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4八下unit3 would you please clean your roomsectionb1a-2bc

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单项选择。 1. -- Could you please take care of my dog? -- ______. I’m too busy. C A. Yes, you can B. Sure C. Sorry, I can’t

2. -- Could you please ____ C his bed? -- Certainly! A. makes B. making C. make 3. -- Could I use your car? A -- ______. A. Sure, you can B. Sorry, you can C. Sure, I can

4. Could you help _____? B A. making the bed B. make the bed C. made the bed

Q1: Do you help your parents do the chores at home? Q2: Do you ask your parents’ permission for? Q3: Do your parents ask you to do some things for them?

What do your parents ask you to do?

study hard do chores

go to the store /supermarket to buy things for them

What do you ask your parents’ permission for?

buy drinks and snacks n.点心; 小吃; 快餐

invite friends to a party


What do teenagers ask their parents’ permission for? What do parents ask their teenagers to do? Write parents or teenagers next to each phrase.

teenagers/parents1. buy some drinks and snacks 小吃,快餐 teenagers 2. borrow some money 借 parents 3. clean your room teenagers parents 4. invite my friends to a party 邀请 5. go to the store

teenagers/parents 6. use your CD player parents 7. take out the trash


8. make your bed

1b Make conversations by using the
phrases in 1a and role play them.

Parent: Could you clean your room? Child: Yes, I can. Child: Could I invite my friends to a party? Parent: No, you can’t have a party.You have a test on Monday.

Listen to a conversation 1c between Sandy and her mom. Check ( ) the things in 1a that you hear.

1. buy some drinks and snacks 2. borrow some money 3. clean your room 4. invite my friends to a party 5. go to the store 6. use your CD player 7. take out the rubbish 8. make your bed

1d Listen. What is Sandy’s mom going to do? What
Sandy’s mom Sandy Sandy and Dave

is Sandy going to do? What are Sandy and Dave going to do? Fill in the chart.

buy drinks and snacks invite my friends, borrow some money clean her room, use the CD player move the big chairs to the bedroom clean the living room

1e You are having a party. Ask your
partner for help with these things:

go to the store buy drinks and snacks
do the dishes clean the living room

take out the rubbish A: Could you please take out the rubbish ? B: Yes ,sure.

A: Would like to come to my birthday party? B: Yes, I’d love to./Sorry, I can’t. I have to… A: Could you please take out the rubbish? B: Yes, sure./No, I can’t. I have to do…

A: Could you please buy drinks and snacks? B: Yes, sure./No, I can’t. I have to do…

A: Could you please do the dishes? B: Yes, sure./No, I can’t. I have to do…

Parent: Could you please…? Child: Yes, sure. / Sorry, I can’t. I have to ... clean your room take out the rubbish make your bed

Child: Could I …? Parent: Yes, you can. / No, you can’t. You ... buy some drinks and snacks borrow some money invite my friends to a party go to the store use your CD player

2a Discuss t

he questions with your partner.
1. What do you often do to help your parents at home? 2. Do you think kids should help out with chores at home?

2b The Sunday Mail magazine invited
parents to write about whether they think young people should do chores at home. Skim the following letters. Which one agrees and which one disagrees?

Skimming 意为“快速掠过,从中提取最 容易取得的精华”。这种读法包含有原 词的所有意思——快速读过去,取出读 物中关键性的东西。因此,我们可以把 这种读法理解为快速浏览课文,领会文 章大意。一般而言,通过标题可知道文 章的主题。对文章的首段和末段要多加 注意,以便发现作者的观点。

Read the letters again and finish the following tasks.

I. 完成句子,每空词数不限。

1. Ms. Miller thinks children should spend their time on schoolwork in get good grades and get order to ________________________ into a good university ____________________. 2. Mr. Smith thinks these days children their parents too much depend on _______________________.

II. 判断正(T)误(F)。 ( T)3. Ms. Miller thinks doing chores is not difficult. ( F )4. Mr. Smith’s neighbors’ son looked after himself well during his first year in the college.

