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Unit 2 What time do you
go to school?

It has no feet(脚), but it can walk (走) with its hands(手). It has no mouth(嘴巴), but it can speak to you. It calls Tick(滴答), Tick, and Tick every day. What is it?

1、顺读法:“钟点+分钟” 按时、分的顺序用数字直接表示; 整点数字后加上o'clock.

4:00 four o’clock 7点15分 seven fifteen 6:40 six forty

2、分钟+past+小时 “几点过几分”

12:05 five past twelve
8:25 twenty-five past eight

11:10 ten past eleven

3、分钟+to+小时 “差几分几点” (当分钟大于30时,用to表示 “差几分钟到下一个钟点”。to 是“差”的意思。)

10:50 ten to eleven 6:58 two to seven 9:40 twenty to ten

15或45分钟:a/one quarter 半小时用:half 7:45 a quarter to eight 10:15 a quarter past ten 3:30 half past three

在几点用 at (介词)

in the morning

in the evenning (at night)

具体的哪一天用 on, 具体的时间段 用in,时间点用at
in the afternoon

1、表示上午、下午或晚上的具体时 刻,可以在时刻后加上 in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, at night 2、在12点之前的具体时刻后用 a.m 在12点之后的具体时刻后用p.m six a.m上午六点 one p.m下午一点

7:00 7 o’clock

7:15 15 past 7

6:25 25 past 6

9:30 half past nine

6:40 20 to 7

4:05 5 past 4

1、上午七点整 2、中午十二点 3、早上五点半 4、下午五点一刻 5、差十分六点 6、五点过两分 7、三点二十五 8、四点三十八分 9、十二点差一刻 10、五点零五分 11、九点十分 12、十一点零六分

What time is it?
It’s twelve thirty.

(或half past twelve).

What time is it? It’s ten thirty.

(half past ten.)

询问时间“是几点了” 用: What time is it?

=What’s the time?

What time is it?

It’s seven o’ clock .

What’s the time? It’s seven fifteen.
(fifteen past


What time is it?
It’s seven thirty.
half past seven.

What time is it?


It’s six o’clock.

What time is it?

It’s nine thirty.
(half past nine.)

What time is it?

It’s seven o’clock.

What time is it? It’s two thirty. (half past two.)


adv. 通常

What time do you usually go to school? I usually go to school at 7:00.

What time do you usually …?
I usually … at …

eat breakfast

take a shower





What time do you usually …?
10. 8. 1. 10. 7. 6. 2. 5. 4. 9. 3.



get up take/have a shower eat/have breakfast go to school eat lunch run go home do one’s homework eat dinner/supper go to bed




I usually … at …

What time does he play basketball?

He plays basketball at 7:00.


What time does he eat breakfast?
He eats breakfast at 6:20.

What time does Rick usually …?

At He 8:00 12:00 goes he home he begins has for lunch. his supper classes. at about 5:30. Rick Atusually

7:00 usually he has gets his up breakfast. at 6:30. He goes to bed at 9:00. At 7:10 he school.

--- What time do you usually get up? take a shower? have breakfast?

--- I usually

get up at 5:00. take a shower at … have breakfast at … get up? take a shower? have breakfast?

--- What time does Rick

--- He

gets up at 5 :00. takes a shower at … has breakfast at …


1、What time is it? /What’s the time?
2、 ---What time do you get up?
---I usually get up at 6:15. ---What time does he brush his teeth? ---He brushes his teeth at 6:30.

It’s 2 o’clock./11:05.

What +名词词组+主语+谓语+其他成分! What a good day it is! How +形容词/副词+主语+谓语+其他成分! How hard she works!

What time is it? /What’s the time? It’s 2 o’clock./11:05.

