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基础练习13 单项填空1. There some milk, two eggs and a few cakes on the table.A. is B. are C. has D. have2. --Must I tell John the news?--No, you I've told him already.A. mustn't B. wouldn't C. shouldn't D. needn't3. --When was the first man with A(H1N1) flu in mainland China known for sure?-- May 11, 2009.A. In B. On C. For D. Since4. --I want to buy the book "Cold Mountain". Do you know its .--Not really. Maybe three dollars.A. cover B. size C. color D. price5. --I' ll be away on a business trip. Would you mind looking after my pet dog?-- A. OK. I'd be glad to B. OK. I've no time C. No, I won't do that D. Yes, I'd like to6. --Were you at home at 7 o' clock last night?--Yes, I a shower at that time.A. took B. was taking C. was taken D. am taking7. --May I surf the Internet now?--No, you have finished doing the dishes.A. unless B. if C. because D. when8. --Shall we go to the aquarium tomorrow morning?-- A. You're right B. Take it easy C. Sounds great D. Have fun9. --Look at the sun ! It' s too hot today.--Yes. Why not your coat?A. take off B. take away C. take out D. take up第 1 页 共 4 页

10. --I can' t decide .--You mean the purple sweater or the blue one?A. how to go there B. who to go with C. where to visit D. which to choose11. --Both of the skirts are in style this year.--But I think this one is .A. popular B. much popular C. more popular D. the most popular12. --Do you have anything important to say for yourself?-- except sorry.A. Something B. Nothing C. Anything D. Everything13. --Did you go to Jim' s birthday party?--No, I A. haven't invited B. didn't invite C. am not invited D. wash' t invited14. --Excuse me, could you tell me . the book about aliens?--Sure, take the escalator to the second floor.A. where I can buy B. where can I buy

C. when can I buy D. when I can buy 15. --Nice to meet you, Mike. ?

--Everything is OK. Thanks.

A. What are you doing B. Where have you been

C. How is it going D. What's wrong with you

16.—When is Henry’s birthday party, Lynn?

—The 18th , __ about there o’clock in the afternoon.

A. in B. at C. on D. to

17.—What a nice MP5! Whose is it?

—It’s __ . My father bought it for me.

A. me B. him C. his D. mine

18.I like __ a lot, and my mother usually cooks it in different ways.

A. fish B. butter C. potatoes D. noodles

19.—Excuse me, where are we going to have our class meeting? —I’m not sure. Ask our monitor, please. He __ know.

A. can B. may C. need D. shall

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20. The match was really fantastic, __ when Smith scored in the

last minute.

A. probably B. exactly C. especially D. mostly

21. Taiwan is part of China. We __ the same history and culture.

A. explain B. express C. connect D. share

22.—Helen, can I wear jeans and a T-shirt to the evening party?

—OK. But a dress might be __ .

A. good B. better C. bad D. worse

23.—Excuse me. When does Flight CZ3391 take off?

—One moment, please. I’ll __ it .

A. look; up B. take; away C. give; back D. turn; down

24. It’s quite common in Britain to say “Thank you” to the drivers __ people get off the bus.

A. after B. since C. until D. when

25.Usually John __ to school in his father’s beautiful car.

A. has taken B. is taking C. is taken D. has been taken

26.It’s time to say goodbye to my school. I’ll always remember the people __ have helped me.

A. who B. what C. which D. where 27. The zoo keepers is worried because the number of visitors __ smaller and smaller.

A. become B. became C. is becoming D. have become

28.—Have you made up your mind __ the sick kids?

—By singing songs.

A. what to tell B. how to cheer up

C. when to help D. where to look after

29.—You have seen the film The Dead Reading, haven’t you?

—__ . How I wish to see it again!

A. No, what a pity B. No, I haven’t

C. Yes, I like it D. Yes, it’s boring

30.—What time will Mr Brown be back to China?

—Sorry. I don’t know______.

A. when did he go abroad B. why he is going abroad

C. how soon will he be back D. how long he will stay abroad

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I think I’ve always been interested in food. My grandparents lived on a farm in Lincolnshire and had a good 36 . She made fantastic English food; her roast beef was out of this world. I used to love going down to the 37 _ and watching her work, and I learned a lot from her. I realized that I wanted to be a cook when I was about 12. When other boys __ 38 to do sports after school, I helped with cooking at home. By the time I was 15, I had _39 to be a cook. However, I knew my parents wouldn’t allow me to be a cook. I had to tell them about it 40.

I told them that I wanted to do a cookery course for fun, and stayed for a month in a hotel in Torquay. I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t put off telling my parents any longer, 41 I brought the subject up one night over dinner. 42 there was silence, and then my father asked me why. I explained that cooking was 43 painting a picture or writing a book. Every meal was a work of creation. I could see that my father disagreed, but he was not 44 . He just looked at me and smiled. My mother kissed me. And now I have my own restaurant, and it goes well. I can see they are 45 me. However, my grandfather thinks I’m mad to give up farming.

36. A. farmer B. painter C. cook D. nurse

37. A. restaurant B. hotel C. farm D. kitchen

38. A. chose B. refused C. hated D. failed

39. A. decided B. agreed C. managed D. turned

40. A. easily B. softly C. slowly D. quietly

41. A. but B. so C. or D. for

42.A. At first B. At last C. At least D. At times

43 A. with B. like C. about D. above

44. A. patient B. satisfied C. quiet D. angry

45. A. proud of B. sorry for C. friendly to D. strict with

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