6 Could you tell me ___?

A. when will they leave Beijing B. when would they leave Beijing

C. when they will leave Beijing D. when did they leave Beijing


1. In the bookshop, a reader asked the shop keeper _____ Who Moved My Cheese was an interesting book.

A. that B. how C. what D. if

2. —I don't know _____ Mr. Green will come to see us.

—He will help us with our English.

A. why B. when C. how D. where

3. —We never know _____ the old man is.

—They say he is a teacher.

A. what B. who C. which D. where

4. I was told _____ Bill Gates was thirteen he began to play with computers.

A. that how B. how that C. when that D. that when

5. —Do you know _____ ? I'm going to see him.

—Sorry, I don't know.

A. where does Mr. Li live B. where did Mr. Li live

C. where Mr. Li lives D. where Mr. Li lived

6. —W here do you think _____ he _____ the computer?

—Sorry, I have no idea.

A. /; bought B. has; bought C. did; buy D. does; buy

7. I don't feel very well. Mum asked me _____ this morning.

A. what the matter is B. what is wrong

C. what the matter was D. what wrong was

8. —Where is Jack?

—He is away to spend his holiday. He's gone either to Hangzhou or to Wuhan, but I'm not sure _____ .

A. that B. which C. where D. there


一. 1—5DDDCD 6—10ADDBD

二. 1. if/whether; enjoys 2. if/whether; needed 3. Neither; nor 4. when; leaves

5. didn't; until 6. whether; came

三.1答案:1-5 A D C B C 2答案:1-7 C B B A A A C

3答案:1-6 B D B A A C 4答案:1—4 D A A D 5—8 C A C C



☆19. Could you say it again? I can’t understand __________ you are talking about.


A. how B. when C. what D. which Keys: C

☆18.--It's surprising that he got such a high mark!


A. how did he do B. how he did C. why did he do D. that he did keys: B

☆25. I can’t remember __________ I put the book, and I need it for my homework now. (2011年广州中考题)

A. where B. how C. what D. why keys: A

☆26.Then I noticed _____ one bedroom window was open. 【2010?广州中考】

A. how B. that C. what D. why



1. Will you please tell me _______?

A. where Pudong Airport is B. how far Pudong Airport was

C. how can we get to Pudong Airport D. when was Pudong Airport built

2. I’d like to know _______.

A. when will he give back the tape B. whether has he received higher education

C. that he has been busy D. whether she will join in our English Evening

3. Professor Nelson wanted to know ______.

A. when would the conference begin B. when the conference would begin

C. when will the conference begin D. when the conference will begin

4. Our class teacher asked the monitor ______.

A) why didn’t Bill come to school B) why doesn’t Bill come to school

C) why Bill didn’t come to school D) why Bill doesn’t come to school keys:1. A 2. D 3. B 4. C




I often ask my music teacher ___________ ___________ ___________ play the piano well. Keys: how I can


74. 我想知道为什么你今天上学又迟到了。

I want to know ___________ ___________ ___________ late for school again today. Keys:why you are



I can't understand Keys:why they are


75. 你知道在哪里买这种邮票吗?

Do you know_________ __________ __________ this kind of stamp?

Keys:where to buy

5. 因为天气不好,我还没决定明天去哪里。

Because the weather is not very fine, I haven’t decided __________ __________ __________ tomorrow.


6. 你能告诉我昨天晚上为什么没有完成家庭作业吗?

Can you tell me your homework last night?


7. 据说那湖里有个怪物。

______ ______ _______ that ______ is a monster in the lake. 【广州海珠区中考一模】

8. 她是一个新妈妈,她不知道怎样照顾孩子。

She is a new mother. She doesn’t know _________ ________ ________ ________ of the baby.


9. 他问我是否会去北京参观。

He asked me ________ ________ ________ ________ to Beijing for a visit or not.


10. 她问我是否会骑自行车。

She asked me ________ _________ _________ _________ a bike. 【广州番禺中考一模】 Keys:5.where to go 6. why you didn’t finish 7.It is said, there 8. How to take care

9. whether I would go 10. whether I can take




2) 宾语从句的语序;

3) 宾语从句的时态。
















1. 在具有选择意义,又有or 或or not 时,尤其是直接与or not 连用时,往往用whether

(if …or not 也可以使用)。

2. 在介词之后用whether 。

3. 在不定式前用whether。

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