2、What time do you get up?(they)
I /we usually get up at 6:15. 主语为三单时,谓语动词有变化: What time does he brush his teeth? He brushes his teeth at 6:30. (she)

乘坐公共汽车 谢谢你的……

Words and expressions

大约(=about) 做我的家庭作业 开始

take a bus thanks for know about
around do my homework start

school starts 学校开始上课 告诉我关于……的情况 tell me about… 最美好的祝愿 best wishes

brush one’s teeth 刷牙 brushes take/have a shower 淋浴 go to work 去上班 get to 到达 整晚/天/年 all night /day/year listen to music 听音乐 上床睡觉 go to bed go home 回家 给…写信 write to sb 开始做某事 start to do/start doing sth 在星期六 on Saturday in the morning/afternoon/evening 在上午/下午 /晚上

2b Listen again and complete this shower schedule for Jim’s family.

5:30 5:50

Name Bob

Jim Anna


a job 一份工作 an interesting job
Scott has an interesting job.

job与work: 1.job, 可数:I have a job as a teacher. Jobs are not easy to get. 2.work, 不可数:I cannot find work in this town. Have you finished your work?
work 还可以做动词,意为“工作”, 而job不可做动词。 Jack works very hard.杰克工作非常努

I work eight hours every day. 我每天工


radio station
at the radio station
She works at the radio station.

radio 广播 radios

from …to… 从……到……
She works from 7:00 to 9:00.


eight o’clock at night/in the evening

about / around 大约、大概
Rick usually goes to school at about / around 7:00 a.m.

1. It’s time for sth.=It’s time to do sth. 该做某事了/到了做某事的时间了 2. It’s time for sb. to do sth. 某人该做某事了/到了某人做某事的时间了

It’s time for lunch.=It’s time to have/eat lunch.


time for you to do your homework.

be late for… 迟到
Tom is late for school.


exercise v.&n.锻炼;练习
I exercise every day. He usually exercises after school every day. exercise doing sth. 练习做某事
exercise speaking English exercise playing the piano

She exercises running every afternoon. do morning exercises

eye exercises


表示体育锻炼时不可数;表示练习时可数 do exercise 是不可数名词,表示进行体育锻炼,或 锻炼身体 do exercises是可数名词,表示做练习或作习题,比 如学习上或优育上或音乐等方面的练习 如:He always does exercise in the morning. 他 经常晨练。

He always does some exercises in the morning. 他经常早上作练习(习题)

exercise 与exercises 的区别及用法: 1. exercise 锻炼;运动,不可数名 词,如: A balanced diet and regular exercise are beneficial to good health. 2. exercises 练习;操练,如: You should do morning exercises every day. You should do more exercises to improve your English.

what time用来提问时刻,只能 提问几点钟几分几秒 when可以提问除了星期几以外 的所有时间,包括年月日、几 时几分几秒,可以把what time 替换掉
what time 故名思义,是问具体的时间的,而when 指大体的时间。 举例:what time shall we meet? 我们几点见面? when shall we meet? 我们什么时候见面?

When does Scott go to work?
He always goes to work at eleven o’clock. He’s never late.

When do your friends exercise?
They usually exercise on weekends.


一直, 总是


My father always gets up early in the morning.




He usually goes to work by bus.




Linda is never late for school.





1.What time do you get up on school days?

I always/usually/never get up at...on school days.

2.What time does Rick get up? Rick always gets up at 6:20. 3.What time do you have breakfast? I always/usually/never have breakfast at ….

4.What time does Anna eat breakfast?

Anna never eats breakfast.
5.What time does your friend go to school?

He/ She always/usually/never goes to school at …

Write about something you always do, something you usually do and something you never do.

always: I always get up at 6:00 in the morning. usually: I usually eat porridge for breakfast. never: I am never late for work.

In our group, Li Fei usually gets up late on weekends, She gets up… .

6:30 AM
half past six in the morning

3:15 PM
a quarter past three in the afternoon

6:45 PM
a quarter to seven in the evening
9:45 PM a quarter to ten in the evening

1.get up 2.run 3.eat breakfast

6.do my homework 7.clean my room 8.eat dinner

4.go to school
5.go home

9.take a walk
10.go to bed

do one

’s homework
eat / have dinner

做作业 吃晚饭 吃早饭

eat / have breakfast
go to bed


When do students usually eat dinner?
=What time

They usually eat dinner at a quarter to seven in the evening.

