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冀教版七年级英语下册lesson4 a visit to lanzhou

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Lesson4 A Visit to Lanzhou

Lanzhou beef noodles

It`s the capital city of Gansu.

The Yellow River in Lanzhou

the Mother River Statue

The Lanzhou Zhongshan Bridge

Group 团体; 团队

The group takes a train to Lanzhou.

Bridge 桥梁 It was the first bridge over the Yellow River.

Cross 横跨;穿越 The Silk Road crossed the Yellow River in Lanzhou.

Wide 宽的;广泛的

The Yellow River is so wide.

1.go for a walk
2.go down… 3.turn left 4.lead sb. to…

5.the first bridge over the Yellow River

6.a mother with a baby
7.take a picture 8.in front of

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