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初三英语八年级下册 Unit1知识梳理


1、have a great time=have a nice/good time=have fun

=enjoy oneself


结构: Eg: He enjoyed gimself playing computer games have a nice/ good time have fun/ enjoy oneself

2、on board(在船上) 3、end up(结束;结果为…)end up with… 以…结束 end up doing sth 结束做…

4、flight attendant(飞机上的空中服务员) 5、 three quarters (四之三)

6、wake up (醒来;睡醒【过:woke 过去分:woken】) 7、all year round (一年到头;终年)

8、an amusement park (一个娱乐公园)

P3.3a 9、 most of us (我们大多数) 10、hear of / about 听说 11、in fact(事实上;实际上)

12、around the world =across/ throughout the world=all over the world(全世界)

13、a theme park(一个主题公园) 14、at an amusement park(在一个娱乐公园)

15、for example(例如) 16、be themed with…(以…为主题)

17、take a ride on the boat(在船上兜风) 18、take different routes(不同路线航行)

19、 end up in the same place (在同一个地方结束【航行】)

20、so much fun(如此多的乐趣) 21、argue with… = have an argument with…

22、travel to (…旅行到…)23、It’s fun to do sth…(做…有趣)24、an exchange student(一名交换生) P5.3a 25、the best way to do sth(做…最好的方法/式)26、think about/of doing sth(考虑做…) P7.Reading 27、in Southeast Asia(在亚州东南部)

28、a wonderful place to take a holiday (度假的好地方)

29、one the one hand… on the other hand(一方面;另一方面) 30、more than=over(超过)

31、be able to do=can do(能做…) can 有can 和could两种时态; be able to 有各种时态

32、have problems/trouble doing sth have a hard/difficult time doing sth

have problems/trouble with sth have a hard/difficult time with sth

33、during the day time(在白天) 34、the best time to do sth(做…最佳时刻)

35、be close to (…紧挨着…;临近…) ; closes friends: 密友

36、choose to do sth(选择做…【过:chose;过去分:chosen】)


P1~~P2:1、Have you ever been to an amusement park?(你曾经去过一个娱乐公园吗?) Yes, I have. I went to Fun Times Amusement Park last year(是的,我去年去了…)

2、Have you ever been to an aquarium?(你曾去过水族馆吗?)

Yes, I’ve been to an aquarium.(是的,我去过)

No, I haven’t.(没有,我没去过)

No, I’ve never been to an aquarium.(没有,我从没去过水族馆)

3、I’ve never been to a water park.(我从没去过水上公园)

Me neither.(= Neither have I)【我也没去过】

P3~~P4:4、Most of us have probably heard of Mickey Mouse and many other famous Disney characters.(我们大多数都或许听说过米老鼠或是很多其他的有名的迪士尼景色。)

5、In Disneyland, the roller coaster is themed with Disney characters.


6、You can see Disney characters walking around Disneyland all the time.


7、The boats take different routes but they all end up in the same place.


8、Have you ever been to an English-speaking country? 你曾去过一个说英语的国家吗?)


9、I decided that the best way to do this was to become a flight attendant. 我决定做它的最好方式是成为一名空中服务员。

10. It was because I could speak English that I got the job. 正是因为我能说英语所以我获得了这份工作。

11. I want to travel, especially to English-speaking countries.我想要旅游,尤其是到说英语的国家(旅游)

12. Maybe when I leave school I’ll think about becoming an English teacher rather than a tour guide. 或许当我毕业的时候我会考虑成为一名英语老师而不是一名导游。

13.My English writing is good, but I need to improve my listening skills.


14. More than three quarters of the population are Chinese in Singapore.


15. Maybe you fear that you won’t be able to find anything to eat in a foreign county.


16. You won’t have any problem finding rice, noodles, or dumplings in Singapore.


17. It’s an excellent place to try new food. 它是一个尝试新食物的极好的地方。

18. Whether you like Indian food, western food, or Japanese food, you’ll find it all in Singapore. 不管你喜欢印度食物,西餐或是日本食物,你都会在新加坡发现它们。

19. One great thing about Singapore is that the temperature is almost the same all year round. 关于新加坡很棒的一件事情就是它的温度一年到头几乎是一样的。

20. This is because the island is so close to the equator. 这是因为这个岛国离赤道很近。

21. You can choose to go whenever you like—spring, summer, autumn, or winter. 你可以选择任何你喜欢的时间去----春天,夏天,秋天,或是冬天。

22. It is not far from China. 它离中国不远。

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