1C get up 5:30 do my homework about 5:30 run 6:00 about eat breakfast 7:00 eat dinner 7:15 go to school 7:45 go to bed 9:00 go home 4:15 PM

When does Tom usually get up?
He usually gets up at half past five.

I.翻译词组 get up 1.起床 ___________ take a shower 2.洗淋浴 _____________ go to bed 3.睡觉 ___________ do one’s homework 4.做作业 ______________ go to work 5.去上班 ___________

II.用所给单词的适当形式填空 does he usually ______(go) 6. What time ______ to bed? go 7. Scott______ works (work) very long hours. is 8. The food in the boxes _______(be) very delicious. get (get) up at five. 9. His parents usually_______ listening 10. What about _______(listen) to the music. 11. Tom isn't good at speaking _______(speak) Japanese. 12. His sister wants _______ to join(want, join) the music club. 13. They are busy ________ having (have) lunch. put 14. Jack, _______ (put) on your raincoat. to go (go) home now. 15. It’s time _______

III.单项选择 ( B)16.--What's the time? --______one-thirty. A. Its B.It's C.This is D.They're (C )17.I usually _______ at nine-thirty at night. A. get to school B.get up C.go to bed D.go home ( B)18.He likes ______ the radio(收音机)。 A.listens B.to listen to C. listens to D.to listen (C )19.I _______ at seven. A. go to the school B.go to a school C.go to school D.go school ( D)20.We only have _______ shower. A. some B.an C.the D.one

(A)21.My sister _______ home at 5:00 every day. A. gets B.gets to C.get D.get to (C)22.We can watch Beijing Opera _____ TV. A. in B.at C.on D.from (D)23.Let's ________. A. take a shower B.have a shower C.take the shower D.A and B ( A )24.My brother ____ the morning TV every day. A. watches B.watch C.watchs D.see (D )25.--______ do you usually go to bed? --At six. A. What time B.How time C.When D.A and C

(A )26.Zhang Min usually gets up _______. A. at six thirty B.at thirty six C.on six thirty D.on thirty six (B )27.Rick often does ______ homework at 6:00. A.her B.his C.my D.your (C )28.--______ do people have dinner? --At home. A.What B.When C.Where D.B and C (C )29.In our school, school _____ at 7:30. A.is B.start C.starts D.does ( B)30.Please write and tell us _____ your morning. A.for B.about C.of D.from

IV.句型转换 31. I get a letter from him. writes a letter _______ to me. He ________ 32. Jim is late for school because of getting late..(对划线 部分提问) _______ Why _______ is Jim late for school?  33. She has only one watch.(划线部分提问) How manywatches _______ does she ________?  have 34.He takes a shower at 8:00.(划线部分提问) does he take a shower? When ______ _______ 35.I do homework at seven. (否定句) I _____

__ homework at seven. don’t ________ do (never)

V.句子翻译 36.感谢你的来信。 Thank you for your letter. _______________________________ 37.学校9点开始上课。 School starts at 9:00. _______________________________ 38.我通常在大约6:10分起床。 I usually get up at about /around 6:10. _______________________________ 39.人们通常什么时候吃晚餐? What time/ When do people usually eat/ have dinner? _______________________________ 40.他每天早饭后看早间电视节目。 He watches the morning TV show after breakfast every day. _______________________________

healthy habits


healthy adj. 健康的
These activities are healthy. 这些活动是健康的。

unhealthy adj. 不健康的
Eating quickly is unhealthy.