Answer the questions.

1. What is Ms. Miller’s opinion?
She thinks doing chores is parents’ job. 2. What is Mr. Smith’s opinion? He thinks it’s important for children to do chores and help their parents with housework.

2b 1.I do not understand why some parents
make their kids help with housework and chores at home. &. why some parents make their kids help with housework and chores 是宾 语从句,作understand 的宾语。
&.make sb do sth “让某人做某事” make 后省略to ,同样的用法有

let sb do sth have sb do sth e.g. Let them come in ,they’re my friends. &.housework chores 区别 1)housework 是不可数名词 e.g. I have to do housework now. 2)chores 是可数名词,有复数,指“令人厌 烦的工作,乏味的工作” e.g. Shopping is a real chore for me .

2.Kids these days already have enough stress from school. &.these day“现在,目前”= nowadays e.g. It’s not easy to find a job these days.

&.stress“精神压力,心理负担”不可数名词。 e.g. Too much stress is hard for your heart. &.stress out “紧张的,精疲力竭的” under the stress of “在…的压力下”

3.Housework is a waste of their time. &.a waste of 浪费 waste vt “浪费” e.g. What he did is a waste of time and money. &.waste n “浪费,消耗” e.g. It’s a waste of time. &.waste adj “废弃的,无用的” waste water

4.They should spend their time on schoolwork in order to get good grades and get into a good university. &.spend vt “花费(时间,金钱) (spent ,spent ) spend some time on sth“花时间在某事上” spend some time (in) doing sth “花时间做 某事” spend some time with sb“和某人


e.g. He spends too much time watching TV. e.g. She spent 50 dollars on the skirt. e.g. He spent two years (in ) writing the book. &.spend pay cost take区别 1)Spend指花费时间,金钱或精力,主语是 人,sb spends time /money on sth

2) pay指花费金钱,主语是人,常用 sb pays (sb) money (for sth) e.g. She paid 10 yuan for the book.

3)cost指 花费金钱,精力等,主语是物 sth cost (sb )money e.g. The house cost them a lot of money. 4)take 指花费时间,常用 it takes sb time to do sth ,it 是形式主语。 e.g. It took him three weeks to finish the work.

5. It is the parents’ job to provide a clean and comfortable environment at home for their children.
&.此处代词it仅为形式上的主语, 真正的 主语是to provide … for their children。

&.我们也可将It is one’s job (duty, …) to do something.视为一个固定的句型, 表 示“做某事是某人的工作(职责等)”。

e.g. It’s every teacher’s job to explain things clearly to the students. &.provide 作动词,意为“ 提供;供 应”。 provide sb. with sth.或provide sth. for sb.意为“为某人提供某物”。

e.g. The movie theater provides us with good service. e.g. His school provided a house for him. 汉译英。他们提供给他钱和衣服。 They provided him with money and clothes. They provided money and clothes for him.

6. And anyway, I think doing chores is not so difficult. 反正我觉得干点家务也不难。 &. anyway是一个副词, 若位于句首, 其后往往会有逗号将其与句子的其他 内容隔开。anyway在此句中的作用 是追加评论, 相当于汉语的“反正; 仍然; 依然”。如:

e.g.Sam didn’t get the job, but he’s not unhappy because it didn’t pay well anyway.

&.anyway还可用来表示“不管怎样; 无论 如何”之意。 e.g.It’s just a cold. But anyway, you should still see the doctor.

7.Children these days depend on their parents too much.
&.depend v “ 依靠,依赖”depend与 on/upon连用 e.g. Children depend on their parents for food and clothing. e.g. We can depend on this dictionary.

8.Doing chores helps to develop children’s indepence and teaches them how to look after themselves. &.动名词doing chores作主语 and连接 helps 和teaches表并列。 &.develop vt “发展,养成” e.g. He has developed an interest in collecting stamps. &.develop vt “冲洗(胶片) e.g. I’ll show you my photos after they are developed.

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