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Prond of you

Complete the sentences


1 My pen pal is from Canada. (划线提问) ______ your pen pal ______? Where ______ is from 2 John lives in New York. (同上) Where ______ does John _____? live ______ 3 Mary lives in the United States.( 一般疑问句) Does Mary _____ live in the United States ? ______ 4 Her pen pal is from Australia.(变为否定句) isn’t _____ from Australia. Her pen pal _____ 5 I am from France. (划线提问) Where ____ are ____ you from?

1 We are Chinese. We are from ______.We China speak _______. Chinese English 2 He is American ________. He is from America and he speaks_______. Japanese 3 _____are They from Japan. They are________. 4The girl is _________. Australian She is from Australia.

5 Bethune(白求恩)is Canadian. He is from________. Canada

Dear Bell,
I know you from the computer. I want a ___ Pen ___( pal 笔 友) ,too. I want to write to you. My 我的) name is Becky. ___( I 我) am 11 years old. I ___( in 在) New York. I’m _____( short 个子矮) and I live ___( long 长) hair. I _____( have 有) a ____( cat 猫). I ____( like 喜 have_____( 欢) it very much. are 有) 3 people in my family. My parents There ____( ______(父 next 母亲) are teachers. They work hard. My school is ____ to 在隔壁) my home. I have many good ______( friends 朋友). ____( sports 运动). My _______( favorite 最喜欢的) subject is I like _____( art 美术). _____( I hope you can send me e-mail. yours, Becky

A: Hello! Where are you ______? from B: I ____ am from ____ the USA. What ______ about you? am ____ from Australia. A: Oh, I___

A: Are ___ they _____ from Canada? B: No, they___ __ UK. are fromthe A: What about ____ her ? B: She __ ____ Japan, is from I think.

A:______ Excuse me! Are you ____ from ___ the USA? B: No, __ I am from England. A: A: Do ___ you ______ speak Chinese? B: Only a __ _____ little .

1.你来自于哪里? ______ Where are you ______? from 2.我来自于澳大利亚. am from _____________. Australia I _____ 3.他们来自于加拿大吗? Are they from ________ Canada ? _____

4.她怎麽样? How about____? her 5.她来自于日本. She ___ is from ______. Japan 6.你说汉语吗? ____ Do you ______ speak Chinese? 一点点。 a _____ little Only ____

1.London is B __ the United Kingdom. A. on B. in C. at A 2.How about ___? A. him B. he C. his 3.___ B they from Canada? A.Am B. Are C.Is 4.____, C are you from Canada? A.Sorry B.Hello C.Excuse me 5.Can you ____ A English? A.speak B.say C.tell

(10 minutes)

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