Hi! I’m Tony. I don’t like to get up early. In the morning, I get up at eight. Then I go to school at eight thirty. I don’t have much time for breakfast, so I usually eat very quickly. For lunch, I usually eat hamburgers. After school, I sometimes play basketball for half an hour. When I get home, I always do my

homework first. In the evening, I either watch TV or
play computer games. At ten thirty, I brush my teeth

and then I go to bed.

喜 欢 做 某 事

like to do sth

like doing sth
I like to speak English. I like speaking English.
我喜欢说英语。 She likes to play chess. She likes playing chess. 她喜欢下国际象棋。

much adj. 许多
修饰不可数名词, 如:much water,许多水; much money, 许多钱

time ① n.(u) 时间
Do you have time on the weekend?

② n.(c)次数,倍
I brush my teeth two times every day.



eat quickly 吃得快

He works quickly. 他干活很利索。




get to +地点名词; get +地点副词
get to school 到校 get home 到家

I get home early today.



either adv. 或者
常有短语: either… or … 要么……要 么……;或者……或者…… 作“也”讲,用于否定词组之后,加强语气
He wants either you or your sister to help him. 他想你或者你姐姐来帮他。 I’m going to buy either a camera or a CD player with the money.
我准备用这笔钱买一架照相机或者买一台激光 唱片机。


If you don’t go,I shall not either. 如果你不去,我也 不去。

Mary is my sister. She usually gets up at six thirty. Then she always takes a shower and eats a good breakfast. After that, she goes to school at eight thirty. At twelve, she eats lots of fruit and vegetables for lunch. After lunch, she sometimes plays volleyball. She always eats ice-cream after dinner. She knows it’s not

good for her, but it tastes good! In the evening, she
does her homework and usually swims or takes a walk.

At nine thirty, she goes to bed.





Can you answer these questions?
1 ) What does he do after he gets up? 2 ) Does h

e go to work after breakfast? What does he do? 3 ) How does he go to work? By bus or on foot? 4 ) What does he do before he goes to bed? 5 ) What does “ What a funny time to make breakfast!” mean?

Please put the sentences in right order and make it into a short passage.(排出正确顺序)
1. He goes to bed at 8:30, a tired but happy man. Can you think what his job is? 2. He works all night. People love to listen to him! 3. Scott works very long hours. He usually gets up at 17:00. He has a shower and makes his breakfast. What a funny time to make breakfast! 4. To get to work, he takes the number 17 bus to the Sinton Hotel. The bus usually leaves at 19:15. 5. After breakfast he practices his guitar, then he puts on his jacket and goes to work. 6. He gets home at 7:00, and he watches the early morning news on TV.

The right order is: 3-5-4-2-6-1 Are you right?

Look at the chart below. Write a short passage about your day.

Time (yourself)
6:00 6:20


Time (your partner)

7:00 12:00 16:30 17:40 18:00 22:00

get up have breakfast go to school have lunch do homework take a shower have dinner go to bed

Read 3a on Page 67

What is Scott’s job?





My Day

I usually


. I have milk and
and .I

bread for breakfast. After breakfast, I then I by bus. I get to school at

have five classes in the morning. And then I have lunch at . In the afternoon I have two classes.

I go home at
at about at

. I get home at 4:30p.m. I
. After dinner, I . I

. My life isn’t exciting.

Action Time:Three students in one group. First write about Da Xiong’s Sunday/ Jin Xiang’s Sunday. Then act it out. One reads the passage. One does the action. The third one acts like the clock.

Jin Xiang’s Sunday

Da Xiong’s Sunday

David’s daily routine
Activity gets up has breakfast goes to school gets to school has lunch goes home gets home has dinner goes to bed Time 6:00a.m. 7:00a.m. 7:30a.m. 8:00a.m. 11:30a.m. 4:30p.m. 5:00p.m. 7:00p.m. 10:00p.m.

If you are free this Saturday, please arrange it as you like it to be.
(这个周六你可以自由支配,请你设计 出你喜欢的活动) Time Activity

Time is life. 时间就是生命.
Time waits for no man. 时不待人.

See you!

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